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January 14, 2006

Jungle River

Ok. So here's an insight into the world of Lifesaving training for you. Today we played jungle river. Now, no one at training had ever heard of this before, but I thought this was universally played at swimming lessons for little kids. Obviously, I got a slightly higher exposure to it because my mum's a swmming teacher…

Jungle River is played in a swimming pool, where the sides of the pool are the banks and the pool is the river… obviously. When the teacher shouts "Piranhas!", everyone has to get out of the water or they get eaten. Last one out is, well, out. If they shout "Jaguars!", everyone has to get in the water, because Jaguars are afraid of the water. And if they shout "Headhunters!", everyone has to duck under the water to stop their head being taken. The first one to come up is out.

This was great fun today, largely because I got to stand on the side and shout "Piranhas, jaguars, piranhas, jaguars, piranhas, headhunters!" and so on. It was very funny, sorry people.

So has anyone else heard of this, or was it just me who was scared of water-dwelling headhunters as a child…?

March 02, 2005

Into the Relm Beyond Drunken–ness…

Last night I was the most drunk I have ever been in my whole entire life.

Consequently, this morning I am the most hungover I have ever been ever ever.

Bloody Lifesaving Club.
Bloody Pub Golf.

Basically, each drink has a 'par' and you have to drink that drink in that many swallows to be 'on par'. So you have to down a shot in one, a bottle in three and a pint in four…

And there are eighteen 'holes', or drinks.

I ended up being 23 under par, with my partner Sarah matching me drink for drink and then throwing up and ending up 21 under par.

Which is why I am so bloody hungover.

February 17, 2005

Dear God, Not Again…

I know, I know, you're bored of my Lifesaving-related rantings.

I don't care.

I have a competition in two days time. I am captain of the C Team. I KNOW NOTHING. First Aid, bandages, knots, priorities, all have left my mind, if they ever actually resided there.

If you're bored of these rants, think how I feel!?!

Every sodding Thursday before I have a comp I am so damn scared! Surely this is not the point of competing? Isn't it meant to be enjoyable ?!


Any suggestions to calm me down / make me more happy about this weekend would be stupendously welcome…

February 15, 2005

Me? A Captain? You're joking, right?

The high-up people of the lifesaving club have, in their infinite (?!) wisdom, decided they want me to be a captain and to captain the C team at the Nation Lifesaving Competition in Nottingham this weekend. How dumb are they?!

I have already captained the C team once, at Birmingham. We came 10th out of 24 teams and we came higher than the other 3 Warwick teams.

Pure beginners luck, I assure you.

Not that I'm not flattered by their confidence in me. I really am.

I'm just shit-scared too.

January 27, 2005

Lifesaving Social, Feel a Bit Sick…


For starters, we played fast hands, with two bottles of VK each. Not good because a) it is very gassy and b) it has caffine in it, which meant I got all of half an hour's sleep last night.

Then we played many more drinking games, I got through another VK, a Reef and two pints of Purple (Note to self: don't mix drinks. Ever ever ever) Games resulted in hilarious episode with one of our Presidents standing on his chair, singing Chesney Hawks and dancing…

Then we went to Score, where the only songs worth mentioning were Queen, "Don't Stop Me Now" and Nivarna, "Smells Like Teen Spirit". The rest was just poor. Apart from the Baywatch theme, obviously. And we danced and it was really cool!

So in summary, VK + Fast Hands + Purple + Queen + Baywatch = 1/2 hour's sleep and an amazing night all round!

November 21, 2004

Aberdeen is cold – Lifesaving is fun!

Aberdeen (and Scotland in general) is f**king cold and covered in snow. Well, it is at the minute anyway. Proper snow, too, not the iced-over stuff or the muddy mushy crap, proper fluffy nice snow. Wow.

The Aberdeen lifesaving competition was fun! We did really well!

The eight hours drive in each direction was… well… ok, it WAS fun, I really enjoyed your company Mel, Stu and Louise if you're reading this, but it's not a drive I'd choose to do every weekend. My legs hurt.

And all have eaten all weekend has been crisp-shaped, chocolate-shaped or Haribo-shaped. Apart from that one apple. Yey!

October 21, 2004


Well, that wasn't so bad!

Actually, I lie, it was quite bad really, since our team came eighth out of nine teams… I had fun though!

The incident was quite good, not too hard. The rope throw was horrendous, I had to have four goes, and then the whistle went for time! Still, the swimming was quite good!

All in all, it was a fun evening!

October 20, 2004

Lifesaving Competition

Oh God…

Today I'm going to take part in my first Lifesaving Competition! It's so very scary, and I am not looking forward to it at all. Not even slightly, not even at all.

The competition involves a rope throw race, a swim and tow race and an incident, which means at least a hundred people in the pool and I have to save them. All on my own…

Ok, that may be a slight exaggeration. For "a hundred people", read "about 6", and for "all on my own", read "with three other, more experience people!"

It's still really scary though!

Anyway, I'm going to go get ready now!

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