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June 14, 2007

owino market

This should just be a short note as there is nothing very exciting to add really apart from me leaving makindye (I think ive spelt that wrong) and heading out into the town centre alone. I know, but I thought at 22 it was time that I learnt how to get a bus alone. It was all fine expect that the bus didnt stop where I was expecting and I couldnt find where I wanted to go. This was not a problem as I decided that aimless wandering was entirely suitable for my cultural adjustment. It was all very exciting, in the way that things are exciting when you have never done them before. The highlight of my day was definately a banana muffin and finding a pair of shoes just like the ones Id lost when I was 15 (I didnt buy them of as they has gone out of fashion but it still gave me a sense of belonging - not sure why!)

I went on a short walk yesterday up from the house and it was incredibly beautiful, it was slightly uphill so there was a pretty nice view of Kampala with Lake Victoria in the background. Also on the way out for dinner I got a 'boda' which is basically your classic illegal motobike taxi and that was awesome cruising (when i say cruising what i mean is more like bumping along due to the poor condition of the roads) down the streets. My favourite thing that I saw yesterday was a guy in front of his house/shack on a bench doing bench presses with some homemade weights which he had constructed using two rather large cans!!

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