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April 29, 2005

Stupid Epic Lecture

I would just like to say something on the subject of yesterday's epic lecture…



He played us a tape of the man reading the first two chapters of the poem we've already read!!!!!!!

What a complete waste of time!!!!!

April 25, 2005

The Library

So I figure that the library is evil. And it hates me. And I feel so inferior because everyone else obviously understands, like they're all keeping some secret from me…

Does anyone actually understand all the scary numbers and classifications and and and and stuff?!?! Grrrr….

And when I do actually find the book with the number on that I'm looking for, it's the WRONG SODDING BOOK!!!

Oh, I hate the library.

April 22, 2005

Computer assistance needed…

Help me! My computer has made all the black bits on my display go pink and red… Why…?!?!?!

Any help would be massively wonderful!!!

April 19, 2005

Kelly has a blog!

Yey! Kel is officially the first Lifesaver (except me, obviously) to get a blog! Which seems to be mainly full of random ramblings, always the best.

Here is Kelly's Blog

And here is Kelly:

Sarah, me, Kel and Naomi.

Oh, and her blog contains many mentions of the-one-whose-name-we-do-not-speak. i.e. Aggi. So I think I'm going to fine Kel 50p per mention of he-with-whom-she-is-inextricably-obsessed on her blog.

Good plan.

April 18, 2005

Back again…

So this is really just to say hello and to get the blogging ball rolling… Oh and I'm avoiding my dumb Modes essay.

Hey all. I'm back.

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