April 22, 2005

Computer assistance needed…

Help me! My computer has made all the black bits on my display go pink and red… Why…?!?!?!

Any help would be massively wonderful!!!

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  1. AIEEEEE!!! Thats awful! :o

    My only advice is perhaps restart your computer if you haven't already done so?

    If that doesn't work, grab a passing computer scientist blogger?

    22 Apr 2005, 12:58

  2. Is it a laptop or a desktop?

    Sounds as though the screen needs changing. Try borrowing a friend's, if it's a desktop.

    22 Apr 2005, 13:27

  3. It's a laptop, and it's not like there's a particular area of screne that's damaged, it's that certain colours have changed to other colours.

    22 Apr 2005, 14:08

  4. Jen, you should grab Tomas from downstairs. He'll know what to do.

    22 Apr 2005, 14:11

  5. Computer Scientist's opinion

    It sounds a bit fecked!

    The problem is probably that the connection between the computer and the screen has been screwed up a bit, perhaps in the hinge? Sometimes these problems can be temporarily sorted by tilting the screen to extreme angles. Or just giving the thing a smack. I'm afraid that it's not really anything that anyone other than a proper qualified service person could or should attempt to fix…

    Very sorry to hear it, good luck with the repairs…

    22 Apr 2005, 15:48

  6. If one of your friends has a desktop and your laptop has a port to connect a monitor to, just try it out and check that it is the connection to the screen and not some software/display settings issue.

    23 Apr 2005, 13:03

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