June 21, 2005

Feeling pensive…

It's been a great couple of days, and yet I'm feeling quite pensive.

I've been making the most of my free time since I finished my exams on Saturday. I had my last Chamber Choir gig (followed by post-concert curry) on Saturday night. I went to see BrassSoc perform in Jephson Gardens on Sunday. I then saw Symphonic Brass in the Piazza on Monday afternoon, and, of course, Figaro in the Studio on Monday night, which was AWESOME! I spent most of today in rehearsals and tech for 'Out of Character', although I did manage to catch the first half of Wind Orchestra's set on the Piazza this afternoon. (Great gig, guys!) This evening saw my last performance as a Warwick student in 'Out of Character'. I really enjoyed it, and it was great to be a part of the first ever workshop performance of an exciting new show! I also watched the Symphony Orchestra gig tonight – another terrific performance.

Feel quite sad now that I have no more performances. Well, no more performances as a Warwick student, anyway. (I have two gigs at Warwick uni next year.)

I also get my degree classification tomorrow. I have no idea what to expect, as I have usually been quite bad at predicting my performance.

I have a feeling I'll need to be in a quiet place, away from people tomorrow. Having said that, tomorrow night is both the last 'Jam' with the current Pretty Small Band line-up and the Figaro after-show party, so I'll definitely be out tomorrow!

Best of luck to everyone getting their results tomorrow.

J x

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  1. Lucy Griffiths

    Good Luck Jerzy! I get my results tomorrow which means I'll probably be depressed, but then also very busy with the gala concert, which I'm hoping will take my mind off of the results!!

    Failing that you can find me sat in a corner with a large bottle of vodka.

    22 Jun 2005, 09:32

  2. Andrea Parker

    Hey honey!!

    Just stumbled across your blog (not stalking, promise), wanted to say I hope your results went well because you definitely deserve it.

    Thanx for helping me and Claire – Claire passed, I didn't… gulp I passed everything (68%, not too shabby) apart from logic (sit down….27%) but its ok, cos Classics took me anyway! Yayville!! With logic – its basically like trying to teach someone tone deaf to sing in tune – it cannot be done…it really wouldn't matter how many times I was taught it, I still couldn't do it! * shakes fist angrilly at brain * If you'd like to swap brains any time soon, you have my number. But thankyou for trying anyway!!
    I dunno if you're going to the gala thing tomorrow, but I'll be there with latin and ballroom just before bigbands on, so hopefully I'll catch you then and say howdy…if not, well done (I'm sure you've done really well) and stay in touch :D
    Andrea xxx

    23 Jun 2005, 02:17

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