September 06, 2005

Time is flying like a small flyey thing with a very loud annoying buzz

Dear me. It seems like only yesterday I arrived here, with all my bags and belongings. I sat down in the middle of it all and thought: I am going to be here a very long time.

This was mainly because whilst I was having my Very Deep Thought TM my mother had carried on bringing in boxes. It took me a while to actually dig myself out in order to find food.

But yes, anyway, there I was, facing a very long time, even after I had managed to get all the way to the fridge. Not that this mattered so much, for the summer and I had such plans together. I was going to get a job, do all my background reading, clear out my wardrobe etceteraetcsketera, all the time with the summer laughing gaily in the background, smiling down upon my sunlit pursuits. I was also going to be wearing a rather frivolous and unnecessary hat, just because it's the summer and you can do that.

However, now my very long time is looking more than a little bit frayed around the edges, and not only have I still no job, no background reading, and my winnie the pooh pajamas with an 'Aged 12' label in the back, but it has also rained. A lot. So nothing I planned to do with my very long time has actually come to fruition.

All is not lost, though. I have been to the four corners of the kingdom (if those corners are Edinburgh, London, Tetbury and the Wirral – I was always crap at geography), seen naked people of both sexes (in a fully innocent manner – really!), seen lots of delectably famous people (not naked), enjoyed a torrid and regrettable affair with my overdraft (we both agree it should never have been allowed to get this far) and had lots of strawberries, because it's summer and you can do that.

Yes. I have also, you will be pleased to note, worn a frivolous and unnecessary hat.

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  1. Can you DESCRIBE the hat plz? I ask because, in my estimation, few hats are truly frivolous, especially in such a delicious, syrupy summer as we have enjoyed.

    10 Sep 2005, 20:24

  2. Hmm… well, it's a straw hat with a gigantic brim that's about 3 times the width of the crown either side. It is therefore liable to shroud my shoulders on muggy days, take flight in the slightest breeze, and has been known to develop an unfortunate Jane Austen-esque bonnet quality in the rain. It also has a lovely selection of ribbons/scarves that change according to its mood. Not because it's got amazing chameleon powers, but because some days it looks like it wants to wear a stripy ribbon, and some days it intimates it would really rather prefer flowers, so I take pity. I am also slightly in awe of its frivolity, which may have something to do with it. At the moment it's peering into the corner of my mirror and experimenting with jaunty green feathers.

    It's definitely the most frivolous hat I have ever had the pleasure of knowing!

    11 Sep 2005, 18:01

  3. I own two straw hats; but from your description, I imagine that your hat outclasses them both. I am frankly jealous.

    11 Sep 2005, 19:59

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