November 26, 2005

University Sucks

I've been trying to consider the problem of why university sucks. I know I don't like it, but the more I try to reason it the more I find that I can't. This probably isn't of importance for most students – the majority seem to be enjoying their time here, whether it's those who are really here for that studying shit (the ones who are scribbling throughout lectures … scribble scribble, fucking annoying, no?) and the ones who slack and party their way through and do weird stuff like walk on the lecture tables to get from one end to the other because it's cool. And everyone else in between (life is a spectrum/continuum).

It is important for me for another reason – I need to be able to answer that question if I am to write my screenplay.

I tried googling to see whether anyone else agrees. Well, I came up with some random sites denouncing certain specific US colleges … which is irrelevant of course. When I do find others who agree … well, the guy also realised he doesn't have a coherent reason why he hates university.

Particularly for me, I guess it's because I'm not doing well here, academically. Used to be one of those A students – and the thing is I never had to try to get an A. I just do. Here, somehow things are different. Friends seem to enjoy being all righteous, saying the right thing - university is different from high school, mate. So what?

Then there's the loneliness. The boredom. The going to lectures wondering what for, when all I do is fall asleep. The assignments … the frustration for doing something that seems somewhat important yet so pointless.

As you can see, not exactly good reasons to denounce university.

I'd really like to know – and I know I will never find out, coz statistics is such a big fucking lie – what proportion of the student population have the same sort of thoughts. It might be surprisingly huge. But as I said, on the surface, everyone else seems to be enjoying their time here.

In which case, I'll be told to just shut up and get on with it.

If I ever thought out the reasons, though – the film is potentially huge. If only I can remove everyone's dependency on university … suddenly things like top-up fees and various other arguments become irrelevant.


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  1. university does more-or-less suck, I think I stick with it in the hope that it might stop sucking at some point.

    26 Nov 2005, 02:42

  2. yeah, basically what andrew said

    26 Nov 2005, 03:15

  3. I'm writing a poem about university but in it's unfinished for it might seem like i'm taking the piss, but i reckon it might help you out:

    In university no one takes the time to reflect
    Often one might drink like a middle aged accountant to forget
    In university the self importance is palpable as is
    frustration and impatience
    Even in the library there is little peace
    When light shines through the bubble refracting rainbows shimmer

    01 Dec 2005, 18:13

  4. uni of kent student

    Ill tell you why university sucks (sometimes, anyway), because 99% of students are selfish, inconsiderate kids (yes, kids, 18 year old kids) who wont let me sleep at 5.19 AM. I guess its a novelty that they dont have to go sleep at bed-time anymore, but its a also a f*cking pain for anyone who actually considers sleep as essential to maintaining some level of physical and mental activity.

    I mean seriously, they all act as if theyre grown up. But its fairly obvious that alot of people are working out their issues with their parents authority. Drinking all the time, smoking pot, staying up late, not looking after their diet or health, (although this seems to be from plain old inability alot too) its styled as some "crazy lifestyle" but its essentially just tenatively sticking two fingers up to the folks behind their backs.

    Just got to presume they grow up in the second year, when not paying the rent gets you thrown out of your house, and a noise complaint doesent get security at the door, it gets the police. Roll on 2006…

    03 Dec 2005, 05:31

  5. Helal

    University is well shit coz 95% of the times I feel suicidal! I personally think everyone hates it just as much. I havent met any1 that has any substance. Its a good excuse to waste time and try getting laid but thats about it. Peeps tell me you only get bored if you're a boring person!!!
    what am i to do

    16 Dec 2005, 20:20

  6. gabe

    yes.. uni does suck.. it was over hyped.. ooo the uni experiance.. well no. it really is pretty crap when u dont find like minded people.. so anyone reading this be warned u may not end up liking it..even worse u wont like your course.. which would be a bonus to all the sucky ..cos then it becomes a uber sucky situation.. fun fun!

    oh word to the wise.. yes will have to fake being friends with people inorder to gain some kind of social experiance.. but that doesnt mean you got to like it.

    25 Dec 2005, 15:42

  7. Jimbo

    I agree…there are too many wankers at university and i spend 1/2 my time thinking why the hell did i come here when i had a perfectly good life at home with people who i enjoy being with and enjoy being with me.

    Dont gwt me wrong, I have met some great friends, but most of the people here seem to think they are the definition of cool, when really they are a bunch of twats.

    Hopefully next year maybe better.

    04 Feb 2006, 21:23

  8. Aimée

    Oh yessssss!!!!!!!!!!!! FINALLY! peps who share the same opinion as me about university, for a moment there I thought I was the only one who thought it sucked, and felt very annoyed because of it. well where do I begin, basically Im in my second year of a course I dont even want to be in. I applied for the course I wanted to do last year but they rejected me, as my F**king 3 year old GCSE results werent up to scratch!, I have no friends to speak of at uni, I thought I was going to be with people who were nice and similiar to me, their not! instead all the girls hang around in their stupid clickey groups more concerned about fashion and whether or not the guy their pulled last nite iz going to fone them. so I havent made 1 friend, bt have set a new record for number of potential enemies made in one year, 3 in total, oh and the teachers are all incompetant arseholes.
    I feel utterly betrayed by all those leaflets that came through my door before I came to uni saying how it would be the best yrs of my life and that it opens all doors for the future not to mention all the fabulous life-long friends id make, one word, BOLLOCKS!
    I want my money back goverment!
    at least I will have something to tell the grandkids i.e "DONT GO TO UNIVERSITY!!"


    22 Feb 2006, 01:51

  9. Trippy

    Uni sucks because of clicks. All the wee fuckers run around in their own groups talking shit like "i did an awful load of study for this lecture" or "i didn't prepare for this" (you know they did). Jeez i spent my whole uni life unprepared. Drive you to drink it would. Everyone dressing up like its a damn disco doesn't help either. whatever happened to track suit bottoms. well i'm off to class and i didn't prepare for this…..(altogether now…..SURE)

    22 Feb 2006, 10:00

  10. Okay, I didn't really expect this post to be the most commented (sad state of affairs I know), with a comment dropping in on average once fortnightly. So it turns out that a lot of people don't like university. The problem is how to explain it. I mean, I don't care about the 'not cut out to be part of blah blah' bullshit. Is there something wrong with British universities in the 21st century?

    (Other than the fact that the gov't is trying to force too many people to go into university for no satisfyingly convincing reason, hence diluting the value of degrees, including masters degrees. As in, if you thought you came to university to prove that you're a level higher than those who didn't and that it would signal to employers you're more likely to be better at a job – wrong era.)

    One food for thought – Michael Crichton's State Of Fear describes modern universities not as a place of enlightenment, but as a place to enforce the fear of everything into its own citizens (since half of our generation will be going through these doors). As in, we're being taught to 'discuss' (be afraid of) homophobia, global warming ('hence recycle'), abortion, the gov't's foreign policies, top-up fees … a very Orwellian point-of-view. We're being distracted from what really matters. (Or at least that's how I remember it – was quite some time since I read the novel.)

    22 Feb 2006, 17:18

  11. Anonymous D

    Yep, university is a complete fucking waste of time. Im studying computer science at the University of Sunderland and ive spoken to 2 graduates from this university whom have been working in the I.T. industry for over 10 years….their opinion?

    "Its bullshit"

    Alot of this stuff they teach you at uni is relevant. I mean they give us exams where we have to draw diagrams, in the real world we would use software to do this which I have used and know is available, we are computing students for fucks sake!

    I often get the feeling that the lecturers dont actually give a shit if we pass or not, in fact some of them give the impression they want us to fail….nice.

    In the past couple of years ive suffered serious problems with anxiety and panic attacks because of the stress and expectations. I feel that by the end of this I wont come out the end a stronger person, ill come out weaker.

    25 Feb 2006, 03:02

  12. lucy

    I hate university too. I ended up doing it because it was what was expected of me. I am tired of immature students who constantly get pissed and behave like 15 year olds with too much money. I am learning a trade at the same time as being at uni, working 45 hours a week, because the truth is that that trade is what I want to do with my life. Also because I suspect my degree will be worthless anyway. I´m in my 3rd year out of 4 and have hated it from the start but I am sticking it out because if I don´t then it will have been an even bigger waste of time and money. I do not live in a student house because I cannot handle the mess, the drunkeness or the drug taking. I live with the people I work with. I am relieved to find that I am not alone in my sentiments. In fact my tutors are very good and understanding about the fact that I work etc. It is other students who bother me. I have made 2 friends in 3 years there. thank god I have my friends from home and work! The "university experience" is fine if you have loads of money and a big interest in getting drunk, fancy dress and harrassing other people. I have seen students behave appallingly towards barmaids, waiters, shopkeepers, taxidrivers etc and have heard about them vandalising things too. They have no sense of decency, and the sight of them vomiting in the streets etc is embarrassing to the point that I very rarely admit to being a student at all.

    27 Feb 2006, 12:46

  13. Billy-Bob

    Ah university, “the start of a great learning experience by which you can hone your talents and meet a whole new group of friends”. Why the FUCK did I bother? I’m 23 years old and classed as a mature student and have always felt that becoming a student would some how change my life for the better. Since I’ve been here (sept 2005) I’ve realised that university is just a way the government can take money from people who still need their mothers to wipe there fucking arses. I just feel like all I do is get taught nothing and watch fucking tv all day. I’ve been in the rat race for five years prior to coming to uni and now I feel that being here is akin to sitting around on the dole. Except you have to pay it back. I class the people Ive meet as “quazi friends”. I’m sick of them trying to out do each other with their stories of how many drugs they have done and how “underground” their lifestyles are. Its like being at a fucking primary school. DON’T GO TO UNI!!!!

    14 Mar 2006, 23:42

  14. Chris - Liverpool John Moores

    Yeah, all of the previous posts ive read sound familiar. University -Over rated.
    Im half way through my degree and i truly believe it is a waste of time. No sense of direction, completing meaningless courseworks, learning one thing one day and forgetting it the next and a general sense of worthlessness as well as never having any money. I felt as though i was alone, then i realised that i wasn't. Infact most of the student population feel the same way. You'll find theres mainly 2 groups. The people who saw university as a chance to better themselves (normal people, who are in the real world) – people who where also conned to go, to meet some teachers performance targets somewhere, and the rich snots who are there cos mummy an daddy expect them too, and have everythin on a plate – not a fuckin clue of the real world.

    I will be 23 when i finish. I hate uni that much, i dont even wont to go on to work in what i am studying. I always think to myself that i could have achieved so much more by now if i wasnt here. You look at people you know who never went to uni and they are loving their lives and earning a tidy sum of money to go with it. They, now in their early twentys are doing well in their careers moving up the ladder. Im not lazy, i want success and achievement like most other people, but doing it this way feels wrong. Also – micky mouse subjects. And i think we all know what they are. What a pile of shit. People should study a proper degree, not some half arsed one thats been thought up on the back of a beer mat by some lecturer who wants to keep himself in the job for another 4 years.
    Im only finishing my degree because im half way through it now, however, i think it is a complete waste of time.

    I say to myself every morning "I will be glad when this is over..

    28 Mar 2006, 01:02

  15. Justin

    I'm in my first year studying a masters degree in physics and maths. I don't live in halls or anything, I get the train every day. Right from the very start I hated university. At first I felt ashamed to say that I hated it because everyone else said they were having such an amazing time, I thought it was because I travelled and wasnt living up there getting 'involved'. But I have come to realise that its the whole experience thats driving me insane. Theres 4 or 5 people from my old school doing the same course as me and they are the only 'real' people I have met so far, everyone else is so fake and annoying, theyve done everything and have an opinion on everything. I come from a small town where people say what they think and are pretty common i suppose, but everyone here is a bloody poser, as someone said earlier, dressing up to go to lectures etc.
    Not only are the people annoying, but I HATE my course. In school I used to love Maths and Physics, it was interesting and I was good at it. Now I have lost the will to go to class, do homeworks or put any effort in at all. I passed all my first semmester exams by like 30 or 40% so thats not the problem, It just as many have said seems so pointless, they have ruined all enjoyment i had for the subjects and i feel like i have learned nothing. i work between 20 and 30 hours a week in a petrol station and to be perfectly honest id rather drop out of uni all together and work there full time. Everyone says you have too much talent to waste and theyre all expecting me to become a rocket scientist or something but i will probably just go into retail or something and disappoint them all, which is pretty unfair considering i fully intend to stick out a course i hate for 3 more years just to keep them happy, and cos all my life i have wanted a degree, and im nt being put off just cos its hell.
    Im moving up to a house next year, which i have my doubts about. Sometimes i feel excited but most of the time I am counting the days until 2007 when i can come back home because it means ill have to cut down on the job which i actually enjoy doing. feels like im throwing money away for something i really dont wanna do but its too late now, and i know everyones gonna be pissed when i dont wanna live with them next year, even though im doing it this year just to shut them up. i hate them all!

    29 Mar 2006, 15:07

  16. Chris

    I didn't know that there were this many people in the same mindset as me. I am just about finished my third year at Napier University and am studying human computer systems. To be perfectly honest, I think that I was conned. Most of the stuff that was pushed through the letterbox was blatant lies – brilliant experience, best time of your life etc etc.

    For those of you who don't know, Napier was a polytechnic college up until 10 years ago, and by the looks of things the standard of teaching has not improved at all. In fact, it's just a university on paper and still a tech. I travelled to Edinburgh from Ireland hoping for a new start and to make something of my life, but when I got here I was gravely dissapointed. It's very disheartening to ask a lecturer a question only for him to reply 'I don't know', spend 1/2 hour trying to get the projector to work and then not being able to understand him at all since he has only moved from China recently!

    To be honest I don't think that I'm learning anything from university. The work seems pointless and I don't feel any motivation to suceed – I'm happy just passing my exams and coursework with a bare minimum. I just want to make my parents happy. None of my family went to university and I'm just doing it for them. I don't even know what road my course is going to take me down as it is not what I expected and I haven't leaned anything. My life just feels aimless right now. I don't know what job I want, and what I can even get with this degree.

    The cost is also astronomical and I feel that I am being ripped off. Napier can hand out all the fancy leaflets and booklets that they want but it doesn't stop it from being a shite university. Next on the agenda is deciding whether to stick it out for another year in that fucking place to do honours or go for a job… thanks for listening to my moaning!!!

    05 Apr 2006, 16:17

  17. zac

    Univesity sucks when your mum fukin forces you to do it… when you know you didnt make the decision in the first place but everyone thinks it th right thing to do. People just conforming with each other. University is fuken fuked. my cousin just finished his degree and now he doesnt want to use it. Why? because it so boring. no bcause some tim ago when he was 16–17 his mum said it was the right thing to do. Im not going back

    07 Apr 2006, 13:38

  18. cardiff

    wow a rant page! I was just searching "hate university" on google to see what came up. IT SUCKS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I hate the fact i thought it would be a good idea to move miles away from home to somewhere it rains even more constantly. I hate everyone on my course who all seem to be superficial wankers. I just want a decent group of friends who enjoy good times but are there for everything and have intrests outside getting drunk and laid. I hate my course the place and all the people bar the one decent person i've met – who i resent as she gave me hope in my first week when i should have dropped out and reapplyed back home – up north!

    09 Apr 2006, 22:40

  19. Sam

    whoah, did I write that above comment in my sleep? seriously, right now uni seems like the biggest waste of money and time. All my older friends had loved it, my brother had a huge amount of friends at his Uni, so i thought it would be a good idea to go because I would (obviously!) make a load of new friends and would have a good qualification to help me in job searches as I'm not entirely sure where my future is headed. But what a fucking pile of crap it is.

    In the first week i literally introduced myself to everyone on my course and at the student union bar, and 99% of the people are superficial stuck up twats, all they care about is how they look or how much they drunk the night before. I thought making friends would be simple, living in a halls with 200+ people, and I always try to be friendly and polite. But I've only made 1 significant friend and it's ridiculous seeing as back at my home town I have loads! I've been going out less and less lately as I've grown to dislike Uni more, and you can't even fucking go out anyway without someone starting a fight with you, or being harassed by some homeless person. My tutor offers absolutely no help, not even in my course which is her job! She just sits there and tells us about her fucking son working in Curries or some stupid shit. I quite enjoyed secondary school and I've always got good grades, but now I can't wait to get the fuck out of here and live somewhere I want to be. I'm glad there are some people who at least partly agree here! Because nobody understands if I try to explain to them, all I get is "it'll get better =) or just be yourself!". Being myself is what makes me hate the people even more – I realised I was changing how I acted and spoke to fit in with the people at uni, but fuck that, I'd rather be un-popular! Oh yeah, and the lectures are the most un-stimulating pieces of crap I've ever sat through.

    12 Apr 2006, 13:23

  20. ao

    Hello from Canada.

    We hate university here to. Why? Cause its university. Do you really need a reason?

    Well if you really insist, pretty much the same reasons everyone has been complaining about: ignorant, arrogant, selfish, drunken, drugged-out peers; boring, uninspiring, unhelpful, and inept lecturers; taught nothing I can't learn better on my own and faster; intrinsic value of learning and all motivation to learn lost due to pressures to get the highest mark; expensive with no return of investment except after graduation which is a long ways off.

    The only reason I hear for people liking university is the friends that they have made, but those people miss the entire point of university entirely which is to learn, and since they are usually attending university out of their parents pocket to them it doesn't really matter whether they get bad marks or not. I also came to university to meet people, but primarily to learn from them and share my enthusiasm for what I am studying. But twats like those who just want to get drunk or make-out are pretty much the only people I meet, and people like me are no where to be seen, because I guess like me they want nothing to do with the majority of people on campus.

