June 20, 2005

My theory of why kiwi fruits are like fire

There are many activities which human beings engage in which make me wonder how it ever occurred to the first person who tried them to attempt them in the first place.

Take fire, for example. The way we make fire (I mean the 'natural' way, not with cigarette lighters, etc.) is very counter-intuitive. How did the first person who made it come up with the idea that rubbing sticks and flint together would cause this mysterious substance to appear, or were they just rubbing things together for a laugh? Did they try it with other objects or small animals first?

Kiwi fruit pose a similar puzzle. I mean, look at them. They're small and hairy, and look very much like a small poo. At some point in distant history, someone said: "Let's peel/bite into this and see if there's some succulent fruit inside. Crazy.

This is my thought for the day.

Figaro in t-minus 90 minutes!! GO GUYS!!

Tickets have now sold out, so any last-minute pants-pawning will sadly be to no avail. If you haven't managed to get a ticket for the campus performance, go and see it in Lapworth on Wednesday! It's going to rule!

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  1. All stems from an early form of entertainment: That of using sticks to hit small animals at an opponent who had to smash them out of the sky with stones (flint). Oneday someone hit a kiwi fruit by mistake (it being hairy and looking like the small turdy animal that was usually used for such a game) and smashed the juicy pulp all over his teammate. While these two then relished the fruity goodness, the others who couldn't have any, because there wasn't enough, amused themselves with the equipment to hand. The StoneHurlers twatted stones together and happened to send a spark skittering towards a spare furry animal and ignited it. Meanwhile a 'batter' sat a-rubbing of his sticks and set fire to his loincloth and alos the residing small furry animal. Thus fire was discovered by two seperate mechanisms at the same time along with that of the succulence of the kiwi. This also produced the demise of the BatterBadger, which although able to withstand batting and smashing from sticks and stones, was never able to avoid being grilled and dumped in a burger.

    20 Jun 2005, 21:26

  2. don't know 'bout the kiwi but couldn't it be that rubbing and 'fire' were first associated in a different, more natural way? ;) granted my theory doesn't stand it's ground at all but forgive me, it's 4 am and past top b.

    21 Jun 2005, 04:06

  3. chloe


    04 Jun 2007, 09:41

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