October 08, 2008

first blog

  • I think netiquette is a good way to allow new people to understand chatting in cyberspace. It provides useful tips and hints to enable others to get the best out of their blogging and forum skills. On the online quiz i did pretty well 90%!!
  • All that facebook practice obviously paid of!
  • It was a bit weird creating a practice forum beacuse i didnt really know what subject topic to use so just went for something simple;blogs! Im glad that ive written in forums before and know how to write in forum language but must admit this is my first ever blog. Im not to sure what to write as i never really had a diary but hey its worth a try! By the end of the year im sure ill be and expert.

Anyways im off now ill keep you posted on my progress!

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  • Haha well done! I got 60% by on this entry

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