    Sigh. The only truth in university is that it is long and cruel. I can only hope that the real world will be better, but I am not optimistic.

    17 Apr 2006, 04:35

  21. Mandar

    Personally, I hate university because I'm doing librarianship. A profession you still can't enter without a piece of paper despite having ten years of experience in a library where the librarians are all a waste of time. They get paid half again as much as the assistants who actually keep the place going and come up with any good ideas, while doing as little as possible well away from the public – which is why I decided I wanted to be one… But that means back to Uni to get this stupid bit of paper by having to write stupid irrelevant essays and turn up to lectures on subjects either irrelevant or already known to me. And dissertations -why?? Why?? I pay a fortune on travel. The only good thing is having access to the library. Oh, and I still have to do my normal job as well.

    18 Apr 2006, 14:54

  22. alice

    im so glad that i found this website. i hate uni so much – im in my first year, and ive hated it right from the beginning, but ive just been telling myself to stick at it, coz it might get better. well it hasnt, and now i dont know what to do. i hate being away from home, i have no friends here, and i have loads back at home, so all i do is count down the days til i can go back. if there was a uni near home that did a course i like, i'd change to there in a second, but there's not. i just want to cry all the time, coz i feel like im stuck, and trapped. i hate it here, but what am i going to do if i drop out?! only a few more weeks left of the 1st yr, so ive just got to get through this, and then i can think about what i want to do over the summer, i suppose.

    26 Apr 2006, 17:17

  23. Lynds

    I have also just found this site by googling "uni is shit"! I cannot believe how many people are going through the same emotions and experiences as I am. I'm in my third and final year of uni and I am counting down the days until it's over (which fortunately, is very soon!!) It's felt like a prison sentence. To add insult to injury, i was also accused of plagiarism, which is still getting dealt with now, so have lost complete faith in the whole education system – dramatic as it may sound, I just wanna die right now! I study a pretentious, wanky course full of pretentious wanky students, at a pretentious, wanky uni. I have never met soooo many sienna miller wannabes in my life. I'm fortunate to have made about four good friends tho. I hate the subject I study, it's boring and I've lost all interest I used to have for it when I was at college – the tutors don't give a shit about the students, all they care about is going on strike and getting paid more, the greedy buggers. Uni really isn't the best time of your life – I felt bad because everyone is told that it's meant to be, so I said to my friends from home I was having a great time when I was really having the shittiest time ever. I only just found out last month that all my mates were having a crap time too! I really wish I had never gone to uni – i'd be £12,000 better off and I probably would be in a healthier psychological state!!

    28 Apr 2006, 00:57

  24. Julia

    I know now that I'm completely normal for feeling the way I've been feeling; and that is having a depressing time in university. Sure you get good times where you feel that you have a great group of friends, getting good marks for essays and exams, the paryting and booze. But it just makes me feel hollow at times..and that university is just a breeding ground for superficial and pretentious people. Yes I may be a hypocrite because I may seem that way to people. But honestly most ppl. wear a mask over their real selves anyway. I just try to lessen my utter dislike for university by hoping and praying that soon it'll be over and I don't need to be stuck with boring assignments and a boring mundane routine life. University is so over–rated!!

    28 Apr 2006, 01:58

  25. anon

    uni– one fuckin waste of time

    25 Jul 2006, 17:34

  26. Anon

    I spent three sad lonely years in Uni and hated every goddam minute. I graduated summer 2005 and can't get work….and I'm being told it's BECAUSE of the degree. Employers don't want someone with three worthless years spent doing something utterly pointless, they want work experience. I'm 10k in debt for something I didn't enjoy that is ruining my life.

    You know what? I think these employers are spot on. I watched spoiled middle class kids become self–obsessed and have laziness rewarded (where else will people praise you for only doing 5 hours a week?) IME they formed packs to pick on people, go out drinking and come out with a superiority complex.

    I wouldn't tell anyone to go, unless I really really hated them and wanted to hurt them. In Uni I saw rapes gang rapes, physical assauls, race crimes and god knows how much bullying ignored by the Uni to protect its profit margin…why would I wish that on another human being?

    13 Aug 2006, 20:42

  27. fificremefarben

    I'm liking what I'm reading…so it's not just me!! Im at glasgow university and I found it hard to meet ppl in my first year for 3 reasons– 1) It's all so fake in first year, everything is "super" and "fantastic" + ur just like "aaaargh" 2)i've found it hard to meet ppl like me. Now, I like to party in clubs and pubs every now and then…but not, like, every night when I have a 9 a.m. lecture the next day 3) I don't stay in halls which is like an immediate disadvantage and ALSO no one from halls wants to make friends outside their halls!!

    I dno, Uni isn't at all like I thought it would be on the friends–front. I figured there were so many students that there had to be a real mixed bag of student–types…but, frankly, i'm only seeing one type– the party freaks who think like to drink all day and party all night and coast through the year. Also, as a girl I find it hard to connect to other girls at uni who, in all honestly, are soo "fashionable"...short skirts in December– my arse!!!!

    I'm doing my year abroad as part of my course next year– really looking forward to that!!

    22 Aug 2006, 00:37

  28. james

    This blog is a real gem of the internet, so happy i came accross it! Please, tell me more!

    28 Aug 2006, 23:52

  29. A

    Glad to see some people share my opinion. I think the lectures are boring, a lot of it goes over stuff I already know. Some people mention it’s like being at Primary School. It is. I got told off for missing a lecture!
    A lot of the people are cliche wankers as mentioned but I found a lot of people to be boring, no personality.
    Someone said university will be the best days of your life, it’s fucking miserable. Living away from home is the only good thing. I don’t think I’ve learnt anyhing I didn’t know already.

    04 Sep 2006, 22:06

  30. p0pnfresh

    Hi uni haters! This thread could become a website on its own. I’ve also pondered about why university sucks.

    For me, a grad student, university is just another piece of the abominable educational system, contrived to pigeon hole subjects in favor of certain power structures, which makes me feel empty and pointless. However, I’ve known people who actually enjoy the university experience. But they think and live quite different from me. So I guess university works for certain personalities.

    It’s a damn shame the university has become such a big deal. I prefer craft, and learning by myself.

    06 Sep 2006, 19:27

  31. George

    Yep uni sucks, and im glad people agree. i took a year out before coming here (i am a musician), and in that time i met some amazing pro musicians in london who taught me informally and i learnt so much. now it has come around to september and i had doubts about coming up north to university knowing full well that i would probably be sharing some shithole flat with a bunch of 18 year old pricks who know jack shit about music and like listening to thrash metal. My worst fears were confirmed. they care more about going out to chav clubs playing tunes such as wonderwall – not that i have anything against the song, it was good in 1995. and they all think there so cool drinking as much as possible because daddy wont tell them off when they go home. Dont get me wrong back home i would often go out but i would be more interested having a laugh and a decent grown up conversation with my real mates rather then standing there in silence downing as many shots as possible and spending as much money as possible and then dancing like a twat. ahhh i wish i had stayed in london. I cant believe i havent found one person who is a like minded person who isnt a sheep and follows the croud to all these dickhead places. and iv only been here two weeks! shiiiiit maybe there is still time for me to escape….

    11 Sep 2006, 12:41

  32. Alice

    Hey, you know what? I haven’t even finished fresher’s week yet (at the start of my 3rd year) and already I’ve felt the need to stick ‘hate university’ into google. Which is how I got here. Hi to whoever it was also did that!
    When I was at school yeah I was unhappy, but it was mainly because it was so petty and restrictive (would it really have distracted anyone that much if I’d kept my jacket on in class?).
    I thought university was going to all learning about things because you want to learn, being curious, thinking for yourself. In actual fact, it’s exactly like school. Only more difficult. Instead of enthusiasm it’s assessment. Alright, exams were obviously going to be a part of it, but why do course handbooks only say things like “students are expected to…”, “students must…”, “failure to do so will result in…” what? Death by hanging? Some people do come to university wanting to try you know. Though I admit, it can be difficult to tell sometimes.

    My university is supposed to be one of the best in the country. I sometimes wonder whether that’s partly why it’s so full of tossers. Twittering, reading celebrity magazines, wiffling on about their amaaaazing gap year ‘experience’ in New Zealand. Is university just another box that these people have to tick so they can feel fulfilled? I’ve met about 2 genuine people. One I didn’t see much of and don’t run into these days, and the other dropped out and moved back home. But it’s not just the students.

    There’s a tutor who’s a patronising bully. Complain? Change tutorial? How can I when everyone else in the dept. is friends with him. He is, unfortunately, only an exaggerated example of the obsession with achievement that enables anyone in a high position at uni to make students feel small. Being at the bottom of the social scale anyway (everyone hates students, remember?) hardly helps.
    I’m lucky. My parents are proud of me for trying. But if I had my time again I wouldn’t bother.
    There seems to be an attitude that if you fail at university (generally, not just academically) then you’re a failure full stop. Bollocks.

    My advice to everyone in this situation is to develop your life outside uni. Find a volunteer group (not necessarily a charity shop, could be conservation or history or education, whatever), something where you can put in as many or as few hours as you like, make an effort to stay in touch with old friends or those a long way away. Looking forward to real things like that keeps me sane anyway. Oh and by the way, big thanks to everyone writing here. We shouldn’t be ashamed. :-)
    I’m going to keep trying, because what else is there to do now?
    I’d like to dedicate this entry to my friend Dawn, who stuck two fingers up at school and as a result of opportunities subsequently denied her now has…erm…a good job, a nice flat and a social life.

    14 Sep 2006, 16:40

  33. Alice

    Oh, another thought, seeing as so many people feel that uni is something they’re going to have to survive for the sake of qualifications etc., but they hate it anyway, how about some kind of dedicated website or forum? Maybe on yahoo. Maybe one exists already though I can’t find it. I don’t know how to set these things up, but it’s an idea if there’s someone around who does.

    15 Sep 2006, 18:41

  34. Hamford

    Jesus H. Christ, I’m not alone. You’ve all read this before, but I just googled ‘University Sucks’ and up popped this little gem of a website.

    After reading through every comment here, I am really feeling a lot better about uni. I still hate it, but I am glad and reassured to know that there ARE people out there who share my opinions, regardless of the fact that none of them reside in this hellhole.

    It’s currently day 3 of freshers week, the pure joy of seeing my parents drive out of my life for the next three months has now faded, and im realising what a waste of time this might be. No decent people, all just sheep as everyone has said. Each day this week we have less than 1hr of scheduled activity. Why not cram it all into one day then get on to some of the education I am apparently going to be shelling out about £20,000+ for?

    Right now it’s 2:42 AM, and I just managed to claw my way out of the most boring experience I have ever had, basically a bunch of the trendy fucksocks on my campus all sitting round (bout 6 of em and me) talking absolute shit.

    I’m quite quiet anyway, so wasn’t saying anything, just sitting there contemplating how much all these people suck, and how much uni sucks.

    At one point, news hit us that some stupid drunkard kid had to go to hospital to get his stomach pumped. Everyone (bar me) felt really sorry for the moron. Later he turned up with ‘hilarious’ photos of his time at the hospital, and everyone was rolling about (bar me). Just shows how fucking fickle and shallow these losers are. Then some other kid got too drunk and ended up crying and being walked off to his room, and got an “aw…bless him..” from this stupid fucking antichrist indie trend-whore girl in the room next to me who insists on raping my ears with her shit music ALL DAY at the most inconsiderate times. BLESS HIM? HE FUCKING BROUGHT IT ON HIMSELF FOR FUCKS SAKE!

    She’s the most patronising girl ever, calls everyone ‘love’, and does that stupid touching the arm thing people tell you to do in books on how to make friends and things. I’m all like “get the fuck off me bitch”, well, on the inside anyway. She always asks me why im not talking too much when theyre all sitting round talking about bollocks. Well jesus christ woman you’ve known me 2 days, how do you know how much i talk or not.

    Anyway, I’m hoping I can find someone with at least a shred of decency in this place who has hobbies aside from drinking, being totally desperate around the opposite sex all the time, and staying up stupidly late for no reason, shouting at the top of their lungs right outside my fucking window.

    I’m not some antisocial loser, back home I have friends etc etc, but it just surprises me how here everyone is a complete dick, but my friends are all so nice. Where did i find them dammit?

    Students really are cunts. As are (in my limited experience) most people in society.

    Now im going to try and get to sleep if I can phase out the constant dance music coming from all directions and the neverending drunken guffaws from all around.

    Oh yeah by the way I go to Newport Uni, Wales. Anyone else on here go there or gone there?

    21 Sep 2006, 03:00

  35. Hamford (Again)

    We’re meant to be here learning ‘life skills’ but everyone just sees it as a time to totally let go of yourself. I honestly think there are more smokers than non-smokers here, everyone I see smokes, and the kids in my flat eat so poorly its horrific. We (they) all sat round today debauching how we have to eat 5 portions of fruit and veg a day whilst one of them was cooking tinned spaghetti and frozen roast potatoes and turkey twizzlers for his ‘dinner’. And the amount of drinking is ludicrous here. I don’t think I really need to go into that one. Fucking. Morons.

    21 Sep 2006, 03:05

  36. Hamford AGAIN!

    now they’re playing a game I can only call “ring the very loud doorbell constantly whislt simultaneously banging something hard on the railing RIGHT OUTSIDE MY FUCKING ROOM!”

    IT’S 20 past 3 in the fucking morning!

    21 Sep 2006, 03:15

  37. Uni Hater

    Thank goodness I have found others in the same boat as me. I want a degree but i’m not prepared to forsake my sanity to get it….plus 5 days in I have realised I dont want to do the course I am doing under any circumstances at all, I think I am going home after the weekend, just another something I am too useless for!

    21 Sep 2006, 20:10

  38. JK

    i FUCKING HATE UNI!!!!iv made no mates-they are all pally but im the most unsociable person eva so im a fuckin billy no mates now n no1 fuckin likes me.
    I get no fuckin attention even from guys cos all the girls are fuckin tarts.
    i wan tmy own mates, my own fuckin house, my own fuckin town and my family.
    Uni sucks. BIG TIME.
    wat a waste ov fuckin money and 3 years

    22 Sep 2006, 16:52

  39. Hamford

    JK You are bang on. Every night I’m dragged down to the overpriced student bar by my bender flatmates, then end up just standing behind them whhilst they talk to everyone else, then i end up just coming back to my shitty stinky room after like ten minutes to get ready for another night of trying to block out the drunken chants coming from outside all night long.

    I feel like the most unsociable person ever. I hate everyone on this fucking campus.

    22 Sep 2006, 22:02

  40. Alice

    Hey everyone. Get out of halls. You will go mad. This is a fact.

    24 Sep 2006, 20:36

  41. hamford

    Alice that was a good idea about the dedicated forum.

    What’s you’re email, then we can set it up (p.s. I am not some insane murderer)


    captain_ham at hotmail dot co dot uk

    24 Sep 2006, 22:35

  42. Sunderland anon

    here here on the creation of a uni sucks forum or message board, i need group therapy, stat!

    25 Sep 2006, 18:05

  43. saff n karry

    We also hate uni as Bum makes our lives hell. He is a weener and we also don’t like Bursty, but that is irrelevant. There is far to much work, which is far too boring to do anyway, everything costs £100,000 and lectures are the best sleeping pill anyone could ever hope for – we are going to move to hawaii and take snowy with us!

    To the disco!

    26 Sep 2006, 12:52

  44. Richard

    Well, firstly I must say I am deeply sorry to the “old timers”, after spending quite a long time being annoyed by their moaning about students, a week and a bit of uni has made me realise, to my utmost horror, that our elders are actually 100% right in their “anti-student” philosophy. The extreme majority of students are just… Absolute scum, just as bad as “chavs” in most cases.

    Yep, been here a week and a half, already everyone else seems to have friend circles, and practically all of them are only interested in drinking, drugs etc etc… It’s like the whole extent of their LIFE, and the most ironic thing is they’d probably think I’M sad for choosing to spend the time practising a musical instrument instead, or even reading some books for my course, or going to the pub with them, and NOT getting drunk… In addition I’ve gone to single sex schools for years, 6 long years, and I think the girls can sense this somehow, well they avoid me like the plague anyway. The guys give me a chance, but as soon as they see through me as someone who probably doesn’t think that taking drugs is the coolest thing in the world, nope, then I’m not worthy of their time, it seems.

    I AM going to stick it out though, If all the people are going to act like dicks I’ll just work hard on the academic side of things and wait for someone who’s vaguely similar to me to bump into me, if I’m lucky, but I’d be surprised if there were any… I’m just sad that I’m in an extreme minority here in terms of interests, and, apparently, simple manners. My grandparents would die of shock if they saw what British universities have become… Because I’m sure they haven’t always been like this…

    Glad to see I’m not alone though, I’ve found myself wishig there were more people like some of you in my uni… Bah.

    26 Sep 2006, 13:54

  45. Hamford

    Hey everyone, dedicated uni sucks web forum now up at:

    It’s not like you have anything better to do…

    26 Sep 2006, 17:39

  46. Dez

    I agree, and relate to what people have said. Im doing a music tech course, where I felt I would be surrounded by people who were as good as or better then I am. Only to find out no one is better then me at all. A few people who I would say are equal, but not better. I have also found, not alot of people have the same drive or passision as me either, which is extremely frustrating. At this point in time I feel I could take the third year and complete it in 4 months. Cocky I know, but at least I would be pushed further rather then feeling comfortable, thinking I have done this already and there is no point in being here.

