November 23, 2004

Today's Favourite Song Lyrics

Dance Away the Heartache by Roxy Music

Yesterday, when things seemed so cool
When I walked you home, we kissed goodnight
I said its love, you said alright
Its funny how, I could never cry
Until the time, you passed by
Hand in hand with another guy
You're dressed to kill
And guess who's dying

The Greatest Musical Duos of All Time

Who does everyone think are the greatest songwriting partnerships ever? Im gonna make a list and would be appriciate any additions…

1. Lennon/MacCartney (obviously)
2. Morrissey/Johnny Marr ('How Soon Is Now?', more like How Good Is This!)
3. The brothers who wrote for Crowded House but I cant think of their names!
4. Simon and Garfunkel
5. Elton John and Bernie Taupin (sorry, but I might as well be honest with my opinions!)

November 04, 2004

The UK Music Hall of Fame

WOW! I feel so vulnerable and yet so grown up: i've just lose my blog virginity!
excited grin on face

ANYWAY, now thats over and done with, just wondering if anyone's been watching Ch4's 'Uk Music Hall of Fame'?

I think its been jolly entertaining so far although a couple of their omissions have got me quite cross
For example, a couple of sundays ago it was the 1970s and where were:
1. Fleetwood Mac?
2. T-Rex?
3. Kate Bush?

And then the sunday b4 that one, it was the 1980s and where on EARTH were the mighty DEF LEPARD, eh?

Now some of you (correction, I think most of you) may laugh at my musical taste but for any other fans of the show, i'd just like to hear your opinions….......

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