December 18, 2005

Electric Heater Haiku

Follow-up to Ode to a Sickly Boiler from Fluff And Nonsense

And in the same vein...

darling little thing
so small and squat and yet so

NB: This goes some way to explaining why I don't and shouldn't 'do' poetry. Apart from as use as some sort of torture device to force people into giving me money and chocolate and things.

Oh, and thank you to Steve and his mother for providing me with this thing of beauty. Don't worry, once I'm warmed up there will be no more need for poetry, I promise.

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  1. Promise?
    Set fire to the carpet or something.

    18 Dec 2005, 15:34

  2. Believe me, at about 11am this morning I was tempted… Had my matches out and everything.

    18 Dec 2005, 15:37

  3. Brrrr.

    18 Dec 2005, 18:01

  4. In disagree! I remember quite well still am amazing sestina you wrote in first year. Im supposed to be a poet…and I've never managed to write one! Stand up for you poetry woman!

    I must say the haiku needs working tho…hehehe. sowy…:(

    19 Dec 2005, 00:54

  5. Heehee – trust me, there would be something very wrong with the world (and would prove even further how much I don't 'get' poetry) if it was actually worth something, seeing as it took thirty seconds to write!

    You were probably present for at least one of my little 'I don't understand poetry' arguments in first year – in the bygone days of Hulse :-P. I just don't get what makes good poetry, and as a form it doesn't sing for me as fiction does. I can look at a piece of somebody else's fiction and know both structurally and unconsciously what works for it, and that carries over into my own writing, but sit me down with poetry, and I can't do it.

    I'm fine with creating something structurally (which is why I was able, on the surface at least, to write things in forms in first year) but the only way I can get content into, for example, a sestina structure, is to apply the way I write fiction to it, with the pacing of a fiction narrative. If I look back at all that stuff I wrote in the first term (the first and last poetry I wrote, apart from this facetious rubbish :-)) all it is is a story trying desperately to escape a form.

    And most poetry I read too leaves me a little untouched. I don't like or dislike it - but I can only apply a prose-style method of critiquing it, which isn't really relevant, although can yield interesting results! I just don't think I'll ever feel passionately about poetry in the way a lot of people I've met here do, though that's not to say I don't find it intriguing to hear other people talk about it, because it fascinates me that they have a window on it that I'll probably never be able to share.

    That was longer than I meant it to be, but it's something that I've been thinking about on and off for the past two years. There seem to be far fewer of us who categorically 'don't' write poems than there are those who 'don't' do fiction, which is also interesting.

    20 Dec 2005, 00:22

  6. i like it, personally.

    i think perhaps you've found your new calling.

    21 Dec 2005, 16:22

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