    However negative I am, things are getting better and I have to remember Im here for one reason, and thats to get first. Obviously friends etc etc, but Im not one for “oh lets go to a club, listen to some horribley loud crap music and get wasted, oh aren’t we cool”....that would be shit, super super shit.

    27 Sep 2006, 00:19

  47. Si

    University is just another way of the government stealing your parents (or yours) hard earned money, whilst also getting everyone into the confused insane mentality that they need to get you in, in order to control you for the rest of your life.

    When it comes down to it, its the financial system that sucks, not University. Because why do we goto uni? To get a degree, to supposedly get a higher paying job..

    Now anyone in the UK will know that even if you have a 2-1, there is still no guarantee you’ll find work. I know people who’ve waited 2-3 years just to get a job with a degree! Its all bull.

    Having said that, i fully agree with all the comments here. The majority of people at university are just boring drunk chavs, who are more concerned with pleasuring their senses, than actually contributing something useful to society (or to themselves!)

    My word of advice (it mites seem defeatist/depressing, but trust me);

    The world is going to shit anyway. The environment, “terrorism” (really just bogus), our economies etc…

    At the end of the day, does it really matter? Just live YOUR life the way YOU want to. Just BE yourself, nothing more. Desire causes suffering. Money is just a control mechanism.

    Roll on 2012!

    27 Sep 2006, 12:35

  48. ham

    Dag crank it come to our forum!

    29 Sep 2006, 16:31

  49. mattrix

    I have read what you guys have to say, and I agree. I hate most people at uni for the very same reasons you guys do. They are all wankers who get drunk and think that this makes them so mature and grown up. 99.9% of people at my university are self centered, superficial, rude wankers with attitude problems.

    I learned the hard way that University isn’t about learning. Weather you are doing science, engineering, arts or law, it is all about recapitulating facts that are just pointless when you have not been given the time to fully understand them. On the other hand, as mentioned here before, a lot of it is irrelevant anyway. That is so true what that person from Canada said. The lecturers really don’t teach you anything you couldn’t teach yourself better and faster.

    I go to UQ, Australia and it sucks. You make few friends, because only few people there are real. All the rest are boring, or expensive fakes. I am glad I found this website, and that I am not the only one who hates everyone at my uni.

    01 Oct 2006, 08:25

  50. Sammcc

    Like everyone else, I googled HATE UNIVERSITY and found this, Im so happy!

    Im on my second day, so I supposed I really need to give it more of a chance, but all I can say is right now, Im sitting in my room Bored and fustrated, Iv met no new people yet and feel compleatly Isolated. I hope it gets better, but it seems but it seems by this place it wont…

    Everyone in my hall are the Poser types Iv read loads of you lot mention, I guess I should have gone for a cheaper accomidation in the hope of getting away from the “Well MY daddy owns a Porsche!!!” people.

    Thankyou all for making me feel alot better! :)

    02 Oct 2006, 11:30

  51. joydivide

    Thank shit for this page!
    I’ve been at Chester Uni for a week and cannot stand it.
    Everyone is local & already know each other and i totally don’t fit in because i look a bit alternative.
    They’re all out every night and most of them are immature twats who run around at 3am banging on my doors asking if i’m deaf – NO, I’M REALLY JUST SLEEPING. The nightlife is all chav orientated, there are no places for rock music or anything other than dance bollocks, or occasional mainstream chart music. And i don’t really want to get off my face with a bunch of people i don’t know. It’s probably just me being weird but i don’t care, i hate the atmosphere here.
    The other people in halls look at me like i’m something on the bottom of their shoes.
    I’m so determined to leave after being here for just 1 week, it’s completely hideous. The only thing getting me through is the thought that i may actually be able to get into UWE in Bristol (where i’m from), doing the same course.
    I don’t even know why i applied here but i’m not sure exactly why i hate it, i just do.
    I don’t care about the money, i’d do anything not to be here. There isn’t one good reason for me to stay.
    If i leave now it will be like i didn’t give it a chance. But some things you just know are going to suck, and this is definately one of them.

    Trouble is, i have to validate my reasons tomorrow when i tell my tutor what i want to do, but i don’t have one.

    02 Oct 2006, 21:05

  52. George

    Id just like to post again to say that I am going to be dropping out of university next week. I have been here about a month now studying BA Jazz and basically its total crap. Nobody here is at the level I am at or has the same interest passion for the subject as me. Before I came here I was very much against the whole music education system, especially for teaching jazz, how can you teach something like that? I wasn’t surprised to find some stuck up typical white classically educated English guy preaching to all these 18 year old kids about something he doesn’t even understand himself.

    It is a shame the way the education system has gone. To have a degree today, especially in an art form, means absolutely nothing. I have found out I can do a diploma to get a piece of paper allowing me to teach as a safety net if I need it. It seems the kids here have come straight from sixth form not really knowing what they want to do in life but because they got a B or an A mummy and daddy sent them to university. I am still trying to work out the difference between school and university.

    Well I cannot wait until I am back home earning money instead of spending it, and progressing my education much further then I ever would at one of the government’s shitty universities. How the fuck would I manage in three years with £15,000 worth of debt? It’s all bullshit…

    07 Oct 2006, 14:28

  53. Si

    Something else i’ve come to realise, is that university sucks because of the policy on cannabis. I mean come on, with all that intelligence you would think they could realise its no worse than alcohol, and doesn’t pose a great threat to society…whats the harm in smoking with some amigos eh?

    Also the internet policy…they bow down to the government and piracy firms, and just outright block file sharing. Why can’t i share things with others if i choose too?

    Universities are just institutionalized prisons for the mind.

    09 Oct 2006, 19:17

  54. 22Naz

    University have always sucked for me, people and family members expecting me to become a doctor within 3 days, here I am living thousands of miles away from my home country, getting treated like shit my the fake people around me that think that they ‘have it all’. You have people that suck their parents money and dont even understand the definition of life, put aside the drunk and drug junkies that have their own world.

    Then comes a degree, in what? ITee.. I wonder how my employers are going to react, I bet their gonna slap me in the face and tell me to go get somewhat 3-5 extra years of work experience, and then y ou have your family satisified with this shitty piece of paper that tells everyone that you had a degree, while they dunno what extra things it takes from you to actually succeed and start something.

    18 Oct 2006, 05:40

  55. Lee

    I’m in my first year doing history and the only people i’ve met are pretencious gits that supposedly ‘enjoy’ their course. Who actually enjoys working for fucks sake? I mean, I got really good grades at A-level but what has the world come to if that doesn’t actually matter any more?!
    Secondly, i’m stuck in a hall of residence in which 95% of the people are annoying extroverts who took opium at some point in their lives and buy into the whole bohemian concept of sharing the kitchen! I’ve been here 8 days now and it’s the shittest thing ever. There are quiet peole in my flat but I still cant relate to them because they’re completely boring or wierd.
    Thirdly, I hate the stupid dress code that seems to permeate the retarded popular student consciousness. Why does everyone always have to wear all the branded shit from topshop and all the snobby posh kids who haven’t got a clue about real life wear Elle polo necks or stupid jumpers with collars sticking over the top like an Armani or Timberland advert!
    I am at uni because i feel obligated! I’m only here so that i can become a professional academic as far away from the commercial rat race shit of the real world as possible. I thought at uni i would meet people who are like-minded because i worked so hard to get away from the people i hated at school but now its even fucking worse! Where’s the justice in that?!
    Plus we all know about the obligation of going to congregate downstairs so you don’t look anti-social but it doesnt do anything for you. Get this, the ‘populars’ arranged this meal for the house to go to for someones birthday > I had a really cheap thing because i had to save money > then, with their supreme social authority, they ask everyone to split the bill evenly. How the fuck is that fair? I ended up paying twice what i actually owed so the posh twats who pushed the boat out copuld pay less! And what’s worse, I can’t say anything because i’d isolate myself even more!!!
    I could go on forever about why university is shit and pointless but i’ll just add a few more things – unorganised bureaucracy puts notices all over the campus and youre expected to know where you’re going and when to hand stuff in. everyone else magically does know. There is no way i am ever going to meet anyone like me again because i’m so abstract. whats funny is, by definition i’m really normal!!! Lastly, the stupid email doesnt work and i cant contact my ‘tutors’ as a result. They wouldnt give a shit about some small fry first year.


    18 Oct 2006, 13:09

  56. Lee

    By the way, I’m at the university of york so anyone from there that feels at least similar please i’d love to know.

    18 Oct 2006, 13:10

  57. helen

    i hate uni too. i walked out on monday, came home and cried for two days. i was crying so much at the station that i missed the announcement and got on the wrong train. that caused a whole lot more problems.
    i’m in a flat with only one other girl. this causes a problem because she expects me to be her “best bud” and calls me boring, annoying, whatever, when i don’t do things she wants to do. i feel like i’m being bullied by her. when my boyfriend came to stay he was shocked at the way i tiptoed into the flat and into my room, telling him to shush because i don’t want her knowing i’m there. she’s a bully and makes me feel like crap.
    i’ve met about 5 other people and no1 on my course as everyone seems to live at home and the ones who don’t seem to be really unfriendly and not want to talk to me.
    i thought that getting away from my hometown would be a great experience and i would make so many new friends. i can’t believe i was so wrong. i’ve been home every weekend just trying to forget that i have to go back. i feel sick even thinking about going back tomorrow. i hate uni.
    i’m at uclan by the way.

    18 Oct 2006, 19:49

  58. Shiv

    I love you all.
    I always knew that alot of people hated uni but were afraid to say it.
    I am a second year student and i am praying that a wonderful job opportunity would appear so i can leave this financial rat trap.
    I hate everyone on my course, lecturers included. I once got a warning from my tutor for criticising a lecturer and he said i would get expelled if i didn’t respect staff.
    I am now convinced that normal people hate uni but are afraid of upsetting their parents and family etc who forced them to go there.
    Trust me Uni or no Uni make sure you have some kind of work experience under your belt or you are well and truly fucked when you look for a job later on.

    19 Oct 2006, 16:03

  59. Lindsay

    I – along with everyone else on this forum – hate uni. Not because of the people. Sure there are your steryotipical groups but I have friends so that isn’t an issue as such. Although I do hate the smoking, drug taking and alcohol abuse. Sure I drink every now and then but don’t do yourself in and then brag about it. So immature!

    Anyway my problem is uni its self. The constant pressure. I wanted to study the Spanish language but no that is only worth 15 credits and you need 60 so what else was I going to study? Well, Spanish lit was compulsory. Also decided upon sociology and management. Dopped management after 3 weeks due to the complexed vocab. Ironic since I was a grade A student at school. Changed to anthropology. The subjects are ok but how the hell can I do five 2000 word essays in 2 months on top of class tests, evaluation, compulsory readings, research and then there is the “class participation grade”??????

    That is why I hate it. I guess I had it easy at school. “Spoon fed” fits the bill. No research was carried ever carried out by students, essays were few and far between (just answer question and repeat facts) and participating in a class disccusion was practically unheard of.

    Now you can understand why I am unable to adjust to the university environment. I’ve also had 2 years out of education. One year of work at a nursery and another year volunteering at an orphanage. I was happy then. Life was so rewarding and every day I woke up with a smile on my face. These days I live a nightmare. I want to be fairly well off financially in the future hence uni. I did and still do have the desire to learn the Spanish language but it stops there. All the rest of this rubbish is killing me inside. My parents have such high expectations. They want the best for me or so they say.

    I don’t know how much longer I can stay at uni? I am living a lie….......

    22 Oct 2006, 15:24

  60. Chris

    Cheer up you miserable sods. There are 5 year old Taiwanese kids making shoes for Adidas that have absolutely no hope of a decent education. There are orphaned, emaciated Ethiopian kids running from village to village because of gang war. They have no idea of the opportunities we have. Honestly, what the hell have you all got to complain about in the grand scale of things? We are all born alone and we die alone. What does it matter if there’s noone you can relate to or that you have no friends? Just take a step back and look at the bigger picture. Look at everything one step at a time, be patient with your work and you’ll all come through fine. Depression is rampant at uni and i don’t intend to let it bloody get to me any more. I’m stuck with a bunch of fucking idiots and i’ve got loads of really hard work but am i going to let that get me down? NO!

    22 Oct 2006, 18:10

  61. Paul Adams

    Greetings, Bloody uni life is crap!! 4 months from graduating as a nurse and still i am trying to find something posotive to tell. Dont do your nurse training in Cardiff, the wankers. Yuo get your essays back commenting on grammer etc. Well my girlfriend and I marked a guidlines book the other day and cant wait to post it when i have graduated. Maybe they should practice what they preach. We do 30 hours lectures per week and when not in uni we are on placemet for 37 1/2 hours per week. More like slave labour than being a student. I also detest the little kiddies who have just left home, yes beer is available in pubs etc but no need to scream about it all night long after being a 3 pint hero. Cant wait to get away from the kids, the lies from those waste of time lecturers (those who can do, those who cant, teach! Must have been a good nurse, hey lecturer?) School teachers excluded from that comment! I should have stayed in my old job, i was happy and content. Dont waste you time at uni, stay happy and keep your real mates with you. Also why all the cheesey music, for pitty sake dont you realise its utter CRAP!!!!! Keep smiling, nearly over and back to happiness! Cheers!

    24 Oct 2006, 15:34

  62. Fred Steele

    Changed course twice since I’ve got here and can safely say I agree with pretty much everything above. It’s only a matter of time until I drop out and return to the world of work – which oddly enough I prefer.

    25 Oct 2006, 01:59

  63. Ally

    I hated school with a passion because of scenesters and bullies and people who hang around in cliques and gangs boasting about drinking in order to look “cool”. I liked the next 2 years at 6th form because people were lovely and wanted to learn. Now, to my ultimate shock and horror, I am HATING university, to the point that I seriously consider committing suicide sometimes just to get out of this dire situation.

    I don’t even want to be doing the subjects I’m doing, they are boring and I have no career in mind. Other students are just cunts, that is the only way to describe them. Girl clones wandering around with mini skirts up to their fadge and those stupid legging and bead style combinations…wow you look so individual and cool. All the males seem to be jocks who are intent on drinking and getting laid.

    I HATE university. Absolutely hate it with a passion. I think I will just drop out and take a gap year, because it’s all seriously damaging my mental health.

    04 Nov 2006, 14:21

  64. Jim

    Well, I hate university too. Been here for 2 years and I totally hate my course – I don’t go to lectures of seminars at all anymore, I just teach myself. Also, I still dont feel like i’ve made any decent friends. So it pretty much stinks on all fronts.

    What makes it worse is everyone else I talk to claims to love it here. Thats what really gets me down; constantly feeling like i’m wasting 3 years of my life through no fault of my own. Just because I was unlucky somehow..

    I was pretty close to dropping out and not coming back for this year, but decided to stick it out.

    Just hoping I can get through it without some kind of mental breakdown..!

    04 Nov 2006, 23:49

  65. Laura

    University sucks, for me at least, because I feel as though I’m not DOING anything. I’m sitting on my ass talking about theoretical things and I rarely get to apply the things that I learn to real life. Real life for me is a book.
    I want to HELP people, I want to go out there and PHYSICALLY DO SOMETHING!
    I don’t want to sit on my ass for four years and get a peice of paper that says I’m “qualified”.
    For what exactly?
    How does that make me entitled to more money than someone else who may have more experience but less education?
    It doesn’t help that you have to pay insane amounts of money to join this “institution” and that it is very difficult for people with low income to go to University.
    Seems a wee bit unfair…
    don’t you think?

    06 Nov 2006, 00:57

  66. bobby moore

    im so happy iv found this website!! i agree with everything thats been said, uni really does suck!
    i started uni a few months back and although i only lived about 45mins from the uni i decided for the whole ‘experience’ id move into halls!! i HATED it from the first night, i was put in a flat with 2 foreign people and an asian girl who only wanted 2 make friends with other asian people which made it immensly difficult for me! eventually after alot of trying and tagging along with people i decided all i wanted was to move home and be with people who actually wanted me there, but id carry on with the course!!

    i was doing sociology wich id done at a-level and really enjoyed but the teaching at uni is nothing in comaparison, theres no middle ground and the leap from college to uni is incrediably over-whelming. Iv always been the type of person to get on with things but iv never felt so de-motivated and alone in my life. its seems no-ones willing to explain anything to you and i cant cope with disorganisation and expectations beyond my reach. The lectures are utterly boring and completly unenaging and i didnt experience 1 seminar that had an active discussion, more like question and answer sessions with post-grad’s testing you on your knowledege!

    the people i meet at uni are another reason i just couldn’t settle in, i dont think iv ever meet so many pretentious self-obsessed people in my life. It seems if your not interested in getting ‘pissed’ and doing fancy dress you just aint gunna fit in. Also its strange how people gather into nasty little cliques so quickly and they seem to enjoy seeing people sitting on their own because its not them!!, beacuse i moved home i couldnt get involved in all the ‘crazy’ nights out and therfore i didnt seem to have any common ground with these people acting aroud the age of 14/15. i dont kno if its the course i chose but it seemed overly filled with middle/upper class twits who’d come to uni as a three year holiday and had no intention of actually workin.

    thankfully iv decided to leave uni and get a part time job and do some voulentary work, then next year i am planning on doing a vocational degree in social work wher il hopefully meet some normal people.
    fingers crossed!!

    by the way if you leave before december 1st you dont have 2 pay your tuition fee’s so if your thinking of leaving make your mind up quickly

    06 Nov 2006, 15:55

  67. Matt

    I don’t want to drop out of uni, I really value the stuff I learn, I just hate the way it is taught. There is zero emphasis on thinking and understanding, it is all about memorizing and repeating it on an exam. There are engineers in my course who don’t know the difference between a sin and cos graph, let alone what it is used for! ENGINEERS god damn it! I can’t believe it, I am dyslexic, and with maths if I don’t understand it completely I will not understand it at all, so I always have to work harder. When I ask very simple or very hard questions the tutors give me dumb looks, then give me the answer without telling me how the hell they got it.

