January 30, 2006


Hmmm… Well, I'm very bored and avoiding my work… so blogging was the obvious option!

Having said that, the work I'm doing at the moment is not too bad. Yes yes, it's all about lesbein vampires. And u thought English Lit was boring…!?!

Nottingham comp this weekend, woop! I think the C Team are going to do soooooo well, they're really gonna kick our arses on the swim and tow! And then there's the social, yey!

Actually, this week is going to be quite stunningly expensive, cos it's Safari Supper tomorrow night as well, which should be great fun. Even though Stu's boiler appears not to be working. Hmmm.

January 22, 2006

Places I wish I was but am not

This is just because I was flicking through my photo album today and noticing that, well, Coventry can be a bit rubbish sometimes…

On the beach with a kite

This is at Falmouth, flying a kite on the beach, and it's obviously quite cold. I love the beach when it's cold and windy. Is this a little bit odd? I think it is…

Cartwheel on the beach

Another beach, this time at Hope Cove, and this time a bit warmer.


I'd really like to be on a boat. Anywhere really, but on a boat.

This boat would do as well.


And this is me at the top of Snowdon, where it is very cold.

Coventry has no hills, or woods, or mountains, or anything good like the Peak District. It just has Kenilworth duck pond. Mmm, ace.

January 18, 2006

Great Lies to Tell Small Kids

5 out of 5 stars

This is truely hilaious. It's by the author that wrote Bunny Suicides, which is an evil book of little line drawings of bunnies killing themelves in various imaginative ways… Nwow, if you know Jon, you shuld know that he finds cruelty to animals truely hilarious, so he loooved that book. This one, on the other hand, is easily better. It includes lots of ideas of lies to tell kids, such as:

– Wine makes Mummy clever
– The tomato is not technically a vegetable. It's actually a type of dolphin
– Cups are just mugs that have been to the gym
– All wind is made at wind farms

And so on.

It's so funny. I was just wondering if anyone's parents told them any interesing lies when they were kids?!

January 15, 2006

5000 words of nothing

So then. It's that time again. Jen's supposed to be writing an essay, but instead she's doing everything imaginable to avoid it. This is even worse than usual because it's a 5000 word essay about male bonding in Frankenstein and Caleb Williams… Mmm, boring.

So far today, I have managed to: tidy my room, watch Shipwrecked and some Hollyoaks, play Spider Solitaire, talk to various people on MSN, blog stuff, and take about an hour to eat a cheese toastie. (Did you know…) I considered doing some ironing, but that would have been going too far, even for me. So far I've written about 500 words in 4 hours.

Jesus, I'm bored. Someone entertain me, please.

January 14, 2006

Jungle River

Ok. So here's an insight into the world of Lifesaving training for you. Today we played jungle river. Now, no one at training had ever heard of this before, but I thought this was universally played at swimming lessons for little kids. Obviously, I got a slightly higher exposure to it because my mum's a swmming teacher…

Jungle River is played in a swimming pool, where the sides of the pool are the banks and the pool is the river… obviously. When the teacher shouts "Piranhas!", everyone has to get out of the water or they get eaten. Last one out is, well, out. If they shout "Jaguars!", everyone has to get in the water, because Jaguars are afraid of the water. And if they shout "Headhunters!", everyone has to duck under the water to stop their head being taken. The first one to come up is out.

This was great fun today, largely because I got to stand on the side and shout "Piranhas, jaguars, piranhas, jaguars, piranhas, headhunters!" and so on. It was very funny, sorry people.

So has anyone else heard of this, or was it just me who was scared of water-dwelling headhunters as a child…?

January 07, 2006

Oh God, I'm old!

Gah! I have only just noticed, I'm 20! Jesus, that's soooo old! I want to be 19 again…

January 04, 2006

My New Year

So. It's the New Year, my tree is down and the living room consequently looks very bare. That's ok though, because Christmas was pretty quiet this year anyway.

As to my new year's resolutions, mine are pretty common… I'm going to eat good stuff and exercise. This sounds really general, but I really got in a junk-food-no-exercise-chinese-take-away rut at the end of last year. So now I feel rubbish, and I'm going to make a bit of a difference.

January 03, 2006

I wish I was at home

Work always seems so much further away when I'm in Sheffield…


Want to go home…

My Friends are Rubbish

Yes, this means you, especially you, Gemma and Veetee… The one birthday text I got was from Matt, who I work with at home, in Sheffield, and who I see about once every two months, if that. Rubbish.

December 31, 2005

New Year's Eve

This is really a fairly pointless entry, with no actual point to it. I just felt like writing, and, oh yeah, I'm supposed to be doing some uni work! Jon's out at work and I'm bored, having just packed stuff to go up to Sheffield for New Year and my birthday. Which, if you haven't gathered by now, is on Monday, yey!

Jon has committed the cardinal sin of getting me a joint Christmas and Birthday present, shock horror!!! But he assures me it's worth it. It's all wrappedup under the tree and I want to know what it is!!! He won't tell me, sulks. Rubbish.

Mel's ignoring me on MSN, which is also rubbish, because I want to know when she's going to start Thursday training. That way I can send out a forceful training email for the New Year.

Bored bored bored. Kelly, why aren't u on MSN to entertain me?! Oh, yeah, ur on a road trip, Rubbish.

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