October 08, 2005

New Life at Warwick

I have been in Warwick for almost three weeks now. Within the last seventeen days, I have met many incerdible friends. They came from all over the world and something just brought us together. I was really impressed. In addition, ever since I got here, 99.999% of the people I met were extremely helpful and friendly. Friend I chatted with once on the day we met and kept bumped into called me every couple days to make sure I am doing well and introduced me to his cousin so that I will have a place to stay next time I am in Toronto; friend I had known for only two hours helped me with my research; friend who I had only seen once before I came to UK became my best friend and took me around the campus/city, out socialising/drinking, and told me everything he could think of about the uni; and many more others. I am truly grateful to have known all of you. It is you all that give my new life at Warwick an awesome beginning and support me in settling in this completely new place. If it were not you all, I would have absolutely no idea on how to go through this tough transition. Thank you all for your help and support. I am certain that the year ahead of me will be a memorable one!

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