    Girls are a whole different story, I can’t stand them, most of the girls at uni (i.e. 98.9%) are self obsessed, egotistical, rich, bitchy Barbie dolls. You just can’t win with them. If you are polite to them they think you are trying to get into their pants, if you are rude to them then they ignore you. If you show interest in them, they will be sure to play you like a flute. Well I ignore them. I can’t stand them, I have been single ever since I got here, I think I want to stay single because I would just hate to date of one those superficial, boring, girls. They just think they’re so damn hot. I feel sorry for them. At least I get on with the guys at uni.

    To top it all off, my university is always bragging how good they are, how they are in the top 50 universities, how they have this and that, how good everyone at my university is, bla bla bla bla. I hate it, and I hate that person who somehow thought that somehow everyone learns the same things in the same way. What a moron.

    08 Nov 2006, 06:13

  68. Dave

    I hate it too. Ugh…i’m actually in a lecture now…a man who can barely speak english is teaching me about a program i will never, never use again except to complete his assignments. And i’m surrounded by douchebags who will continue to get 95% on every single mark, while i achieve my wonderful 55%...GAH! The only reason i continue on and on is so that someday i can get a decent job and maybe get just enough money to take a trip once a year and put my kids through this terrible experience. Wow.

    On the other hand, if all of us hate it so much and we drop out, we all become nobody’s…just barely qualified to flip burgers. Gotta love the options eh?
    Good luck everyone, stick it out, and remember, D’s still get degrees.

    09 Nov 2006, 21:45

  69. at lpool

    I hate this, i try and try and fuck all. And i have to agree the level of selfishness is huge. to decide before 1st december is not going to be easy. i had no worries about comming i automatically asumed id make friends. i have done so easily in the past…and now im practically feeling suicidal. I dont get it why people have formed their little groups and why i cant fit in. I cant, they are too stuck up. the unis like one of the top 20 in the country. im not sure what to do. should i give up and go or stay..where it could get better or just get worse to the point where in 2nd year ill regret not making the right choice that things will get serious. I dont know what to do.

    12 Nov 2006, 23:23

  70. lpool

    i hate it !

    13 Nov 2006, 00:38

  71. L890

    Although my gap year was probably one of the best years of my life, it has ruined Uni for me.
    Why do I hate uni?

    Because it’s jumping through hoops. 4 years of jumping through hoops to eventually get to the end point of where you want to be. That’s the problem with my degree. Everything we’re learning, we won’t ever use when we get out into industry, and there are so much more effective ways of learning it. Half of the stuff that I’m learning now I did during my gap year, to a much higher level, and I understood it a lot more. Now I’m just jumping through hoops. I’m a person that likes direction, and I feel like I’m not working towards anything or for a cause. I’m not making a differenc in people’s lives. It’s really, really getting me down. Engineering degrees should be abolished in favour of apprenticeships in my opinion, with the ability to also learn research skills.

    I’m getting so impatient to get out into the real world at last and start making a difference. University is such a selfish experience. I’m filling my time with volunteering to try and make me feel like my life has purpose, but University is slowly but surely making me lose the passion that was once so strong for my subject. I know that when I graduate, I will love my job – I loved the stuff I was doing in my gap year. Learning about it should be uplifting, fun, interesting. Why is every bit of enthusiasm being drained out of me?

    I need to get out of this cycle that I’ve got myself into, but I have no idea how. I just want it to be over.

    14 Nov 2006, 23:01

  72. h

    people in uni are stuck up so many of them and hold such pretences i cant be bothered either. Suddenly everyone has huge amounts of cash and there brain becomes smaller. Its a dumb process why would you hire someone just because they went to uni. There isnt anything special at all.

    18 Nov 2006, 02:57



    19 Nov 2006, 20:28


    damn i googled i hate uni and i found u guys uni is cool in some ways because i have fit girls in every lecuture :’

    i hate the assingments i dont think i was cut out 4 this shit it pissses me off ive left my assigments 4 so long and there due in this week and they r hard as fuck so i guees i will b dropping out like most of u gusy lol

    bobby fills manchester u heard me

    19 Nov 2006, 20:37



    21 Nov 2006, 20:18

  76. df

    Go there now dammit!

    28 Nov 2006, 15:27

  77. Louisa

    I hate uni!! so much!! i came here to get a degree, but dont think i can stay sane for 3 years!!! everyone says it would be such a great experience blah blah, whats so great about it? hardly have any friends, everyone goes out, gets pissed wakes me up at like4 in the morning!!! This is NOT an experience of a lifetime, its a complete waste of time, and i should never have come!!!

    04 Dec 2006, 19:03

  78. larabela

    Greeting from UBC (an uni in British Columbia, Canada). I too feel that univeristy is the biggest scam around. Especially for people who don’t want to become so-called “academic”s.” Frankly, I could care less about how intellectual I seem as a result of the stupid letters tacked after my name. WHO GIVES A SHIT? What is really funny is that I used to really like school. And I’m not stupid. I’ve managed to do quite well, and I suppose this was because there was a faint hope inside me that maybe doing well would translate into something good. Well I have finally realized that very little good come from university. Everywhere I turn, there’s a money grab from us already financially devastated students who (for the most part) will be haunted by the legacy of our student-loans for decades to come. No one cares about the you as a student…not the advisors, not the lecturers, not anyone. Everyone glances at their watches when talking with you or charge you for their time…really ridiculous considering the amount of money already spent on tuition and books. Furthermore, nothing I have learned is of any real-life importance. I worked in a company for the two years that I took off school (to save tution money) and I had no prior related experience. It was a good gig and it really taught me that what one really needs in to get a foot in the working world are good people skills, a great work ethic, and half a brain. It also helps to network as a lot of career mobility stems from personal connections. The only reason that I continue with school is cuz if I stop now, all my suffering will be even more wasted than if I finish. I hate my program, uni is very lonely, and no one cares about anyone else. And there’s always a few ass-kissing know-it-all’s who make life even worse than it already is…why do some people like hearing the sound of their voice so much???

    09 Dec 2006, 00:15

  79. lia

    Although university may suck it doesn’t suck as much as having a 9 to 5. At least at uni we have an excuse for doing absolutely nothing, getting drunk every night and having no real responsibilities. What would suck would be having a real job where you actually have to get out of bed before 12 and slave away at an office and answer to a boss you hate. You’ll probably look back at your years at uni later when you have a real career and wish you were back at the one big piss up that is uni.

    14 Dec 2006, 13:17

  80. Vicky

    If you all hate it so much, drop-out. That’s what I’ve done!

    15 Dec 2006, 12:02

  81. Zestie

    For me, University was not as enjoyable as i thought it would be. In the first year everyone was fake and i hardly went out. There was a lot of pressure to drink, i lacked confidence and by the end of the first term everyone was established in their cliques. All the girls were really fashionable and i just couldn’t afford to look like them. My halls were not particularly friendly as they lacked social cohesion, which made it quite lonely, whereas the people in other halls had the time of their life.

    As for the academic side, the workload came as shock and i began to doubt my abilities. However, i did start to enjoy myself at the end of the year as i made a few friends.

    The second year wasn’t really any better than the first year in terms of my social life. I didn’t go out at all. Also, there was a lot of bitching going on in my house as me and my housemates hardly communicated. By the end of the year we had a bust up! However, i did start to enjoy uni a little more and started to cope better with the academic side of things.

    My third year was spent abroad. This was perhaps the best part of my University career as it did wonders for my confidence and social life. I really enjoyed myself even though the academic side took some of the excitement away.

    In my final year i really made the most of the time i had left and went out more. I finally learnt how to balance work and play. The sad thing is i didn’t start to learn to appreciate the benefits of sudent life until my final year. I wished i’d been more involved in societies and activities.

    However, I can’t really say i made friends for life. So University does seem like a bit of a con. I didn’t particulary like some of the people who taught me as they made my life miserable.To top it all, i was unemployed for months after graduation and i’m in huge debt after 4 years.

    I do miss it though.

    04 Jan 2007, 21:59

  82. Chris


    Everyone’s right. But I’m not alone – that’s what matters to me, infact it’s all I wanted to hear.

    81 people have googled exactly the same thing as me, probably feeling miserable – missing the huge group[s] of friends back home.

    I was thinking I’m nearly done with my first semester in my first year I shouldn’t be feeling like this until my last year.

    I just… haven’t found someone who I have enough in common with to even talk to about my interests.

    University is so lonely, but I don’t want to go home – I just want it to be OK.

    09 Jan 2007, 13:37

  83. Mia

    Four words…. I love you all!!!

    I’ve finally found people who agree!!!

    Uni sucks because:

    1. University is a way for the governement to take obscene amounts of money from people
    2. It’s full of self-obsessed little kids who think they’ve done it all when they have really never lived or opened their naive little eyes to the world.
    3. The method of teaching is bullshit, these lecturers get paid shed-loads to ramble on for an hour and then tell you to go read a book, I don’t understand how we are paying three grand a year for someone to tell us what books to read, when school and college were free and the teachers actually err.. TAUGHT us!

    Ahh…how good did that feel to get that off my chest!

    12 Jan 2007, 00:34

  84. Sebastian Ng

    Hey guys,

    For whatever reason I decided to pop back here and found to my great surprise that this post is still generating comments. Over 50 comments in just a few months? A forum for uni-haters? Seems like this is beginning to get out of hand. In fact I’ve already left uni already, a few months now. All I can say is … I miss it. But that’s because I settled into a group of friends, compatible friends, in my final year.

    Good luck, folks.

    12 Jan 2007, 08:40

  85. Swifty

    Go to ah, for more, er, university hating, yeap.

    12 Jan 2007, 11:27

  86. Jazzy

    The root of the problem in my opinion is the fact that we are all finding it hard to make friends, i’m sure when that hurdle is over, uni will start to be more appealing.

    14 Jan 2007, 01:14

  87. aemuk

    I’m very happy to see that there are people out there who hate uni just as much as I do. So many people say how fantastic it is and I think its shit. You hope to go away and meet loads of new people and then end up living in a house full of weird people! its got better in the second year as I’m in a house with people I semi like but even one of them has already tried to commit suicide!! so roll on three months time when it will be all be over and I can be happy again!!!

    16 Jan 2007, 15:24

  88. aemuk

    ....And one final thing, don’t even get me started on the stupid assignments that we have to do. I wouldn’t have minded so much if they were actually interesting topics but who wants to write 2,500 words on stupid play!!!

    16 Jan 2007, 15:27

  89. David

    Amazing! 2-3 years worth of rants! If only I’d found this site sooner. I have been at uni for 6 years now, 4 year course, a gap year where i needed to work to get more money to survive, and this, 2007, my final year (again) which has been attacked by the money monster again. Got kicked out in Semester 1 because I owed the uni £1200 in tuition fees. I have been supporting my self at Uni, because my parents cant afford to, which is no evil on them, I accept that.

    But to be kicked out again for owing money, whilst lecturers concentrate on their own research projects rather than the students, where money is more important to the university than the students welfare, (There are more international students at my uni than national, seeing as each one brings in about £20,000) And what prospects do I have if I do graduate? Run around for another year looking for a job?

    I have finally plucked up the courage to say “No….Im fed up and I quit” So I have applied to a care agency to become a support worker, where I can work my way up the ranks. People might see it as a waste of money (£20000 debt that i have) but I guess people will always have their own opinions, but I am alot happier after panic attacks, nervous breakdowns and such…. In this situation youhave to think of yourself, rather than others.

    20 Jan 2007, 19:04

  90. Alex

    I have been at uni for 4 years and I have always hated it. Some times I have had a less miserable time than others, but I can’t ever truthfully say I’ve enjoyed it.

    I can’t speak for others, but for myself I think the reason is that I have found it so claustrophobic. Yeah, you live with other students, but in reality I think you live alone.
    I enjoy family life and I hate being at a place filled with people my own age (I don’t hate people my own age, just hate being with them ALL the time..). I hate seeing the same people inside and outside of classes. For me, the atmosphere is just all wrong… you can’t get away from it. At least with school, when you were home, you were home, and when you were at school, you were at school. At uni it just all rolls into one..
    Then, secondly, I think uni teaching is pathetic as some others have mentioned.
    Thirdly, it has sucked my pockets and my bank accounts dry.

    I have made friends throughout my time at uni (most have now left though), but I’ve never really felt that these were great or very strong friendships if you know what I mean.

    All in all, uni has been a big disappointment and a big waste of my time and money, and I cannot wait to leave. And to all who trot out this line of graduates’ earnings and opportunities being so much higher… Success in a career is there for all hard workers, not just for graduates.

    22 Jan 2007, 02:17

  91. Kat

    Woah, so many people that feel the same as me, I’m afraid I didnt read everyones comments so Iam sorry if I am repeating everything. I had a really good time at uni in the first term, the work wasn’t too hard, but challenging enough, I met loads of new and different people, most of them friendly, and noone seemed to care about the stereotypes at school. In my second term, I was still enjoying myself, but as I got to know people better, realised they weren’t all as friendly as I first thought. Now, I have just finished the first term of my second year and I am hating it. I feel isolated from most of my friends, especially as on an engineering course I am one of three girls, and all the boys seemed to have formed a clique and they are all so arrogant. Basically I hate uni so much because I feel like I am a complete waste of the country’s money and time. I am not doing anything that is going to help society or economy while I am a student, and once I graduate, I’m not sure whether I even want to do engineering. Looking at jobs I do want though, and most employers are looking for a graduate or someone with about five years experience. At the moment I am pretty sure I am going to fail this year, and I don’t want to waste another year retaking the year. Also because now so many people are getting degrees you have to get a good degree to actually get anywhere, and getting a 2:2 or a 3rd is no use. I only came to uni because it was expected of me at school…absolutely no advice was given about going into employment, and my dad wanted me to have the “life experience”. I think I now have this experience, and I don’t like it. I think once I get my results I am going to drop out and do some thing worthwhile.

    22 Jan 2007, 20:54

  92. aa2-2004

    I hate uni as well, i hate many stuff about it, but it all boils down to one major point.

    I dont fell i am getting taught anything at uni. Lectures are 100% useless and i only get about 2/3 hours a week of tutorials, the thing is, there all annoying PHD students who cant even speak English (that applies to lecturers as well)

    24 Jan 2007, 08:43

  93. *ANON*

    University…to sum it up could just be the worst decision I have ever made. Before starting uni we are all given the impression that university will be the best 3 or 4 years of your life. In response, yes it is, thats IF you enjoy spending your loan on getting wasted every night, paying extortionate amounts to get into clubs, sleeping around consequently gaining every STI under the sun, splashing out on top designer brands happily brushing off the fact your money is on loan and YOU WILL have to pay it all back later, having a constant hangover and feeling like shit, missing lectures, seminars and deadlines because at uni there is no one hanging over your shoulder telling you off and giving you a slap on the wrist. Therefore, it doesn’t matter if you don’t go or hand in essays because its ok, no one will even know. I mean…It’s not like your parents will know now will they?

    And then theres the smoking and the drugs, Remember…your at uni, “your cool” and “accepted” and in order to prove this you can smoke 20 fags a day and readily get hold of any drug you want because you want to impress your friends! You can smoke weed in your room with people and not get into trouble, you can leave everything in a complete state and no one will say anything. Everything is “cool” and you can do what you want because no one will tell you not to.

    Unfortunately, the problem with all this is that SOO many students believe this and think it’s great. The sad thing is, they are probably the most pathetic and immature people to come across. Students, on the whole have no self discipline, believe they are the best thing to roam the planet, splash out on expensive things and binge drink without even a consideration that this is money that needs to be paid back and are extremely lazy. Students love to drink, sleep and spend money. In actual fact, we are incredibly stupid as we obviously havent thought about the future consequences not just financially, but on ourselves too. We drink, get beer bellies by the end of freshers week and yet, seem to be proud of it. Its natural talk at uni to say “you comin out tonite?” In other words, are you coming out to get absolubtly wasted, get ripped off in the clubs and the taxi back and consequently miss the next day of lectures with an excuse of a hangover? This is just pathetic. It really is.

    Being a student myself, I admit to drinking and going out but the difference is, i recognise that it is sad and a waste of money and very rarely go out binge drinking anymore. We are all at uni for a reason, to complete a degree. This doesn’t mean all work and no play but it does mean, get a grip, do your work, have a good time with your friends without the constant need to spend money and drinking and make the most of your time at uni without getting sucked in to the students’ fantasy world.

    05 Feb 2007, 14:15

  94. matt

    Exactly! Sounds all too much like my uni in Australia.

    07 Feb 2007, 16:16

  95. jen

    i also hate uni. i’m in my 2nd yr and the ppl seem to ne competing with each other on who is more popular.I’m also finding tat since ive gone to uni my friends back home neva really get in touch and wen we do go out i feel really isolated from them.Does any1 else have tat problem?

