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Come see me in Tile Hill. If you can’t find me, kill some time by talking to Jon, my lovely boyfriend, or admiring our house, which is lovely and grown up.

Alternatively, I may well be in the pool towing an orange manaquin up and down for no reason that I can see. But having fun at the same time.

Equally, I could be at home home, in Sheffield. Or at my third home, Southampton.

If all else fails, email me on or

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I’m from Sheffield and I’m in my second year of English Literature. I like sailing, reading, swimming and Chinese food, and I hate football, hangovers and people who are skinnier than me. Gits.

I’m currently totally absorbed in the Lifesaving society, of which I am training officer, it’s the best fun ever! If you haven’t joined up already, do so at once!

Feel free to get in touch… And stuff…


Jen xxx

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