October 06, 2011

My seminar colleagues seem awesome




Austria, (Vienna),

England, (Leicestershire),

Austria, (of Bulgarian parents.),




India, (New Delhi),

India, (but has lived all over the world, moving every two years because Dad is a diplomat.),



England, (Surrey?),


England, (Cornwall).

My diverse seminar group for 'International Relations', Im only used to working with local girls from Bedworth, Bulkington and the Back End of Coventry! Culture shock! also, i'm pretty sure they're all middle class.

Their experiences over the summer; Singapore No.4 - worked for Singapore Interpol. Lithuainia - worked for the Economist. India No.1 - worked with some organisation looking at preventing human trafficking from Cambodia to Malaysia. England (Cornwall) was a life guard.

Me? England (Leicestershire) stayed at home, trying to keep two teenagers, an ex-husband to be, a new partner and two dogs happy. However, I feel this experience means that I too could keep secrets for Interpol. I too could write for the economist; i have been balancing budgets for 20yrs. I too could go kick ass on low lifes in Cambodia and Malaysia, I've kicked plenty of ass this summer. I wouldn't stretch as far to say I could save someone from drowning in water, but in their own self pity, in a hopeless situation and in a state of illness threatening to drag them down to the bottom of lake misery, I hope I can at least keep them afloat for a while.

Maybe I'm pretty awesome too.

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