November 15, 2004

Do cows sleep standing up?

Do cows really sleep standing up? Someone just told me this and I don't believe them… Help please!

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  1. Visiting atheist

    There seems to be two schools of thought on this… yes. And no. So that clears that up, then. Okay? Good.

    Actually, the 'yes' school of thought also subscribe the game of cow tipping where you run up to an upright sleeping cow and push it over. Of course, this involves some well developed stalking skills otherwise your target will wake up and run off at a slow jaunt. You've probably noticed that this is an activity that is frowned upon by the number of 'no tipping' notices around the countryside.

    But horses sleep standing up and laying down. But they only sleep laying down when they are mostly sure that they are not going to wake up and find that they've been eaten by a predator.

    15 Nov 2004, 16:37

  2. Ed'

    Cows can sleep standing up if they need to. But they gernally don't, as it's a bit of a stupid thing to do.

    15 Nov 2004, 16:52

  3. But why??? WHY???

    15 Nov 2004, 20:00

  4. Visiting Atheist

    Grazing animals sleep standing up because when they're laid down on the ground and all folded up it takes them a while to work out how to unfold their legs and stand up. As a survival trait, it doesn't give them much of a head start on a predator who wants to eat them and is running towards them and is bad news for the rest of the herd who is waiting for them to get up on their feet before running off (safety in numbers, remember?). On the other hand, put a horse in a stable and he will get straight down on the ground and start snoring his head off because he knows he's safe.

    16 Nov 2004, 09:41

  5. jonathan

    i am a 35 year old farmer and cow specialist and no cows do not sleep standing up it is physically impossible but they do stand still as if they were sleeping but they are not. they only sleep lieing down.

    13 Feb 2005, 14:02

  6. terry

    cows canot sleep standing up it is impossible and any one who says they do are lieing like helll and the game cow tipping does not exist.

    13 Feb 2005, 14:05

  7. Alicia

    cows do sleep standing and you can tip them i have do it several times being raised on a farm with several cows

    19 Feb 2005, 03:14

  8. spinellohim

    No rem(i dont know if they R.E.M. standing up?)could be a day dream state!
    Any one could be tipped while in a day dream ;) LOL :0>—-<

    02 Apr 2005, 05:40

  9. spin-ELLO-him

    Fun fact – cows can sleep while standing up but they only dream if they lie down!
    I R.E.M.ember (found my answer!)my ancestor(s)!

    02 Apr 2005, 05:46

  10. Rebekah Perkinson

    then if cows dont sleep standing up, how can u go cow tipping?

    17 Apr 2005, 20:22

  11. Ducky

    'eeeeeyyyy guys and gals, so whats being asked? cows sleeping eh? thats great, I think cows sleep lying down, but i could be crazy

    17 Apr 2005, 20:29

  12. natalie

    what is tipping is it where you push a cow over so they can sleep? it seems pretty stupid for a farmer (if its true) to go out every night and push the cows over, even if there is a full paddock. so can someone please tell me what tipping is and how they do it. also what is the answer

    29 Apr 2005, 11:18

  13. maharg

    Cows do sleep standing up as we have been cow tipping where i live but farmers disapprove of this…obviously because some of their stomachs get dislodged and must be moved back into place which is discomforting.

    Here's one fact that other people don't believe me about. If you cut off a cats whiskers they fall over or at least become very unstable. Don't try it though cos it's evil.

    19 May 2005, 11:16

  14. billy madison


    24 May 2005, 03:05

  15. HulioJulio

    k so many people say that cows sleep standing and then so many people say that it is impossible so here i found this…

    Dispite popular belief, While cows may nap for short periods of time
    standing-up, prolonged sleep is always laying down in a prone position.
    Horses, on the other hand, only lay down when they are ill.

    hopefully this can help people

    27 May 2005, 03:36

  16. Mr Ritchie

    I live on a farm and still laugh at the people who believe in the cow tipping legend. Cows sleep lying down, and do this throughout the day.

    One more thing, maharg you're full of shit. Cats have whiskers so they can judge the whidth of their bodies, they get their balance from their tail.

    31 May 2005, 19:35

  17. emma

    cows do sleep standing up every1 nos tha n when they sleep ppl go cow pushing this then kills the cow bcoz its so heavy tha it cnt take its own weight and crushes its heart

    05 Jul 2005, 23:58

  18. liam hewitt

    cows do sleep standing up obv o n i luv emma she is a ledge :D wah wud i do wifout her reli id cry every night :( but she is hear so im always happy :D:D:D:D:D::D

    05 Jul 2005, 23:59

  19. Richard Jackson

    i agree with the napping part because we walk around the pastures in the evening to smoke away from the house and the cattle are silent and motionless and if you touch them they come to with a start and lumber off a ways but i guess they recognise me or whatever cause they dont run far.when i think about it tho i do see them lying down asleep but mostly in the heat of the day.

    08 Aug 2005, 13:32

  20. BOB DUFF


    08 Sep 2005, 12:08

  21. Jaquar

    For the "Physics of cow tipping" go to link

    07 Nov 2005, 21:10

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