November 18, 2004

Christmas Drinking Games please?

Hey guys,

I need ideasfor Xmas-related drinking games for our end-of-term, drink-yourself-into-the-ground, glitter-fest Christmas party.

Any ideas? So far, we've managed pin the tail on the Reindeer… Hmmm…

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  1. Katie

    Good Luck there are no games whatsoever.

    09 Dec 2004, 19:59

  2. Rebekah

    Oh! The games that are out there are pretty cheesy, but they're supposed to be-it's christmas!!

    I am having a dinner party w/ friends and decided to play a trivia game w/ christmas related questions, whoever gets the question right gets to pick someone to drink.

    I found one game called "hum that carol" (from the Santa Bulletin Board) where you put christmas songs on slips of paper (2 of each song) and everyone draws a song. Everyone is to begin humming when you say go, and they must find the person that is humming the same song. Once they find eachother they must raise their hands and start singing the song (our drinking twist would be that the last pair to find each other must take a significantly large drink!)

    One more that we were going to do is musical chairs (w/ christmas music) but if you get out you must take a shot.

    or there is always christmas pictionary!!

    Okay, okay, they all sound silly, but if everyone is drinking I think that they'll have fun!

    10 Dec 2004, 16:22

  3. heather

    you could play the thumb mastert. first you put all the cards on the table and spread them out
    (like go fish) everyone sits around the table. the cards go like this A,2,3,4 are the cards you drink yourself.5,6,7,8,9 are drinks you can give out
    (max is only 3 drinks per person) 10 is the thumb master. the thumb master makes a rule that every has to follow. every time the master puts his/her thumb on there forhead everyone has to follow the last one to do so has to drink.
    the Jack means rymes everyone must ryme until they can't anymore,last one drinks. the Queen is questions you have to keep asking questions until you can't anymore. the King is cheers everyone drinks.there are four 10's so therefor you should have four rules. rules can be cancelled if you pick a 10. have fun it's a great game if you have alot of players. merry x-mas

    15 Dec 2004, 16:01

  4. Yes but, (however many times you add it) It's not an XMAS game is it?

    17 Dec 2004, 10:24

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