    07 Feb 2007, 21:07

  96. Gem

    I think that too many young people blindly follow what they read in newspapers about the value of a university education. Sure, for some careers a degree is essential but for most jobs, you get into a repetitive routine and once you know the routine, you’re sorted, right?
    University is not a good idea because many thousands of young people are crammed together and have to jostle each other in order not to be left behind. This is soul destroying for all involved, whether you end up at the top of the pile or not. I think the reality is a lot scarier in that you have to face up to the fact that life is so random and many things are out of your control so getting a degree seems to be a good way of improving your chances, right? But it’s all down to the individual. Most of the successful people did not get to where they are by passing every exam and going ‘through the system’. They were the ones who bucked the rules, who defied convention by their sheer originality and luck. Accept fate. Some people will always lead; the majority can only follow and try to knock each other down.

    08 Feb 2007, 00:22

  97. Nixie

    What universities do all you guys go to..?

    I’m not sure if its gonna suck yet.. haven’t got there yet… . Sigh. Lot of sucky feelings surrounding the whole thing right now, mind u.

    08 Feb 2007, 18:31

  98. Andrew

    Wow, I was laying in my bed last night thinking about this for so long, whether anybody else thinks university inst as great as they expected. I think its terrible that the only reason I am going to university is so I can have a job some day, rather than finding something im interested in. I would much rather major in Music or something i find very interesting, but the chances of me making a living as a musician are slim. I think that if anything is to blame for this, it is our capitalist society (as cliche as that sounds). People are no longer “useful” unless they have a degree. It doesn’t matter what a person has to say anymore, it only matters how much money they make for their employer. One positive way I look at it now, is that my parents got their degree , and i would consider them now “happy”. Unfortunately, its probably going to be a “its going to get harder before it gets easier” situation.

    11 Feb 2007, 00:35

  99. avafox

    Hey people im about to start university in the future and all i can say is what a bunch of whiners lol. I hear less whiners on online games.

    Before you start uni get a lovely girlfriend and when you bored spend time with her its all very simple and better than meeting new people.

    From my girlfriend “Just Quit while you are ahead”

    Thats all i have to say.

    02 Mar 2007, 23:10

  100. thomas

    I have read every article on here and all i can say is what a bunch of pathetically misanthropic pedants you all are!

    what is this nonsense you’re talking about? you speak of everyone being a sterotype and a cliche and wanting to drink. ok, is that a problem? sure it can be annoying when some gorilla armed tosser has decided what better time than 4:15 in the morning to play indoor cricket, soundtracked by “the thong song” on loop. but hell, that’s the part of the variety of life. it is a life changing experience. it’s pulls the comfort blanket of your cushy family home and allows you to deal with the realities (often surreal realities) of modern life.

    that does sound awfully condescending! i apologise!

    i write this though because i take it from experience. i applied to birm uni and had an awful time! i hated uni! my course lacked the passion and drive i romanticised of in my little misconstrued image of academia. my flatmates and i got into a number of awful fights one leading them to try to batter my door down and put a hole through my window (the latter of which they succeeded in) subsequently i left having experienced one of the most horrid times of my life

    but im still reapplying for next year!

    you cant let a few bad apples spoil the bunch. university is an experience like no other. it’s like the adult life equivalent of those sample me things you get in supermarket!

    so theres some pricks? try talking to them first, if they are pricks then fine dont make sweeping generalisations.

    if theres a sterotype clique, so? break some barriers and make some friends!

    all your flatmates are drinking? have one! whats the worst it could do (apart from liver damage, short term memory loss, long term memory loss, alcohol poisoning, the list is endless!)

    girl playing shitty music? play yours louder!

    uni CAN suck, but look above it, branch out and be surprised.

    the only real reason to leave is if your course is totally wrong for you

    yes that was condescending. but jeez. what a bunch of curtain twitching emotional basketcases.

    05 Mar 2007, 05:33

  101. Doug

    Uni isn’t for everyone; I’m 3/4 of the way through my first year out of three and already I know this is going to be a slog. I was more or less forced into Uni by my family. The first few weeks were what you’d expect, drinking, weed, etc but that gets old pretty fast and you find the people you made friends with are only ever interested in partying. If you don’t like the party life then you need to have some serious motivation for a sporting activity or other hobby. If you don’t then University is your own tomb and it sucks big time.

    Quite frankly I am counting down the days.

    05 Mar 2007, 12:18

  102. Ink

    Yes, well, uni is a reflection of the people that run society isn’t it – the government, the media, rich vs poor, wars, racism, intolerances, rampant materialism… all of which are spearheaded by people at the top of the social hierarchy! Given these prevalent facts, is it really illogical or surprising to propose that universities are just corporate-phonies intent on making as much money as possible while at the same time too disillusioned and self-righteous (a natural characteristic in people) to see that they in fact are not providing students with a service at all? The world is just plain sad. Full stop.

    11 Mar 2007, 16:27

  103. Danni

    I am so glad i have found this page, I feel completely the same as everyone here.I am in my second year at one of the top British universities doin a subject that i really really love, I am very lucky to have something i am passionate about but ever since coming here i have wondered why i am not having a good time, why it always feels so tense in the atmosphere. At first i thought it was the place cos it’s really small, then i thought it was me and my relationships so i went to councelling for six months.Whilst i feel better in myself now thats over , i still feel really shit being here and have just come to the conclusion that some people arent meant for the university experience.

    No wi know some people reading this will think that i jus havent tried, but you have no idea how much i have, i ve got involved in university politics, chaired meeting went on student newspapers helped out on open days and been a proctor, and after all that it still feels like unless you want to get battered evey night and sleep with random people with everyone knowing about it the next day you arent going to be accepted.

    What i hate most is the fact that it is expected you cram so much into 3 years and then the best years of your life are over.I would like to think in 20 years time i am still able to chat with close firends, travel the world and drink lots despite my age. Uni has been really hyped up by the media, and coming to university was a pinnacle of achievement to get me through my GCSE’s and A Levels. I spent a year wokring and living in London so i have lived away from home before but still feel like this and have tried everything to change this for the better.

    Reading the comments above i think the general consensus here is right, university is for kids who have never lived away form home before and arent mature enough to branch out into anything even slightly adult , im just trying to get the best degree i can and come out of this a stronger person

    16 Mar 2007, 17:14

  104. j

    unfortunately, getting and having a degree is still a highly respected social label…you either have one or you don’t, and many people judge you based entirely on this. I’m sure this is the reason behind “its the right thing to do”, but the way I look at it, if your making a living in this world your doing something right.

    If your not sure what you want to do….or it does’t feel right…trust your instincts! Don’t waste all your time and money. I am already 3 quarters through the door, so I’m not going to stop now…but really….i wish that I had. Most importantly do your own thing…don’t listen to peoples expectations….your parents, friends…or the people playing the social games on campus.

    University is either all or nothing….you either dedicate yourself, or get out….or do it the extremely hard way…stay in….get your degree but do it kicking and screaming the whole time…swating homework assignments like the bugs they are….constantly floating around your head bothering you to no end! -that is what i’m doing…good luck!

    18 Mar 2007, 00:59

  105. steven

    University doesn’t suck, because university is unversity, what does suck is the life style, the out of placeness that we feel when we don’t fit in, the long hours of work ‘required’, learning things that we will never use again in our life times, not enjoying saturday mornings and friday nights when you have some assignment to hand in, when exam period comes and everyone else is talking about shit you don’t even understand, when someone of the opposite sex doesn’t look at you, when you have stacks and stacks of paper and lecture notes you just can’t be bothered to look at, when you get into a fight with your house mates or your friends… it sucks because a lot of things, and understanding what you hate about university is possibly the first step to changing it so that you can enjoy you time as much as you can, it’s only three-four years, unless you’re a medic or an architect.

    18 Mar 2007, 10:50

  106. L890

    Why do I have to waste 4 years of my life to get a piece of paper that will allow me to be able to do a job that I could have done before I started Uni (I’m doing engineering, and took a gap year working in industry)?

    Uni has lead me to be severly sufferring from anxiety, and this has recently lead to depression. I don’t know if the ppl on here who have written things like look on the bright side realise exactly what it’s like to be sufferring from mental diseases that consume your life. The things you don’t say – are exactly the type of things you’re writing. And do you know how that makes me feel? It makes me feel frustrated that you don’t understand. It makes me feel confused because I don’t understand how you can be living a parrallel lifestyle to me, and yet getting along fine – it’s like rubbing my face in it. It makes me feel angry with myself that I can’t do what you’re saying I should do – not because I don’t want to, because I mentally and physically can’t. The chemical imbalance in my brain won’t let me. I don’t want to be like this. Who wants to be crying every day, feeling completely isolated, feeling physically unable to actually get up and out of bed because you feel like you have nothing to live for. I certainly don’t want to be like this. Whilst I appreciate that you’re trying to make us feel a little more positive, I would hazard a guess that quite a few people on here are actually sufferring the same illness(es) that I am, and are not just merely frustrated with Uni life. So, please, I beg of you, please don’t write things that are going to make it worse for us. I come here and read these posts quite regularly, because it makes me feel a little less isolated, and gives me a little bit more strength to think that I’m not the only one going through this. I don’t expect to read posts that are just going to make me need to go and take a sedative because they get me so wound up. I come here for understanding, and unity.

    My dept completely cacked up this year, and they’ve admitted it, but they can’t do anything about it for this year – only next year. The additional, unnecessary, and completely impractical amounts of pressure they have put on a small number of students for their ineptitude is revolting, and makes me physically and mentally sick. Continued….

    19 Mar 2007, 10:08

  107. L890


    Why do I hate it?
    It’s poorly run
    There’s no direction
    I’m being taught things I already knew (the whole of the first year – was a repeat of my a-levels… if you’re just going to do this, why ask for A-Levels?! Idiots. Just wasted a year of my life that I will never get back. Gee, thanks, ta)
    I’m being taught things that are completely irrelevant to my chosen career choice, even though the degree is a pre-requisite for the job. I will hardly ever use anything in my job that I learnt at degree level. How about that for a de-motivator. (and this comes from everyone I’ve spoken to who have been in this job in the real world, for a number of years, and recent graduates)
    The lecturers care more about their research than they do about their students
    They expect you to have no direction – they don’t cater for those who know exactly what they want to do, and couldn’t give a damn about other areas of their industry. Do I want to work in petrochemical? No. So why do I have to do a module on it? There should be module choices. Don’t expect all of us to not know what we want to do with our lives, and have no direction. Some of us are actually clued up, and have motivation and drive – don’t quash it.
    F*ing group projects. WHY THE HELL SHOULD MY DEGREE DEPEND ON THE INEPTITUTE OF MY TEAM MATE JOE BLOGGS (and his 4 even stupider friends)? It’s MY degree, therefore, it should be about MY work. There are loads of ways you can grade/mark team work. Role plays, mark how people react in a team – what role do they take, what role are they in Belbin? By marking the quality of the output of the group is utterly stupid if you’re the ONLY one in a team of 6 people who actually cares about the mark they get. The added stress on that person, is ridiculous – they’re doing 6 people’s work.
    There are many others, but I’ll leave it there for now, because my heart rate is already up just thinking about what really makes me cross about uni.

    I wish I could offer words of support to others. I wish I could encourage others. I wish I could say to those wanting to go to University, that you’ll love it. The truth is, I can’t. I feel like I’m swirling out of control on a downward headed spiral, and I need someone to throw me a line. I’m so stuck in this cycle. I just want it to end. I just want to get out into the world of work and pursue my passion, and make a difference. Why do I have to put myself through this madness and illness, just so that I can get to where I want to be? The Summer holidays are the highlight of my year. Why? Because I’ve had a summer placement each summer, working 8 – 6 sometimes later doing the things that I love. And, did I need a degree to do that successfully? Did I need a degree to go and save a company £300,000 a year by re-working one of their processes? Did I hell. What’s the f*ing point then?

    19 Mar 2007, 10:09

  108. crazyflower

    I went to Birmingham uni and I absolutely hated it…so glad it’s over! The course was irrelevant and we didnt even have a building for our department, we had to walk all over campus for each lecture! The place was unfriendly, highlighted by the fact they never even bothered to organise a Freshers Week when we arrived and there was no social area near our halls. I hated the faux buddiness that people displayed with each other, just so they could have ‘friends’ to go out with. Oh, and the middle class snobbery is there in abundance. It’s funny how people pretend to be having the ‘most amazing time’ on arrival, but in many cases it’s just a front as you are EXPECTED to be having the ‘best experience ever’. Strangely enough I later found out that quite a few people who went there were united with me in their dislike of the place! People say these are the best years of your life, but that’s just not true. Now I live in London with my boyfriend; am in a job I love; have a lot more disposable income to spend on lavish nights out with my friends; and have fantastic holidays abroad with old uni mates! Life is a ball compared to being bored (and too poor to do anything about it), feeling isolated (as you’re not always surrounded by the people you want to be or really connect with) and doing a course that isn’t exactly living up to its promise. I’m telling you, f**k uni and all its pretentions…the best years of your life are still to come!

    20 Mar 2007, 00:54

  109. Erin

    I’ve been at uni for 6 weeks now and I absolutely despise it. It was so totally different to what I’d been told to expect. I’ve got a 4.5 day weekend, but I feel like I’ve never got enough time to catch up on things I don’t understand. Assessment is awful, everything has to be done online. Lecturers and tutors never tell you what they expect, no, instead they refer you to some paper they’ve posted online that explains something that they could have just said in a few minutes. I can’t imagine how hard it would be for someone who didn’t have the internet, oh wait, that was me in this stinking flat up until a few days ago when the telephone company finally came through for me. Rushing to express kiosks to use the net at uni was not fun at all.
    Anyway, I think the main reason I hate uni is the overwhelming feeling of loneliness I have. I haven’t made a single proper friend since the start of the year, and it doesn’t seem to be getting any better. People seem to avoid each other like the plague in my classes. And because I have no friends, it makes me dour, which of course wouldn’t help in making friends. It’s a vicious circle. And I feel like I have no one to depend on for assistance. Just so damn lonely.
    I can’t wait until my 3/4/5/6 (?) years are over. I don’t even know if I’ll last that long. I really, really hate it.

    26 Mar 2007, 14:14

  110. glenfern house bournemouth

    This site is so true!, Uni is over hyped, and personally I prefered college way more than uni life. my college was well nice and now my halls are fucking scummy, and everyone seems to be so tightly knit into groups its hard to make new freinds outside of your “group”. at college I had alot of freinds over different courses and ppl you met would introduce you to new people and so on… plus you get those gay ppl in your hall who are trying to have the “uni experiance” by just fucking verything up and then yopu have to pay for it out of your deposit cos its in your hall… bastards. PLus I have a long distance relationship which makes stuff harder. I wish I had taken a year out between college and uni tbh, even to be one fo those people who dont appear to do anything constructive in that year – just seems like a good idea! plus theres all those pppl back home like ” oh hows uni – hey yea its great” – NAH its not! not for me anyway…. I think girls seem to have a better time in my opinion. oh yeah and theres always a few of those fucking shit lectures who talk to the floor and wonder up and down the side of the lecture halls causing feedback on there mic argh. I hope this is worth it in the end and i’m glad of crazy flowers comment (two above) who stated the best years of life are to come. Cause if this is my best years of my life i’m certainnly not sure what the fuck is still to come. I hope this is all worth it in the end and in three years time I can say whow! it was worth it! laters x

    03 Apr 2007, 12:38

  111. Erin

    Hey, I know I already commented recently (actually, only the comment before the one above mine lol) but this week of uni has been worse than ever. I went home last week (WHICH WAS SHEER JOY FOR ME) and then proceeded to spend my entire precious weekend fretting about midsemesters that begin in two weeks. I’m so afraid of failing! I skip a lot of my tutorials because the tutors are a) stupid or b) conceited so I’m sure I’m going to do badly in my exams. I just can’t stand tutorials at all. And lectures are no better. This afternoon I left a lecture after 40 minutes (fucking students chatting away, boring lecturer) and caught a bus to the other side of the city, as far away from my god-awful flat as possible.

    I agree so much with some statements made here. I feel like if I’d decided to take up a trade (especially as they’re in demand at the moment and earnings are very good) I’d be so much happier and useful. And I’m sure the government is always saying we have too many professionals and not enough carpenters, builders, etc in Australia. (That’s why they earn so well nowadays.) I’m not an academic person, I enjoy hands-on work a lot more. So why am I doing this stupid course? For my parents’ sake. They’re both ill and I’m now “making the family proud”. I’m the first person from my Dad’s side of the family to ever attend university. My mother (not to sound like a sob story here) has cancer and every time I ask if I could ditch uni she makes me feel very guilty and says things like ‘Try to make the most of nothing for my sake’. Living away from home and thinking about that makes uni all the harder for me. I get very homesick quite often. I thought university would be the making of me, but it feels so awful and stressful. If either of my parents dies I will definitely quit uni and get a job I’ve decided.

    I hope when uni finishes we’ll all (if I have friends by that time, I’m SURE I will have made at least a few) get completely smashed and say “WOOHOO! THAT WAS WORTH IT!” just like we did at the end of high school. Ahh, high school. Those were the days. Remember being almost beaten into doing your work and having teachers pester you about assignment deadlines and crap? God I miss that. It was like they cared! Lecturers don’t give a stuff whether you fail or not – so they think that gives them the right to teach ‘shittily’. Honestly, I think I could do a whole lot better teaching myself. Well, I skip so many classes these days that I practically am. Hey, if I pass all my courses this semester I’ll leave an update here – there will be much celebrating/drinking after that, I can tell you.

    Thanks for allowing my extremely lengthy rant here. I actually feel loads more positive now!

