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January 26, 2008

A textbook from India

I was desprately in need of a textbook on electromagnetism. It is because I just cannot do the topic and my tutor  (lecturer of 3rd year advance EM course) said I should work hard on those thing. The book was recommended by the lecturer (not my tutor). But it is not list as recommand in the syllabus (yet!). The author seems to be a really good writer in the field and every single one of his book is a best-seller (he only wrote 3 so far). Therefore the supply (yeah, there were a few) in the library is low. 

And to make it worse the price (RRP) is something close to 50 quid and it is not avaliable in the university bookshop (it was requested). So second-hand marketplace on amazon is my last hope. I don't use e-bay because there are too many people trying to make money out of you.

Even the cheapest second-hand one is something close to 30 pounds (inc P&P). But I found one that is on 20. It is in a separate entry and was later discovered as published in India. One of my housemate last year told me that the UK publishers do cheaper version of text in India and that was why he had his text posted from India. It took me a week to reach my decision since it is still on there which I believe is unusual due to the demand in our class (not really).

So I got the book yesterday and I was surprised to find out that it was posted straight from New Delhi. I felt a little bit cheated since that is how people make money on e-bay (without the P&P of course). The price listed on the back of the book is 250 rupee. And 250 rupee is equivelent to less than 4 pounds. Yeah, it is a Eastern Economy version, so everything should be the same. I am sure the delivery is not cheap (got it within a week after ordering) but I am sure the guy got a bit bit of profit while I save my tenner. I felt sad but I really need the book and it seems to be good. Maybe I should do some economics.

P.S. After a few days, I could not find any answer to problem while the author stated that "answer is available when appropriate". Maybe I am just not looking hard enough, or it is just unappropriate.

P.P.S. The answers are indeed there. I wasn't looking hard enough. Stupid lazy me.

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