January 26, 2008

A textbook from India

I was desprately in need of a textbook on electromagnetism. It is because I just cannot do the topic and my tutor  (lecturer of 3rd year advance EM course) said I should work hard on those thing. The book was recommended by the lecturer (not my tutor). But it is not list as recommand in the syllabus (yet!). The author seems to be a really good writer in the field and every single one of his book is a best-seller (he only wrote 3 so far). Therefore the supply (yeah, there were a few) in the library is low. 

And to make it worse the price (RRP) is something close to 50 quid and it is not avaliable in the university bookshop (it was requested). So second-hand marketplace on amazon is my last hope. I don't use e-bay because there are too many people trying to make money out of you.

Even the cheapest second-hand one is something close to 30 pounds (inc P&P). But I found one that is on 20. It is in a separate entry and was later discovered as published in India. One of my housemate last year told me that the UK publishers do cheaper version of text in India and that was why he had his text posted from India. It took me a week to reach my decision since it is still on there which I believe is unusual due to the demand in our class (not really).

So I got the book yesterday and I was surprised to find out that it was posted straight from New Delhi. I felt a little bit cheated since that is how people make money on e-bay (without the P&P of course). The price listed on the back of the book is 250 rupee. And 250 rupee is equivelent to less than 4 pounds. Yeah, it is a Eastern Economy version, so everything should be the same. I am sure the delivery is not cheap (got it within a week after ordering) but I am sure the guy got a bit bit of profit while I save my tenner. I felt sad but I really need the book and it seems to be good. Maybe I should do some economics.

P.S. After a few days, I could not find any answer to problem while the author stated that "answer is available when appropriate". Maybe I am just not looking hard enough, or it is just unappropriate.

P.P.S. The answers are indeed there. I wasn't looking hard enough. Stupid lazy me.

November 02, 2007

The dictatorship of frustration

It is a surprise how much frustration can take over from you.

I did a maths test this morning. Got stuck by the first question. Got frustrated a bit. Don't know I actually lost the will to do anything and didn't even try any obviously constructive method. I also didn't have the motivation to revise beforehand. The elctronics workshop is pretty much the same story but it is still going on.

So looks like that would be trouble for a while before I managed pick myself up. Quantum Mechanics test coming next...

June 23, 2007

Time to pack

It's that time of year again. Another full scale packing. But this time is a bit different since I am not living with relative. Haven't sort the room out at the moment. Going to have a word with the accomodation service. Need a hard think about which luggage case to leave here and which one to take home. Seems to be a good idea to leave the big one here for storage perpose. If I need another I can always buy another big one if I got too much to bring back. Can always put the small one in the big one. 23kg is all I have on plane. Need to buy a big camping bagpack. At least the exams finished for a while. Answering this sort of problems is more relaxed than the one for exam. I shall miss my room a lot. Better borrow a camera  to take photos of it before the packing. Looks like I am going to pack quite a bit using paperboxes. I am not far too worry since I got a good amount of parcel tape with me. Can always stick everything together, haha. Luckily I can get some storage space on campus as foreign student but I can only retrieve them half a month after my return to the city. Lots of planning to be done. Headache. Never. Ends.

June 14, 2007

I am too old for exam

Can't believe the questions in my exam this afternoon is surprisingly alright. Got the topics right but unable to be sure. I translated a wikipedia article on Compton effect into Chinese and I still can't do the question on the same topic. Just because there is photoelectric effect in front of that doesn't mean they are the same. The combination was not expected. Anyway, one exam and one night to go. Feels so bad when you know you can do the question but not well. Pick one mark and drop two marks. I used to remember things well and now I just went blank. Looks I am too old for my old style. More revision. Wish me luck. Thanks.

June 11, 2007

Lost in Examinations

Done the exam for astronomy and particle physics. Particles looked alright but astronomy ended in disaster, I would say. Someone is probably going to it's alright and I know it is not alright. I thought I prepared well and then something wasn't on the notes (really?) comes up. Even worst, totally lost. Having a little bit of problem to interpete the question plus serious memory loss. I was lucky enough to have something I did some work on came up but I wrote the wrong thing down. Just for the exam duration, once finished, everything back to normal. Must say I was lost. Not the first time. Total failure of revision strategy, 4 more hours of examinations. Didn't do much revision during Easter (close to none). Seems to know what to do next year. But am I go enough to do next year course without much consquence from the terrible result this year. I have no idea. I am lost, as people always I look like I am lost. Yes, they are quite right but sightly too philosophical. I seems to be quite sure about the 4 hours of exam ahead would be fun (i.e. staring at the ceiling or counting number of alphabets on the paper, or even worst, number of lamps). But anyway I'll still have to pull my socks up and get myself out of resit, I really don't have the money to chang the air ticket. And non-pass degree if possible of course. No idea how am I going to manage that. Scary. Cracking time, bye. (What am I going to do?!)

May 25, 2007

Consequence after all–nighter

I was trying to finish a IT report and one for electronics last night. I did an all-nighter for them and followed up with the lab section (grand total of 26hrs straight). I finished off the IT assignment but has a struggle with the electronics. Leave the questions to final minutes and discovered I cannot do them. That is half an hour before the lab section started. I was lucky enough to have the lunchtime to work on it as well but decide not to. I did try the library but all the copies recommend text were out. This leaves me a lot of holes in my report and only 1.5 questions right out out of a possible 9. Got an overall 50%. Went to sleep for 7 hours and then just to discover the answers can be found on wikipedia and wikibook. Looks like I am too tired to think of the internet, nice. Missed a showing of student cinema, doesn't matter now. Moreover, waking up at 11pm is not the best thing you can do. Sleeping problems.

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