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June 11, 2008

The Window

I can't believe that my last entry was in January. I have been unfaithful to this blog, but I have tried to be faithful to life and other people. Naturally, I'd prefer if the first poem in a while would be one full of hope, but this is the poem that I wrote. Enjoy it, if you can.

The Window

The door is open

Almost transparent

Propped up with a wedge.

There is truth in that

But also in

The window.

What can be seen inside

Should be taken for granted.

A desk, a table lamp.

Undecorated. Nothing special.

Feel attached to the items.

Feel free to touch them.

They are not yours alone

To touch.

The books you thumbed

Have been touched by a hundred hands

And the hands were greedy

Like yours, too.

They wanted to hold the books

And claim them forever

Like mine do.

There is truth in that

But also in

The window.

The chairs are comfortable

Until you find that others

Were offered a seat before you.

When you were not there,

The leather chair held someone

And kept them firmly close.

There is truth in that

But also in

The window.

Because the window is always open as well.

And beyond it are too many trees.

Those who leave by the door

Signed the book

Left a name and address.

The wood is harsh.

Beyond the window

Too many trees.

The furniture

That gave comfort to all

Betrays the guests.

Of all the guests

It is always


That leave.

Because everyone is invited.

No one should leave.

But people do.

One is too many.

And the book by the door

Remains unsigned.

It is left with



And the wood is deep.

I yell to the wood.

There is truth in that

But also in

The window.

Here's my hope for today, for people of the internets. Walk out and be happy. Find the person closest to you and hold them for 5 minutes. You don't have to say anything, and neither do they. Most importantly, remember the warmth of them. That warmth of another has no proper name, but you can think of your own.

I'll stop rambling now. Posts will follow this one. I hope to have something funny for you next time.

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