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November 26, 2004

Moving Out…

I don't see how moving ALLLLLLLL my stuff out of my room can be in any way time effective… It must, surely, be damaging my studying in some way, i.e. stress, waste of time, loss of notes, or something!?

Can't I just leave my posters up…? Please?

November 22, 2004

Why does nailvarnish take so long to dry?

Well, why does it?!

I want to go to bed but I can't in case I smudge my nice black nails!?!

November 21, 2004

Aberdeen is cold – Lifesaving is fun!

Aberdeen (and Scotland in general) is f**king cold and covered in snow. Well, it is at the minute anyway. Proper snow, too, not the iced-over stuff or the muddy mushy crap, proper fluffy nice snow. Wow.

The Aberdeen lifesaving competition was fun! We did really well!

The eight hours drive in each direction was… well… ok, it WAS fun, I really enjoyed your company Mel, Stu and Louise if you're reading this, but it's not a drive I'd choose to do every weekend. My legs hurt.

And all have eaten all weekend has been crisp-shaped, chocolate-shaped or Haribo-shaped. Apart from that one apple. Yey!

November 18, 2004

Christmas Drinking Games please?

Hey guys,

I need ideasfor Xmas-related drinking games for our end-of-term, drink-yourself-into-the-ground, glitter-fest Christmas party.

Any ideas? So far, we've managed pin the tail on the Reindeer… Hmmm…

November 16, 2004

Not so…

Ha! It was the Damien Rice… See, all you need is a little Darkness or Chillis and the sun shines again!!!


I miss home… really really muchly…

I feel really down. Maybe I shouldn't be listening to Damien Rice at this point in time?

God, I'm so homesick.

November 15, 2004

The Corporation, Sheffield

Has anyone ever been to this club in Sheffield? Trust me, you'd know if you'd been…

I live in Sheffield and I miss the Corp! Need other Corp-visitors to cheer me up…


THOUGHT FOR THE DAY: Is there another word for thesaurus?

FACT OF THE DAY: Did you know that the total number of people killed by sharks, like, ever, amounts to only five percent of the people injured by toilets in America in 1996.

Do cows sleep standing up?

Do cows really sleep standing up? Someone just told me this and I don't believe them… Help please!

November 09, 2004

More sailing photos…

Added some more photos from August. Wish I was there now…

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