December 16, 2007

Some updates and some poetry

Yo to the people who read my blog.

Christmas is coming like a juggernaut, heading straight towards me. Dates shouldn't do that, I think. I like to think we journey forward in a small way and the days that come pass us by, much like cyclists in a cycle path. Unfortunately, Christmas is an inevitable time that heads towards me unyielding.

Christmas is a good time for family life. If you like your family, as I suppose I do, Christmas is great. It's just getting around all the baggage of the time. I feel I should be doing more with myself, but its difficult to work out what I should be doing.

Reading of extra texts and things like that are going well. Hope to start reading some AS Byatt soon, something I haven't done for 3 years now. I have also, against my better judgement, finished editing my short story 'Em'. Posting will appear soon.

I'm adding little scraps to Cassandra now. She's a sad character: her life becomes a story of deficit, to use the term I remember from studying the Odyssey. Cassandra, eldest daughter of the house of Ilion, gains precognisance from Apollo. Apollo then takes away her ability to persuade (or to be understood, seeing how you interpret it) for not having sex with him.

Then the Trojan war: being the only person who knows better, she tells Paris not to take Helen as prisoner. Paris is not convinced. Trojan war is caused by stupidity. Cassandra sees through the horse plan. Again, people do not believe her. Troy is destroyed by stupidity.

Then Cassandra gets some killer blows. She is raped by Oilean Aias (or Lesser Ajax) when pleading with the goddess Athena. When he is done with her, Aias gives her to Agamemnon (the king of her enemies) as a servant. Finally, she is killed as collateral to the murder of Agamemnon in a foreign land with no family to mourn or bury her.

Sad tale.

Anyways, I'll work to see how I'll interpret the myth as part of my play. For the moment, here's some more poetry.

Dan Perjovschi

There came the day

When the experienced doodles

Were painted over.

These strong brush



With white emulsion.

What can I say?

Those striking scrawls

Were made into canvas

For convenience.

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