    04 Apr 2007, 11:08

  112. Lena

    It’s a competition. Both socially and academically. Like in any competition, you can only win if you follow the rules. But we’re not all inherently good at the same games. If nature hasn’t given you the constitution best suited to the university-game, you can (1)fail or (2)sacrifice your own integrity, and pretend to be someone you’re not. The first option, failure, is a crushing blow to your self-esteem. The second option may result in external success, but will almost surely be coupled with slow internal rot. This rot may only become noticeable when it is too late to reverse. So beware, all ye children.

    Recipe for university-game success: learn the rules, learn to play by them, and play well. Oh, and make “connections” (aka alliances), and forget about making friendships.

    Some people will call this “growing up”. I call it “killing the child that I still am and freely admit that I am”. Because that is what it feels like. And that is why it’s hated.

    And to anyone tempted to say “Oh, grow up.”....don’t. I’ve already tried telling myself to do that, and then myself responded to myself and said: “Shut up and get real. it ain’t happenin’ and you know it, you snot-nosed kid.”

    06 Apr 2007, 03:42

  113. E890

    So….. what are these rules then? Coz I haven’t got the foggiest. please enlighten me.

    17 Apr 2007, 21:01

  114. Will

    This blog may be over a year old, but I have to say it was a real relief to find. I sympathise a lot with the inital blogger. I too have been a pretty much straight A student through school, I try hard, but I have never had to put in anything extra. The same was true for my first and second years of uni, but the third year, suddenly, the workload soars, I am struggling to cope and it all feels somehow pointless. The assignments are poorly explained, the support given by lecturers is cryptic and I have no motivation. In fact, what bugs me most about university – are the lecturers. They have little concept of what being a student is like. Yes we are interested in the subject, but very rarely are we passionate about it like they are, yet we are bombarded with information and expected to pick our way through it and show the same enthusiasm as they do. Fine, uni is more about working by yourself, but we at least need a fighting chance to know what we are doing. For a project worth 10 credits I would expect considerably more than 8 lines telling me what to do (This is a specific design project). Especially when, whilst visiting the lecturer in question, he reels out a whole load of stuff that he quite specifically requires. All the people on my course end up playing a game of guess what the lecturer wants. We are not bloody psychic. I often get the distinct impression that students are viewed as a necessary annoyance to lecturers who really just want to do research.

    I have enjoyed reading this blog – well flicking through it, reading it would take more time than I have. Almost everything people say I agree with or have felt at some point. The poorly run bit is particularly relevant, and the cost – ouch. I wouldn’t change my experience of uni – it has changed me for the better, but I certainly wouldn’t do it again. I have probably been luckier than a lot of people here, but uni is definately over hyped.

    20 Apr 2007, 16:39

  115. Matt

    I have commented here before. Uni is shit, but today must have been one of the worst days yet at uni. It sucks, study is no problem for me, I am doing fine, it is the social part of uni that really gets me down. University for me is a social black hole, I hate going there, I only got a handful of friends, and I just don’t get on with anymore else. People are difficult and just plain weird at uni, not weird as in strange, but weird as in they are just so distant, apathetic, cold, dull, and uninterested in talking or having anything to do with you. It just seems so weird and inhumane to be like that. If you make the mistake of showing interest in the strangely asexual women there, they will emotionally sterilize you if you’re not already. It’s my third year in and I have been single since day 1, all my male friends have been single since they got here, the only two that have girlfriends had them before they came to uni and made the wise choice to keep them unlike me. It’s the people that are breaking me at uni, I can’t deal with it, I can’t ignore the problem like I have been doing lately because it’s just getting worse. I am not as much as an isolated loner as I was in my first two years, but I still feel very lonely sometimes. It’s hard to meet people you genuinely get along with, although I am lucky enough to have met one or two such nice people. I don’t trust the girls at uni either, as I said, emotionally sterilized. They fuck with you if you show interest in them, and ignore you other wise. I just don’t understand why, why is university such a hell hole, I really hope people are more genuine in the real world, or I am certainly going to go back to Europe where I came from. Right now it isn’t possible, but the more I think about it the more I want to go back, back to that small country I used to live in, not utopia but definitely a better place. The people were nicer and more full and genuine than the superficial shells of humans you come across in a typical western nation like Australia. Sure I just generalized, but I did that on purpose to give you a full view picture, pointing out the counterexamples which certainly exist will just trivialize that point I am making. The point is that there is something wrong and inhumane about the typical person from a western nation. I don’t know why, but I was so much happier when I was in that small country in central Europe.

    27 Apr 2007, 11:57

  116. Danni

    Thought you guys might appreciate this.I spent the last few weks working really hard on an essay plan that i had to hand in, get marked, then write up a proper essay on it. So i spent alot of time on it and when i got it back i got a 59. I was a little confused as i knew it must have been worth more than that, purely for the amount of efort i put in. So i sent an e-mail to my lecturere asking for it to be elained and hoefully re-marked and he sent a mail back saying that in hindsight it was probably worht a 62 or a 69, but because he was quite tired when he marked it and had a few other papers to mark, he hadnt read it properly. I used to really want to go into academia, now i see what kind of unfeeling, up their own arse people they are, i would rather just get out of here after 3 years and do something with the open university, atleast that way you dint have to put up with thier bull shit every day

    04 May 2007, 18:20

  117. Amie

    A lot of individuals on this blog come across as intellectuals, which is what university was originally supposed to be about; a selection of focused, intelligent people working extremely hard in order to pursue top careers. Today universities are poisoned by lazy, superficial, rude and – let’s be honest – very stupid people. Anyone who is more interested in alcohol, clothes, clubs, parties, fitting in to a social group, drugs, and telling tales of slapstick humour events that have supposedly happened to them involving the obligatory lines ‘I was well wasted last night’, ‘that bird finally let me shag her’, and ‘you’re sposed to drink loads at uni’ would be able to recognise themselves here. I don’t believe that everyone should have the opportunity to go to university, and that is nothing to do with class; in fact we all know that if we are generalising, then it is the middle class students who behave like scum more than anyone else. Students are despised as a social group because the majority of them have little respect for themselves, let alone for anyone else, and the minority who do show respect in all things have to suffer because of this.

    Just one last comment – a boy at Exeter University had a personal motto, that said, ‘if you’re not living on the edge, you’re taking up too much space’. I’m sure he thought he was being very cool, going out and getting drunk all the time, but he’s now dead, from alcohol poisoning at 18 years of age. Not so cool now, and entirely his own fault. Sad but true.

    08 May 2007, 16:42

  118. Ellz

    Boy, am I glad that I found this blog! Just like the others, I searched Uni sucks and wow, the reaction I found overwhelmed me. Well, I friggin’ hate my university. I despise spending time here, and I try to spend as much time as I can at home, which seems so pointless anyway ‘cause I’m spending so much money to be here (£12.83 a day, to be precise) when I spend the majority of the time away. I’m about to do my exams, and I have learned nothing, had no support from tutours, no helping pushes along the way. The worst part of univeristy is that I feel so alone, so suffocated by the scene, fake, see-through people getting blind drunk every night ‘cause they can’t feel anything. Don’t get me wrong, I like drinking with my mates at home, its good fun in moderation. But not to the extent that people here do. At home I have close, great friends who love me and care about me, and here there are people I don’t care for, people I don’t care about fitting in with. I don’t want to go out with you, I don’t want to be valued by you, I don’t want you to know me or like me, I don’t care about you. All my thoughts lie with home, and the next time I will be back there. Uni sucks.

    I’m glad I found you guys. I felt so ashamed of my distaste towards university, but now I realise how utterly meaningless the whole f**king thing is. What a waste of my time and money. I doubt very much that I’ll be coming back for the next two years.

    15 May 2007, 00:40

  119. Pervo

    I hated all of University apart from the placement year. I live miles from the University and have to get a bus for over 2 hours a day to get in and for what?? Often the lectures are cancelled, mostly they are just a waste of time. I hate the course I am on and have just screwed up the final year cos I haven’t been bothered to go in or do my dissertation and now I have another fucking year of this shit.

    I find the Assignments I get given are idiotic having working in the real world and nothing like what we will face. And the whole of University depends on a stupid massive document called the DISSERTATION. I am on a IT course and love software development, I hate writing massive essays on pointless shit.

    I tried getting a job as well, pretending I had passed the last year and was waiting on results and someone with more years experience got it. I know loads of people who have graduated and could not get a job cos of this and it’s the only reason I bothered with this shit. My dad allways banged on about how important a qualification was but in the end it’s all shit.

    I aggree about how pointless it all is! I just want to finish and it all be done with.

    19 May 2007, 17:37

  120. Erin

    I’ve commented here twice before… it’s really quite soothing to read that other people have the same worries and issues as I do.

    I passed both my mid-semesters quite well, not too bad for a girl teaching herself I think. Now I’ve got finals to worry about – it feels like a never-ending spiral. I dread the thought of doing it for 2… and.. a… half…more…years.

    I think I’ll get used to it. I’m just finding myself increasingly lonely during lectures and wandering around campus. I’ve lived here by myself for 3 months now (WOW..) and haven’t made any new friends at all. I blame cliques, like a lot of people have here before me. Most of the kids in my courses at uni are the exact same superficial type that talked during class all through primary and high school and it leaves me shaking my head as to how they got into university at all. I go to UQ, which is supposed to be difficult to enter, yet all these “popular” sort of folk make up most of the student body. Are they rich kids getting their parents to pay for them to get in?

    There is this really annoying group that attend 3 of my lectures and they always sit near me. They talk loudly during the lecture, then at the break go outside, smoke, come back in stinking of cigarettes and continue chatting as before.

    Where are all the “normal” people at university these days? I mean, the sort of people I thought I’d be befriending this year…

    22 May 2007, 17:30

  121. Bella

    well what can i say… no horror experiences like some of the other people posting but at the same time uni hasn’t been all its cracked up to be…. i’ve experienced the loneliness of going to a small university but have been lucky to find people similar to myself. i’m half way through my 3rd year and the so-called ‘competition’ to get into honours is starting… i’ve lost all my motivation for subjects i used to enjoy and honestly can not see past the current assignment i’m writing cos i feel there is no point…. the only thing keeping me going is the fact i graduate at the end of the year and even thats not enough to get me motivated to study for exams that start in 2 weeks … i hate uni

    27 May 2007, 12:10

  122. Eddied

    I’m writing this on the evening before an exam, which if I fail, would result in me having to spend another year on campus. This is my 6th year as a student. I have failed so much courses I’ve lost count. The problem is I never quit. I fail and then try again. Most of the time I fail again. So after having constantly failed over the last 6 years, I’ve come to the conclusion that either a) I’m an idiot or b) I don’t know when to quit or c) both :P.

    As I type this I realize I’m very much like a compulsive gambler. That would make the University my casino of choice. I wonder if I would have been better of betting 6 year’s worth of tuition on red? Naahh, that’s just being silly. Obviously spending a fortune on a degree which in all likelihood will end up having no value whatsoever is the saver thing to do ;)

    30 May 2007, 22:32

  123. Charlotte

    It’s not so bad. It could be better though, everyone else is having a better time than me.

    01 Jun 2007, 21:09

  124. Sonny

    Hi guys,

    I just got back from uni today and am soooo pleased to be home. I’ve just finished my 2nd yr of a 3 yr course and finshed my exams last week. Between that time and today its just been the most utterly lazy stupid and sad time i’ve had in ages. Basically i live with a load of guys who think that the only way to actually enjoy life is to get hideously drunk and annoy everyone else who is trying to sleep. It’s not like i am an anti-social or anything, i go out loads and see these people who claim they might be my friends but really i won’t speak to them at all when uni is over.

    One of the most annoying factors about uni for me is also how your so called friends get so pathetic that they decide to become socially competitive when you go through a more academic or quieter period. This bloke at uni thinks he’s my best friend but in truth he’s a bit of an asshole. He’s always cheating on girls, and as a result losing a lot of the established relationships we have gained becasue of his idiotic, and what he believes to be a form of masculine behaviour.

    I’m so fed up with lying to myself by saying that these people are my so called friends when in reality if you want to do well at university (i.e. get a 2:1), you have to basically work for yourself and not care about the bullshit that occured in the first year. At uni it’s clear that if you wanna be the most popular and centre of attention, you have to basically sacrifice your academic purpose, because the balance doesn’t work in practice.

    LOL i’m sorry to ramble on. I’m just sick of these fake relationships which we establish in order to be popular at uni. I cannot wait to be out in the real world, with real people, making money, and bascially enjoying what is to be the actual peak of my life.

    First year is the best, because you can afford to be a bit of a waster, but in the 2nd i took my life more seriously in order to get a better degree and have consiquently suffered because of the resentment i’ve gained. Bring on third year, because i’ll then be saying. YES i’ve got a better degree because i didn’t waste my parent’s money and now am mentally prepared for the real world.

    Thanks for setting this up guys, i guess there are a few normal people still left in these instutions!


    07 Jun 2007, 00:37

  125. shane

    Agreed Uni does suck… at times…. I.E. RIGHT NOW because final exams are about to start!!
    The whole pressure factor is what does it!!! Not liking it one bit, and it’s my 5th year!!! Agreed i have come to handle uni much better, but the stress of exams never dissapears. not fun, not fun at all!!!

    07 Jun 2007, 08:56

  126. Darth

    I hated my whole experience of Uni. I did a top-up Honours and spent a year trying to cram in 8 modules, on top of a job (no parental support, I was 27). The result was I failed my dissertation and had to repeat the damn thing where I came out with a crappy 3rd result since the Uni capped my degree mark to 40. I understand how people feel about the social aspect of Uni, although on my course it was more the academic side I felt was daunting. As I was living with a mate from my hometown and had my girlfriend, I did not worry too much about getting involved with the whole student life style. But the academic end was a different score.

    I would attend presentations to get ripped apart quite mercilessly by lecturers. I was not the only one and if I had the wisdom to understand what the experience would have been like I would not have even enrolled. Since then I have did some real work in my Computer Science field and I can tell you that a lot of the stuff I learnt at Uni was pointless. We would get 2 assignments per module that contrived of a 10,000 word essay (or technical document) plus a software project. The software project alone could be 30 hours of work and all for a poor 15% of the overall module work. The lecturers did not care whether you past or failed. I remember one exam received an outcry from everyone because it contained ambiguous text and the revision notes by the lecturer was to study 5 books, each of 1000 pages length. An impossible feet unless you were Commander Data from Star Trek! By some miracle I past that one by a single percent.

    17 Jun 2007, 14:59

  127. sonny

    Hey Darth.
    I know exacly what u mean, even though i’m an undergraduate. If you don’t mind me asking, what is your main job? did u find it difficult to interact?


    17 Jun 2007, 23:45

  128. tiger

    I agree that university is just another ploy for the government to financially keep a hold on us by allowing us to enter the big wild world with thousands of pounds of debt. I have just received my results and it seems that they stuck the knife in just that little bit more. Although I couldn’t stand University, not because of the students (although it was interesting to watch people at other campuses behave like they shit gold daily) but the teaching, I thought that I could get something decent out of it with a first. Alas that dream was snatched away by one measly point, because of yet again the lecturer’s inability to mark anything consistently.

    Throughout my three year degree, we have been constantly reminded by our lecturers about how they don’t get paid to teach and that their money comes from their research, books and articles, somehow giving them justification in their mediocre teaching abilities. One lecturer (supposedly famous in his field) had the nerve to orientate his lectures towards his new research project and take what WE said and put it in his work as his own findings and views. He was quite possibly the worst lecturer to ever crawl out from the cesspit of supposed teaching. He didn’t have the decency to at least credit us or you know say thank you by TEACHING US properly.

    I went to a ‘reputable’ university and it seems that lecturers such as the ones I had to endure, seek to work at such universities because the students are supposed to be of a higher ability therefore, in their minds means less teaching, thus keeping the standards with minimal work. What a load of wank.

    What results is a complete waste of three years. I should have done what my friend did, drop out of the big universities and enrol in the small schools that have intensive well taught classes with teachers who feel that student’s success is their priority.
    Thank you for allowing this rant…it feels to find people who agree with me.

    05 Jul 2007, 12:32

  129. Pissed off Jerk

    UNIVERSITY SUCKS, first day and it was shit, no academic stress at all, just people stress. I HATE IT, why the fuck are universities so fucking crowded? Don’t they know crowding stress is detrimental, “fuck it, people=$$$$$^n” is the attitude of those parasitic institutions. So they enroll way too many people, so many that you can’t get on a bus, so many that you miss lectures because you miss the bus, so many that you get exhausted by being jammed inside a crowd, so many that sometimes you see big groups of people walking around like night of the living dead, worse, 28 weeks later, they just don’t chase you, yet. FUCK FUCK FUCK, what the hell is wrong with the world? Universities are CASH COWS for someone. They are obviously more interested in selling a large quantity of degrees than the quality of those degrees.

    23 Jul 2007, 09:22

  130. *ANON1*

    Hey peeps!! read ALL of your comments i am starting uni this sept and reading what you people (with the experience) have to say i can honestly say iam not lookin forward to it. What unis are particularly bad for social?

    14 Aug 2007, 22:28

  131. Ifan

    I go to Bath Spa and it is so unbelievable crap. The only real event we got going on is some chav nightclub thing called Flirt. The courses are very freaking basic, once I went to a lecture on the basics of writer’s block…yes…I never heard of writer’s block until I came to uni…riiight. As if that wasn’t bad enough, I once had to suffer a lecture that was basically on how to use the google search engine…why the fuck am I paying for this!? I felt more challenged in year 8 for crying out loud!

