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June 05, 2007

05/06/09 9:22

Got to Warwick at 9:20 - there must be a few big exams on this morning cos the Arts  Centre is packed. I actually had to wait to get our usual corner sofa spot. Today I think Sarah is coming in, which will be great after the fantastic no show of yesterday. I have decided I need to do more reading round the subject - which conveniently requires the use of my laptop but NOT facebook/msn/ebay - foul works of the devil, creating simply for my downfall after I fail these exams. I've started getting nervous and this far ahead, that can't be a good sign. Also, seem to have really hurt my wrist and have been wearing a bandage for about four days now - it hurts to bend it at all. Ah well. Seem to have been spared as its only my left :) Ok, I swear I'll start revising now...

June 04, 2007


Eurgh exams. Got onto campus sooo early this morning - it involved me being awake at 7. SEVEN. That sort of time shouldn't exist, particularly as my body feels like its only had three hours sleep. Needless to say, the revision I went in so early for to do didn't get done. Ah well. There's always tomorrow :) Went to ballet and actually felt awake for about twenty minutes, before my arms and legs decided not to play that game and gave up on me. I love my teacher - she's so patient. We both kinda know I shouldn't be in the class I'm in - my memory is appalling - but she puts up with me. I guess the class clown does make things go differently. So yeah got out of ballet and did the old "revision or home" decision - home, obviously - which is probably why I started this blog, actually. ANYTHING to not do the revision that keeps staring at me. TV. Ah blessed TV. All is good. I will  probably manage to ignore Grand Tour related topics for a few hours now. There's always tomorrow. Good thing the exam is on Friday....AARRRGGHH!!

June 2007

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