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February 27, 2008


Last night, I experienced an earthquake. That was the first one I was able to feel.

At 1 am, I was surfing the internet and the house shook for a bit. I was sitting on my wheelie chair (just ordinary office one), so I was fortunate enough not to miss it. I raise my head with surprise, staring on my bookshelf on the wall and recalled that I was the only one at the house. So no one was having party or crashing my wall. So it must be earthquake. Well, there isn't much earthquake here, nice. And I went to sleep.

When I went to school, I discovered everyone was talking about that. As a physics student, I am well aware that earthquakes are on all the time, but you can't experience most of them and that is why I am still surprise to find out that was a quake of Richter scale 5 and the centre was in Lincoinshire. So I think I would write something and pay my sympathy to anyone unfortunate.

Now I start to feel I little bit scared by how I reacted to the incident.

P.S. For those didn't feel that, there is a stimulation of a quake in the Natural history museum (or science, not sure, but they are within walking distane to each other) in London, with scene of a Japanese supermarket (moving floor!).

And for those thinking I am bluffing, here's something for you: 

February 11, 2008

Mission unaccomplished

I really don't have the motivation to do work. Like this early morning, I decided to go to sleep instead of working on my laboratory report on astronomy. Than I overslept myself. When I arrived in school, I seem to have the feeling that I can accomplish it within the time limit which is 4 hours in laboratory in front of a computer. The other computer on campus do not have a minor program I may have needed. As everyone would have expected, I could not finish the report up to satisfactory level. Not even finished. May be I am just thinking to much. The things are not difficult. Yeah, nothing is difficult. Just not enough time. haha. ==

P.S. The report actually seems to matter a lot in the "physics skills" module and I really would like 60% on that to ensure my passage to the 4 year degree. OH NO! Maybe I am just making my later work harder or un-do-able. The result turns out to be 42%. Looks like I got quite a bit to do.

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