    16 Aug 2007, 04:30

  132. kat

    University sucked when I started it, it sucked when I left 6 months later and it still sucks as I see my friends going back for another year

    16 Aug 2007, 22:47

  133. Wh8amo2

    What is the worst uni experience you guys/gals have had? I am neutral having lived at home through my first year, but moving to a flat for second year. And yeah lectures are soooooo boring.

    20 Aug 2007, 21:09

  134. Lucas

    Gah, uni does suck on some levels. Academically, I’m only doing one subject this semester that I’m actually interested in and learning something from. The rest of my subjects are all duds, and they just don’t seem to be teaching me anything useful at all. I want to finish uni with a feeling of greater knowledge and skills, but I don’t foresee that happening at all. How crap is that?

    Socially, it’s worse though. The people are all so fake, purely self-indulgent and materialistic. I though uni was about meeting people who had the same interests, who were above all the petty social games played in high school and the like… I guess I was wrong. I’m a generally quiet person, but not some sort of social retard. I’m always kind to people, but it seems uni students aren’t interested in kindness at all, and stick to their own cliques where all they seem to do is go out clubbing, gambling, and drinking. Believe me, I’m up for a drink, but they’re doing it all the time, and seem to disregard anyone who doesn’t share their need to live like shallow socialites.
    I was kind of lucky at the start of my course, in that they held several social meets for people only in my course. I got to know pretty much everyone in my course this way, but over only a matter of months I have grown distant from all of them. They all formed groups surprisingly quick, and gradually started to disregard me as someone they knew, simply because I could not stand very many of them, and found it hard to befriend many at all. I’m sorry I can’t spend vast amounts of money on booze each week, and that I actually put effort into the academic side of my uni life. I absolutely despise those who use their parent’s wealth to buy their way into social groups. They seem to be going to uni for every other reason other than study, and seem to be just losers who are trying to buy a social life they probably never had in high school.
    As for girls, being a gentleman towards them just doesn’t work. I may be generalizing, but most are just too shallow and self-engrossed that they don’t notice the “nice guy”.

    I thought university was for those who wanted to advance their knowledge (ie. I don’t mean to sound elitist, but people with some kind of intelligence), and perhaps make friends who shared the same interests. Alas, it is very barely any of these things, and there are just too many idiots. I thought I left all this high school crap behind for good, but in reality it’s still there, in different forms.

    There are many good things about uni, and I still want to go there, but all the things I mentioned above definitely sour the experience.

    21 Aug 2007, 16:20

  135. Ifan

    Lucas, what are those ‘good things’ anyway?

    21 Aug 2007, 21:48

  136. Matt

    To Lucas,

    I could have written what you wrote because your situation is identical to mine, you’d be surprised but I went through exactly what you are going through and I am still going through that. Sometimes it seems that if you want to actually think, understand and learn then uni is the wrong place to come to. The people there are superficial, if you are a ‘nice guy’ then you are screwed, especially by the girls. People there are pathologically self absorbed and it makes me sick just being there.

    I don’t know what I can say, I hope it gets better but I got another 2 years to go, science degree, at the University of Queensland. What are you doing, where do you study?

    23 Aug 2007, 15:19

  137. vicki

    hi i hate uni – but i guess by postin gon here thats a given – and i have to say reading everyones comments has made me feel so less lonely about it – thank you.

    To answer your question i think the problem with uni is that pressure it puts on you (thats how i feel anyway) – if you dont go to uni your made to feel like u wasted your potential and your told you will regret it in the future when its harder to go back. So you go when you don’t really want to (and you don’t know you don’t want to because it’s been lodged into your brain by everyone around you) and then you get to where i am stuck in catch 22 – im about to go back to my third and final year of uni – and im SCARED! scared of how suicidal i might become if i go back (not to mention the strain i’ll be putting on my parents again if i can’t keep my mouth shut about how miserable i am) – but on the other hand im scared of what will happen if i dont go back – if what everyone says is true – no one will employ you without a degree (or at least give you decent pay) – and thanks to going to uni i have no experience either! oh yeah and that other little thing £9000 debt! which without a decent job (regardless of whether i like it or not!) i can’t afford to pay of and get by on my own!

    I think to enjoy the experience of uni you have to be a certain kind of person – and as i have discovered i am not one of them! Best as i can determine you have to be the kind of the person who goes with the flow and does whatever everyone else around them does and not take anything to heart or you get hurt – i too have realised that ive chosen the wrong degree (primary education) and with one as formal and close ended as mine, there is very little choice of career change at the end – so please, tell me what i should do now with no qualifications and no experience in anything – ive payed more money than i can conceive becoming unemployable! – wow money well spent!!

    05 Sep 2007, 11:45

  138. Jaken

    bahahaha!!! googled “i hate uni feeling like crap why did I ever enroll”!?? and got this. Fucking over the moon to know that there’s a whole heap of ppl in the same boat as me. Will need a couple of hours to read all the comments tho. (just to add- im australian, going to an australian university, but I haven’t seen a site so dedicated to expressing uni hatred so I thought i’d join in)

    One thing that PISSES ME off no end, is how lecturers can be such FUCKING UPTIGHT assholes when they believe what they teach is right and just, and anything to the contrary is wrong. For chrissakes, im doing 2 history subjects, and isn’t history about presenting an argument based on evidence, not belief?? “nup, sorry that’s wrong because I don’t believe thats what happened” or “thats not what i taught you”. fuck off. You’d think lecturers to be smart, impartial and full of academic merit- but matter of the fact is- they are FUCKING PARASITES!

    As for uni itself, i don’t know why i bother. Social life is pure shitness, as i don’t seem to get along with people whose attitudes are generic- go out, get drunk, waste money, attempt to get laid, wake up with a hangover, leave assignments to the last minute. In the end, you are only killing yourself. Everyone keeps deflecting me with the “its a means to an end” or “what are your other options?”.... but seriously- i don’t see the point in constantly stressing and risking damaging my mental state over another four years. Seriously, i’ve reached the point where i JUST don’t care anymore.

    Someone in here said something which is absolutely justified- WHY THE FUCK IS UNI SO EXPENSIVE, when learning barely takes place???? all lecturers do is ramble for an hour, and give you a brief overview of the topic (which anyone could do), and tell you to do the rest by finding the material and doing most of the learning urself? why the fuck am I being charged a fuckload of money for a piece of paper which attests to several years of slavery and sweatshop study? its all a fucking con.

    10 Sep 2007, 14:33

  139. Shiv

    I wrote here a long while back. Its really funny how so many people are expressing themselves here. I just dropped out. I am from an Indian family so you can imagine how much trouble i am going to have when they find out today. I dropped out for the same reasons Jaken mentioned above. Lecturers are definitely parasites who expect you to agree with everything they say. Any argument to the contrary and they give you a bad grade! They fool you into thinking that science (i was doing a Bsc Biology) is about finding out facts for yourself. Not in university!! The goal is to memorise what the lecturers give you. Then you change the words around as much as possible without changing the main ideas and you get a first class! I am sorry but i dont want to be a part of the system. IT IS DEFINITELY A FRAUD! No longer do i look up to people with degrees. It is a worthless piece of shit.

    15 Sep 2007, 11:08

  140. Hugh G Rection

    I hate university with EVERY fibre of my being. My hatred for university comes from the very pit of my soul and what makes it even worse is that I have failed the 2nd year of this pointless piece of shit, so I’m going to have re-sit this year. You work you arse off to get a certificate to do a job which you can do without the certificate.

    Unless your degree course is really specialized (Dentistry, Medicine, Architecture, Civil Engineering) or from a top red brick university then your degree is not worth the paper is written on. Degrees are like a 1st aid certificate – They are good to have – This place is full of idiots guys who seem to have perverse fetish for going in groups dressed up as nurses or batman and wanna get pissed and boast about the fact they don’t do no work, yet strangely always seem to pass and do well in their marks.

    The women are no better, I can’t wait to get out this hell-hole another two years of shit then I’m gone

    17 Sep 2007, 12:48

  141. Psychosis

    What a great site. I just googled ‘uni is shit’ and here I am! I’m doing a postgraduate diploma at and Australian uni presently and I don’t feel as though I’ve learnt anything worthwhile. In fact all the skills I have I’ve pretty much learnt on the job and this diploma is just the bullshit I need to do to fulfill professional registration requirements. Undergraduate studies were exactly the same too. This time around I’m not really getting into the whole uni experience. I’m spending as little time there as possible. But from my undergraduate experience I definately agree with what other have said about the social aspect and expecting to find like-minded people and not find any (or few). And yes it sux those people that seem to party hard and cruise thru it all getting great marks. I have to work hard for every decent mark I get. Uni is enough to cause a person to have a psychosis!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    My undergraduate lecturerers were by and large shithouse. They really didn’t give a shit so long as they got their pay cheque every week. My postgraduate lecturers have been good though, no complaints about them. The course itself is buulshit but that is what the industry demands. The lecturers themselves have been very supportive and suprisingly enthusiastic about their various bullshit subjects.

    The good news? I finish at the end of the year, and I’m never ever going back to study anything else ever again. Ever. Especially not at uni.

    19 Sep 2007, 04:43

  142. Morning Crack

    I can say from experience that if you are too independent, too creative, too curious then you are absolutely screwed at uni, because then you are not in a condition to memorize and recapitulate the meaningless crap they throw at your face in a typical university semester, because if you let any of the three qualities above get the better of you then you will fall so far behind the class you will be lucky to pass. Did anyone know that at university it doesn’t actually matter whether you understand the material? Unfortunately not, you know why, because there is too much to understand so you just rote learn it, you know, recapitulate it on an exam. The uni has cut way too many corners to be able to give you a decent education.

    Isn’t rote learning a wonderful thing? If done properly you can get an excellent grade (i.e greater than 75%) and at the same time not learn a god damn thing, in fact after the exam period you are free to forget everything learned that semester. As long as it looks good on paper, because we live in a superficial results orientated society. If you got a degree you can get a decent job, even though you can be as dumb as a plank of wood. I felt so cheated last semester, I got a distinction in maths, but I did not learn a god damn thing, in fact I can’t recall any of it now, because I just memorized everything, there was no time given to gain a conceptual understanding so you had no choice but just suck it up. The whole fucking point of maths is too actually understand the material, god damn it I can teach an 8 year old to memorize the procedures to integrate, and it means NOTHING unless they actually understand it. Well the same goes for a 20 year old.

    Chemistry is a different story, what pisses me off about chemistry is they obscure simple concepts just to make it look hard, its like they are placing obstacles in your way. Chemists don’t want students to find out that chemistry isn’t actually that hard, they don’t want people to know that chemistry is really just a crude interpretation of the branch of physics that deals with those matters. So when a biologist teaches you chemistry it will be simple and make perfect sense (because the purpose of biology isn’t to fuck around with simple concepts) but when a chemist teaches you, watch out.

    Why have universities sold out? So damn expensive too, and whoever said it was a waste of money is right on. Lecturers don’t teach you a damn thing either, they may as well read you a bed time story, because anyone can teach themselves, and most text book authors are way better teachers than any of the lecturers. I learn way more out of reading the text book than going to a lecture. FUCK WESTERN UNIVERSITIES. They have become overpriced daycare centers for a wide range of naïve young people with all sorts of diverse and rare mental issues. And to top it off, those god damn soap operas like OC aren’t making it any better, because I have to deal with people that model themselves on those stupid fake characters.

    19 Sep 2007, 14:01

  143. Jaken

    This site never dies!!

    But yeah, i could write a book about how crap, pointless and meaningless university is- but i’ll cut straight to the chase.

    The other day, I was pondering about whether to quit and jump straight to working. Trouble is, I don’t really want to be flipping burgers, or packing shelves for the rest of my life. Nor do I want to be running through a war zone (If I chose to join the army). Nup, not feeling that expendable at the moment.

    So i’ve decided that i’ll try and stick it out for another 3 or 4 years, but NOTHING MORE!. Besides, a degree, at the least, is just a piece of paper which verifies that you can memorize facts extremely well and regurgitate them in exam situations. But whether people understand these facts is highly doubted…...
    I do four subjects- sociology, psychology, history and ancient history. How can I be expected to understand and take in so many facts per week, without devoiding my social or free time???? Cmon….I actually have a life.

    Anyway here is my conclusion- P’s make degrees. (Passes). I couldn’t be fucked trying to get a D or a HD; preserving my sanity is much more important.

    21 Sep 2007, 01:20

  144. han

    SO glad i’m not the only person in the world who wants to drop out. i’ve been here less than two weeks and i hate it! i’m goin to talk to my tutor and try and leave this week, i don’t see the point of doin a course i don’t really love that much if i’m just guna b miserable for 3 years!!

    25 Sep 2007, 14:24

  145. max0

    Jesus, 144 comments, 144 people (or there abouts) hating university on one page. That’s pretty amazing, I too think it’s the biggest waste of time ever, and my university is a glorified college (not that there’s anything wrong with a college as I had a wicked time doing a National Diploma at one). Like most people say here, a majority of the students are immature cocks who have the worst taste in music and alcohol, and glorified chav fucks who think it’s amazing to go out every night to some scumbag ridden club and grind to the latest RnB hits! There’s just one thing that’s blocking me from the door, the fact that i’m too much of a pussy to do it. I ‘m too scared to let people down, or myself, or regret the decision. I know it’s the right one to leave, but I just can’t! I FUCKING HATE STUDENTS!!!!

    25 Sep 2007, 22:45

  146. Pebbles

    I hate uni and am only here two days but I miss home so much.Making friends is a bitch because no one seems approchable they have this idea that uni is about alcohol and socialising,everyone is OBSESSED about drinking what is so amazing about it?I’m usually a really happy-go-lucky person but now I just feel miserable.Tears seem to be my only form of escape,what to do?I wanted to go to Dublin to study but am stuck in the North doing something thats extremely scientific and incredibly difficult.I WANT TO LEAVE but have not got the foggest what I will do if I do LEAVE!

    26 Sep 2007, 16:43

  147. Wise Dog

    Sadly agree with many of the things written here. I really hated school but worked hard for GCSE / A-levels, got perfect grades because I thought that the Holy Grail (University) would be worth it, meet great like minded people, life long friends the usual rubbish your bombarded with. Even with an excellent application basically got rejected from the Uni’s which I wanted to go to and was forced to go to the one I simply put on the form to make up the numbers. Just a reflection of how screwed up this countries education system is. Ended up really hating it. Your surrounded by fake people who essentially drink, smoke, some did drugs or by people who seem to have fallen into groups within the first few days of uni because they come from the same city, private school etc God forbid you actually try and be nice with them because they just dont want to know you. Countless times you talk to people and then the next day its like you dont even exist. These days it also seems most students are after how many people they can get on their facebook profile so they are popular than actually getting to know real people! e.g. the ones with 400+ cyberpals. I mean seriously get a life. Tuition fees are absurd and in many cases your paying for rubbish. £3000+ pound per year and the lecturer cannot even be bothered to provide handouts. Many of the lecturers do not give a toss about you. 3 years of my life down the drain. Immense debt. No one who I would keep in contact with after the degree. Have a nice day.

    27 Sep 2007, 14:04

  148. powermjp

    hi i really agree with alot of what people are saying i within 5 days typed in to google i hate uni and this site came up i started reading and was glad that other people feel like me, i came to uni with the idea that i would make loads of mates and have a good time and leave with a good degree. Im just not enjoying this and i feel like i have to or as im meant to as wierd as that sounds. I have gone out with my house mates but i dont really like drinking massive amounts as i dont like getting drunk. but people i hardly know buy me drinks and i feel i have to drink it then more and more…. i feel i havnt meet friends like i had back at home were i could just be myself instead of being friends with people i dont know ffs….. i have only just been one week and i think that i am not going to enjoy uni at all. its fucked up im not in the halls either im in a house with 2 and 2 boys one girl has met a guy and always does her own thing one guy is a 3rd year and has his own mates the other girl is ok but i dont really like her as she fucks me off alot. i have met a few people who i could become friends with in the next week on my course but i may find them to be complete twats aswell. its just bollocks ok i wish i was in the halls and next year i will go there but i wont be hoping to much after the start of this year anyway rant over i may message again to see how its continues

    29 Sep 2007, 21:49

  149. R C

    I am a third year now, i only have one year to go, i think i can cope with that. But the suggestion of doing a masters, as some of my friends will, is on par with the suggestion that i should shoot myself. The jobs i might win with my likely useless degree do not interest me.

    I write essays, i go to lectures, i feign interest in the intricacies of the seventeenth century royal court of England. But i know, as it seems so few others realise, that this is useless to the outside, real world. Nobody cares about any of this, except the academics, that everyone seems to respect so much, who bounce trivial and useless ideas back and forth between each other. Uni creates your whole world in this trivial academic void – and its bullshit. When i leave uni, i want to retrain and be a real person. Not an imaginary sicophant.

    30 Sep 2007, 23:35

  150. Jess

    dude, totally agree.
    Uni sucks and is lonely.
    There’s soooooo much pressure by society etc to go to uni. Its the done thing. People ask you what your doing and if your not getting a higher education you can tell they are evidently thinking “well your a bit of a dumbarse arn’t you!’’. A lot of people fall into that boat but not for me, so much.

    Right now, i’m getting near the end of my first year and as well as my lovely debt i have no idea of a major.

