May 09, 2006

Southampton Competition

So, the last uni comp of the year, and Warwick A are ahead in the A league, but catchable, and Warwick B have an outside chance at the B league because Nottingham very kindly decided not to bring their B team…

A late–starting comp meant that we didn't have to leave too early, so we picked Dan up at 9, then went to Kelly's to be truely shocked and amazed to find them waiting on the curb for us! Trust me, this has never never happened before…

It took us a couple of hours to get to Southampton, only to find that Simon, who had left about an hour after us, got there well before us… wonder how he managed that…?!

Once we'd registered we gathered the club together for a presentation from the mysterious black box. Kelly, Jim, Jean and Stu were all awarded the Warwick Lifesaving Tangoman Trophy for Executive Excellence!

Tango Trophy

Kel and Jean with trophies

So then we all got changed and settled down in isolation. The Old Boys were first out, as they were needed as bodies, and then Warwick C went out. Warwick A were next. We stood waiting to go outside for the dry incident, speculating that surely they wouldn't repeat the Warwick incident? Would they?

A quick run up the stairs brought us in sight of, yes, a car plus casualties. Maybe it was the shock of seeing our incident all over again, but apparently, none of us shouted for help, well, not loudly enough anyway. If we had, Blondie would have appeared with a note book and knowledge of where the phone was. Darn it.

Anyway, we treated all the casulaties well, asking questions to find out that the first aid kit was in the glove box, that the boot was locked, the keys had been lost, that another driver had stabbed one of our casualties, and also our casualties' names. Memories of Warwick comp meant that Stu was desperate to get in the boot, although we found out later that there was nothing helpful in there. Jen and Louise developed a new way to treat for shock, in the absence of any other way to elevate our casualties' legs, we made them face each other and brace their legs against each other… On the whole, an odd incident. Warwick B performed somewhat better, helped by Alex's super–loud shouting for help.

The wet was equally odd, with no apparent scenario in place… Where else, aside from a lifesaving comp, would you come across five or six people swimming in a harbour, two unconscious children and unconscious baby in the water, and a group of special needs kids on the jetty, playing with balls and skipping ropes?!? Our start was a bit slow as we tried to work out how to get the aids from the people on the side, eventually working out that Rhi was the key. Jim sensibly avoided Jon and Simon, and Louise and Jim eventually managed to sweep most of the casualties to the side, and Stu sent Jim back out for the other children. Warwick B were also slow to start, but once they got going, they were very effective, Alex's big mouth helping again to bring in the swimmers, and Dan sensible avoiding Jon and Simon.

The rope throw was just wierd, as Stu missed twice and Jim missed twice, obviously just to build up the tension to let the girls both get their first throws out, finishing with about three seconds to spare.

The swim and tow and gates swims went off without a hitch, and everyone got out to get ready for the Hawaiian social… and the results of course.

After pasta for tea, Warwick B were placed ahead of Brum B, in 9th position, and Warwick A were placed an average 6th place, and Mel and Stu ran off with the results. Some speedy maths revealed that we had (probably) done the double, and won both leagues! With a sense of release more than celebration, we all joined in with Other Stu's circle for red laces…

Gar and Rach

and face paint…


There was also a funnel involved…

The Funnel and Stu

There was a boatrace win to round off the victories, and certain other people also scored…

An ace social, a seriously odd comp, a brilliant weekend.

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  1. When can I have my tangoman and my medal back? :–) My favourite part of the day by far – they're ace!!!

    10 May 2006, 08:09

  2. Weeeeeell… ur going to have to come training!

    10 May 2006, 09:39

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