March 29, 2006

Bath Competition

Not only did I have to get up at stupid o'clock on Saturday morning, I also had to drag Jon out of bed to take me to bloody Leam… Not an easy task… And then, Jim was late!!! Grrr…

The mini bus drive was, well actually, stupidly long! There was a wrong turn about half way through which took us onto the small scenic route, and no one told us. Granted, I didn't really notice anyway, because I was trying not to be sick with nerves about captaining, bloody Stu, bloody family commitments, grr.

We eventually found the (very posh) sports centre, which, although very posh, looked as though they'd run out of money half way across the roof, and registered. Warwick were very chuffed to find that the A Team were out 3rd, followed swiftly by Warwick B, proving Jim's theory that the last out jinx is actually on Stu.

Our massive group of helpers were rounded up and sent off, and our small band of competitiors were sent on a stupidly long treck to isolation, which was in a random classroom. The captains, me and Rach, hung around for captain's briefing and wasted time making up incidents for Warwick comp next year and speculating about the full-building dry incident that Bath were obviously setting up…

Once we were out of isolation, we waited for the dry… only to be handed a booklet of paper and given three minutes to read it. Warwick A noted that there were 6 syncro swimmers, repeating this out loud about 6 times… ahem. Most of the booklet was made up of junk emails that I had sent to Mel! We also spotted the parachute jumper, the man with the megaphone, the music and the drunken person. We like this telling us the incident before the incident!

The dry was in a small changing room with 4 separate rooms, an unconcious adult, an epileptic fit, a baby, a drunk person, a cut foot, a phone, a first aid kit and someone who ran in, slipped and broke their pelvis… unless you put the wet floor sign out… Well done Rach!

The wet was interesting, just for being in a 50m pool. The A Team ran out and shouted their stuff, only to be ignored by the people dancing about on the opposite side. Jim sent himself off to the parachute priority, whilst Louise went to deal with the Press bloke (Mark), after turning the music off. Gareth went off round the other side to deal with the swimmers in the water. I sorted the syncro swimmers, then fell over, then went to help lift the child out. The phone call was made and the guitar was used to get swimmers out… a bit random, but… Then I ran round to the other side in order to swear at Simon and get him to clear the pool. Not bad, all in all.

The rope throw was a bit slow, but not too much of a problem as we were one of only four teams to get all 4 in. The rescue medley was ok, but the swim and tow was just silly. Those 100m felt like the furthest I have ever swum in my whole life! It was awful.

A quick change in the super-hot changing rooms and we went for food. The much-awaited results were finaly announced. Warwick B made a fine show, coming 14th on Rach's first go at captaining, and Warwick A were announced the winners.

The fact that the results were cocked up and that we'd actually come second doesn't really matter, to be honest. I'm just as chuffed, I felt so amazing when I thought we'd won, that it was almost worth not winning! Second place is still pretty excellent for my first go at captaining the A and my first in a 50m pool. Oh well.

The social continued in a pub, with a pitcher of Woo Woo all to myself, and Rach and Gareth running an ace circle. Then we went onto a club, which was, um, crap. Rubbish music and stupidly expensive, but alcohol had been plentiful enough to make it ok. Some dancing, polos and photos followed, and then we got a taxi back to the Scout Hut. Which was cold. And damp. And I didn't care by that point.

Simon kicked us all out of bed in the morning to get back to finish his project, and we all slept on the minibus. Taking the right turning meant that we took half the time to get home, and I got to go back to bed.

An ace weekend, all in all.

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  1. It is a jinx I have beared for many a year.

    Can I steal this for the website? Am also eagerly awaiting any photographic evidence of your magnificent endeavours

    29 Mar 2006, 23:25

  2. Yup, feel free. Please feel free to correct any errors, etc. Obviously, the person to see for photos is Kelly, and Gareth was taking loads too.

    31 Mar 2006, 10:25

  3. Kel

    Oooh I was going to suggest stealing that for the website! Obviously great minds think alike stu! :o)

    31 Mar 2006, 12:10

  4. Kel

    Oh and my photos are on my blog, where they have been for days! (you're just too slow!)

    31 Mar 2006, 12:10

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