    My only ’’friend’’ is an clingy, dependant and irritating accquintance from highschool.
    I can easily spend entire uni days not talking to anyone. Don’t get me wrong – i’ve tried. But its hard to find someone not immature and/or obsessed about alchohol. I’ll meet someone – and then they’ll not show up to lectures again! or in a crowd of 500 how can i find them easily.

    heres to graduating.

    01 Oct 2007, 11:03

  151. Torbbles

    Why do the vast majority of students have to be annoying, loud, talk bollocks, drink excessively so that they piss off everyone who trying to get to sleep during the early hours of the morning.

    I’ve definately had one rollercoaster of a ride at uni, and its still isnt even over yet….One more year and im counting down the weeks. Im just about to become a third yr student and ive already managed to live in 4 different places, where only one of them was tolerable. Ive almost been sued by a landlord for £3000, and ive seen someone go mad on LSD. Fortunately ive learned many life lessons and discovered the nasty side of drugs, and the law without having too much to do with it. One thing is for sure, if i graduate then ive definately got a degree in life skills. However, most of the help/teachings was from my dad….the University’s help was useless.

    Basically university is how to spend as much money as possible, learn about how much life sucks, and the human race, and become a pessimistic introverted being like ive become. Its fucking soul destroying!!!!!

    One thing i recommend is buy a pet, they keep you smiling when things go wrong, and they are company which would never misuse your trust. I dunno what id do without my tortoise!

    02 Oct 2007, 01:51

  152. noodle---. plymouth

    LOL googled i hate uni , cause i hate it with a passion, its too late for me to have proper rant but it put a smile on my face to find this page and know im not the only one, will prolly come back and post properly soon, hang in there guys !

    02 Oct 2007, 03:24

  153. Plymouth2

    go on have a proper rant!!x

    04 Oct 2007, 00:33

  154. aber

    uni is fucking shit fuck them alll

    04 Oct 2007, 15:45

  155. Tedyh

    Uni is poor. feel lonely. Bimingham is a dive seriously DO NOT GO TO THIS FUCKING HELL HOLE. Go to London or something decent, at least there you can escape from the drudgery. I never chose to come here but was forced/pushed into it by my parents. i have changed, become a pessimist, something i never was. Oh wells im going back to london at the weekend, thank fuck.

    09 Oct 2007, 16:38

  156. Dot

    god i haven’t even started and I’m already depressed about going to uni…typed in uni sucks and here we are….lovey to find so many like minded people.
    ROLL ON 2012!!!

    11 Oct 2007, 19:28

  157. smw222

    I hate Uni.

    Im in my second year, good thing uni is only 3 years, not as long as it is in many other places around the world. Possibly what i hate most about Uni is studying, I love reading and learning, but studying for the purpose of exmas somehow turns the porcess into a really boring one. I cna tolerate all the people at uni, partly by getting as far as possible from them. But the workload cannot be avoided.

    16 Oct 2007, 16:15

  158. Rob

    University is shit and college and other post-secondary crap because it’s a place to put a huge workforce of fucking young fools that the economy doesn’t have jobs for because we have no manufacturing sector or anything like that anymore. University should be for intelligent people only, of which I am not one, and the rest should just shamelessly get simple jobs and that be the end of it. Not everyone can reach great heights.

    Then again, I dont know why university is shite. What I previously said is just rationalizing. I think it’s because I can’t bang every hot tail that passes me on campus. That might be the only reason. University girls are far too sexy.

    19 Oct 2007, 01:05

  159. holly

    Oh my god i am so relieved, I thought i was the only one who hates everything to do with university. x

    22 Oct 2007, 11:35

  160. Thalie

    I’m gonna have to do the same thing as everyone else, and breathe a huge sigh of relief that I’m not the only one who hates the anticlimax that is university life. I have been here a month, and the suggestion that I stay for the whole three years is like suggesting that I shoot myself in the foot, ie very painful and completely pointless. I hate living away from home, mainly because it means living away from my friends. I have none here, as people don’t seem to be interested in me at all. I feel totally lied to and betrayed by everyone who has ever told me that university is great fun and that you meet friends for life. The people I’ve met so far haven’t even been friends for five minutes. I would love to drop out but after hearing my Mum and Dad hyperventilating down the phone I don’t think I would have the guts to do it. Also, just thinking about what I would do once I’d dropped out fills me with dread. I don’t know what kind of job I want to do, I couldn’t even decide what kind of degree I wanted to do. And yesterday I positively devoured an article which claimed that Richard Branson and Bill Gates didn’t go to University. I am aleady well on track to fail my first year, so frankly I may as well cut out the middle man and just leave. If only I could find my backbone I would.

    25 Oct 2007, 00:09

  161. geez

    uni sucks i just typed in google’ uni sucks’ cuz it does.
    i hate my degree and i know its worthless
    all this over rated degrees compared to diplomas etc. omg
    i feel like dropping out,
    the lecturers want me to fail so i can repeat the course and pay more money
    they purposely talk bs during lectures and they dont get to the point
    going to lectures i’ve learnt nothing.
    those old lecturers just want you to fail cus they want revenge
    they are also depressed like everyone else

    26 Oct 2007, 08:55

  162. Anon

    As regards to personal life, any shortcomings I attribute to weaknesses in my personality. There are just some instances where you cannot blame the system. If I can’t find any women, it’s my shortcoming. If I dislike a club or pub that I’m in, it’s ME who’s wasting my own time.

    I can take personal responsibility on those accounts, outside lectures I make my own decisions.

    However, I have not been impressed at the quality of the teaching at University (on the whole). I don’t really feel the need to enlarge on this as everybody else has pretty much covered that subject.

    Ok, so I cannot learn a damn thing at University because the lecturers are industry rejects. The best thing to do is teach yourself. Never mind the idiot lecturers who like showing you some useless ‘Teamwork in the workplace’ VHS from the 80’s .

    The ability to teach yourself may vary from subject to subject, but if you can compensate for the lack of useful learning assignments by reading some good books, you might become the master of your own destiny.

    Message to University Lecturers: Teach us what we need to know to get a job. We can tell when you’re using ‘filler material’ in your lectures – stop it.

    Oh, and I wouldn’t normally put this in, but since it just popped up I might as well spread it as a retort to something atrocious that our University is doing:

    Bradford University is wanting to shut down our student bar and nightclub. If they succeed then whatever you do, do not come to this University because:

    1) You’ll know that they don’t care about the students.
    2) There is no Univeristy nightlife.
    3) No matter how many students turn up to protest against a University decision, they still won’t listen to them.

    A parting message. If the Universities do not care about student learning, welfare and rights, then we shouldn’t care about their paychecks – and avoid University altogether.

    27 Oct 2007, 18:21

  163. Anonymous

    I hate university too! I’m pretty much staying in to appease my parents…I want to make money and not be bored out of my mind…I just don’t have enough funds to move out and live on my own yet…

    01 Nov 2007, 21:31

  164. Joe

    I also hate university. I hate my course, Maths and Physics was fun at A-level even, hear that? FUN! now it is just imposable. I cant believe i am paying £3000+ to have some random guy tell me how to do calculus, which he does badly. They dont TEACH me in ANY sence, ranting about a subject then giving loads of imposable questions is not TEACHING, i spend 25 hours a week going to these pointless lectures and i learned nothing! i cannot do any more than i could when i came to this shit hole.

    Maybe its because i am used to passing, i was a straight A student, but i went to a crap school, there were only three people who got close to three As, but i got them cos that crap school TAUGHT me. If i can do a degree by reading a book i wouldnt be paying 3000 for one would i?

    Nightlife? Go out and get pissed?? why? i dont really want to! oh, well… you’re just going to get shit bored then! thats what a city is like, i live in this shoebox/prisoncell of a room and have nothing to do but this pointless stupidly hard work.

    Even if i wanted to go and get pissed every night, i wouldnt be able to cos i have to get up for 9 o’clock every day. My card has also stopped working so i have had to borrow all my money for food (very little, i cant afford much AT ALL) from my gf…

    I am very annoyed at missing 3 of my exams because NO ONE TOLD ME ABOUT THEM!

    If you have any alternative DO NOT go to university. NEVER do a joint honours course, its the hard bits of both without the help, and my two departments do not ever comunicate with each other.

    I feel i will have dropped out in the next few months and gone home to get a job, maybe i will do a reasonable course at a better university next time!

    05 Nov 2007, 18:07

  165. Kidc

    Yep. Found this when i goggled ‘uni is shit’. Wow. Just wanting to vent, there was a fucking accounting test worth 30% and they released the results 1 week before the final. Turns out 40% of the canditure failed and guess what? I WAS PART OF THE 40%.


    06 Nov 2007, 11:47

  166. Masters1

    In my first year at uni and am bored solid. Don’t want to go and get pissed every night of the week because i can’t afford it. This seems like a complete waste of my time and money even being here. Only here because my parents pressurised me into it. Is there anything good about uni or is it just yet another government con?

    07 Nov 2007, 21:10

  167. As Above...

    i had my last exam today which, if i pass (unlikely), is the end of my degree but wtf- setting an exam worth 50% of the subject mark based on maybe one or two slides of an entire semesters work?! its like they set out to make you fail :(

    08 Nov 2007, 09:43

  168. Noel Aristotle Kwek

    Hi! I’m so glad to hear like-minded ppl thinking the same way as me. I’m from Nanyang Technological University (NTU) Singapore. U r all fucking rite, uni fucks beyond contemplation! Even in asia. I think every uni worldwide is the fucking same. I’v met south koreans, americans, even profs who tell me in the face that uni fucks. Dat’s the reason why the world’s richest man Bill Gates dropped out. It’s not juz very time-consuming and expensive, but also very annoying, directionless and difficult to the core. Exams r hard to pass. Syllabus r super outdated. ppl r all so superficial and dress like gigolos and prostitutes. I’m doing a 4 yr course & hate it very much, juz like my 1 or 2 true friends struggling. Does not matter if its arts or sciences, they all suck big time. I’m definitely not goin to advise my kids to go to uni, polytechnics r better. It’s all f bullshit! All my aspirations hav dwindled to nuts after 4 yrs here & I’m so drained energetically.

    10 Nov 2007, 20:21

  169. bipia

    Add me to the list… in my first year at UEA, and I’m really not enjoying it at all. Some of the pain is self-inflicted, I admit – I’m not the most sociable of people regarding meeting new people, and I’m not a huge drinker, let alone drug taker, smoker or whatever. Yet it seems to me that everyone wishes to go out with the sole purpose of getting drunk, getting high, performing hilaaaarious stunts, going to… oh, heard it all before have you? Seems ‘substanceless student syndrome’ is everywhere, baring similar symptoms regardless of location. In college, and secondary school in particular, things were much easier – nobody had the pretense of what they were doing to be superior, rather they just felt secondary school was a place to grind through and they knew it. It was a commanality I enjoyed and could relate to other people with. Here, its as if you’ve ‘made it’ already, and any kind of common link or bonding resolves itself to the material and the useless.

    I’ve met a few people who are friendly enough to talk to, and on some level are nice enough. And that in itself I should be grateful for I guess, given some of the tales I’ve read on this page. But nobody has yet struck a chord with me that shouts out “yes, this is exactly what university claimed to offer: a chance for like-minded people to, well, be like-minded and explore their ideas”. Maybe its just me. I keep thinking I’m the root of any dissatisfaction I have and hoping maybe it’ll change, that I’ll see the light of sorts. But I don’t know how long that hope will last for.

    11 Nov 2007, 16:40

  170. Unknown2

    ^bipia, i feel exactly the same as you, i know a few people, theyre good and theyre keepin my sanity in this place, but i haven’t met people who are outstandingly similar in outlook. I also hope it changes, but like you im losing hope as the days go by. Everyone’s seems to be replicant clones of each other, no ones being honest or very few people are. I haven’t got time to put up some fake pretense so i can meld together a group of 100 friends- i need interesting people with substance who’ll disagree on things, will be up for doing things differently.

    I hope it changes!

    24 Nov 2007, 03:35

  171. Keith

    I also found this blog by googling “hate uni”, i thought i was the only one, but evidently not. I am a first year at essex university and im really not having a gd time at all. I took a gap year in between, as i told myself i didnt want to go back to studying straightaway as i struggled with motivation at A-levels. my friends went to uni during my gap year, and seem to be having a great time meeting loads of ppl having fun. throughout my gap year, i was looking forward to coming to uni, meeting a whole new group of like minded ppl and making lots of friends. when i got here it sucked. my flatmates are practically non-existent, i joined the football team and other societies to try and meet people, but nothing seems to work. i have met ppl who are nice to talk to, but are not like friends. and also a lot of superficial twats. im struggling on my course, not particularly cos it is hard, i have just lost all motivation to work, as im so bored, i sit in my room all day just watching tv. and as each day goes by i constantly question why am i here? a part of me says stick it out, it might get better. but more days pass and more questions fly thru my head, in turn i cant study..and get angry at myself. i no its not my fault, i no one thing tho uni is so overrated.

    29 Nov 2007, 16:55

  172. renee

    uni is really a load of shit!! u have to do a bunch of hard ass courses along with ur major,which is already hard as fuck!! den u begin to hate the subject/major that u used to like,which is the reason u chose to do it cuz u liked it an wanted to make a career out of it r that’s gone… why the hell am i still here????!!! what the hell!!! i’ll just drop out and go work in government with my a levels and get some of that money they make from the universities anyway!! DIS SHIT IS TOO EFFING HARD AND POINTLESS!!!!!

    01 Dec 2007, 22:14

  173. Mike

    Wow, you have pretty much described my university life. Pointless frustration, loneliness and boredom. Everyone else seems to be having the time of their lives and I keep asking my self why is it so hard for me. Not only is getting the “proper” grade hard but making good friends seems to be just as hard. If your not one of those idiots that spends thousands of dollars a year for basically a party or one of the people here to learn and nothing else then no one accepts you. Being in the middle, here for grades but still trying to have fun just doesn’t seem to work. You get ignored and even if you do find some friends, the constant stream of work makes it almost impossible to find free time. Its pretty depressing I’d say, and if it weren’t for societies dependency on university for good jobs I would much rather not be here.

    02 Dec 2007, 02:41

  174. NikNak

    It amazes me that all of the people I have met so far at University are completely blinded and idiotic – feeling they have to go out every single night to get drunk at the same clubs. I sometimes get on with the people here, but the boys especially have a stupid ‘band of brothers’ where they boast about how much they’ve drunk and how many girls they’ve slept with. There is never any alternation from this, and apparently it never gets boring. I am meant to be living with these guys next year. It may be 2 more years of interrupted sleep and the same cliched excitement at going out to get drunk. Should I live with girls or boys????

    04 Dec 2007, 06:43

  175. Jessica

    All us dudes should all get together sometime for some sanity!

    Fuck, uni is such a shit hole. I’d fucking quit right this millisecond…...but…i don’t think i’d be able to handle a ’’mediocre’’ job (eg: checkout chick) where i wouldn’t need a uni degree. I need something i can use my intelligence in. But fuck, who am i trying to kid, everyone in those jobs is probably superficial to befriend anyway. They are all came out of the same university system.

    Lets face it, we’re all outliers! And we need a job to get some money to live, unless we all become dolebludgers or monks/nuns.

    Where I stand now, I am going to study the science major “botany” on a whim. I hope i can help improve the air, soil quality, crop productivity etc of our oh-so-fucked-up-world using my knowlege.

    As for you niknak (above) prehaps girls. More clean, less noise. Superficial and more self-absorbed yes. But the better of the evils i think anyway.

    12 Dec 2007, 02:45

  176. Bruce

    I came from the North of Ireland to Leeds Met (a former polytechnic). This is my first year and it is terrible. I believe that people go to uni because they are the product of people’s expectations and they’re own need for ‘a great experience’. for example:

    TEACHERS in your old secondary school told you that uni will be the best experience of your life because ultimately they want to motivate you to get the best grades possible… which makes them come accrosss as doing their jobs well to their superior the headteacher. The headteacher themselves are under pressure from government education boards to perform.

    PARENTS want the best for you and want to know that they have performed well by raising a successful child, what better reassurance is there than a university degree? I love my parents, but i think they’re blinded by the university ‘myth’. They also comfort and console me when i tell them that i hate my uni, it’s location, the course and my pretentious peers. Ultimately I don’t want to disapoint them- I love them too much.

    MEDIA- we’ve all seen the teen American movies about ‘college life’ how fun and youthful they are. somewhere in our optomistic and promising teen life we craved this great care-free lifestyle.

    GOVERNMENT- political parties fore re-election need to show the public that when they where in power they increased the educational attainment and employability of the country’s youth. Students create wealth in the transport, leisure and housing industries. We as students are given so much money and are peer-presurised into spending it on booze/drugs because we want to socialise and make friends in order to attain this awe inspiring experience. Yet we forget that we are the ones paying for it through our crippling loans. When we run out of cash the banks are their with student over-draft facilities to help us in our time of need i.e. more debt. Debt and the owning of money means that we have to pay it of, what a way of employing people in crap jobs… yes my fellow students we are all apart of government control. Isn’t it ironic that a lot uni drop-outs work in the civil service i.e. government jobs.

    Finally, what we are left are potentially intellegent people who drop out because they finally realise that in the real world their micky-mouse degree means NOTHING! Also because they can’t deal with the pressures of worthless assignments, pretentious peers,
    pompous lecturers, pressurising parents and alchohol drug induced laziness. All brought about by a sense of worthlessness because we have so much time of uni that we don’t know what to do with ourselves but browse internet forums!

    13 Dec 2007, 14:51

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