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I’m Jonny, and you’ve probably seen me around campus, know me from seminars or lectures, or talked to me. If you have no idea who I am, and just stumbled upon this blog by accident when you had nothing better to do, hi to you too. All are welcome here (but lesser minions will still be punished for violating my space).

If anyone is interested, I am attempting to be a polymath. I heard the word when reading a book called Possession by AS Byatt (read it twice: the second time through, you get what the novel all means). Polymaths are those sort of cool funky people who can just pick up anything, get really into many different things and are essentially the interesting people of the world.

However, as I said, I am not yet this person. I blame this on youTube, Veoh and the internet in its entirety. It is very hard to become said trendy, smart and sexy person when you spend your time stuck in that bog of tv clips and anime. But I’m working on becoming a well-rounded individual.

I suppose I should mention that I have Aspergers Syndrome. If you know that about me from before, that’s cool. If you didn’t know about that, sorry for not telling you. Look it up if you don’t about AS or autism and you’re interested. Otherwise I’m the same person you thought I was. I don’t think I’m completely typical of the caste of the autistic person, though some people see some traits in me. Some tell me they wouldn’t know if I hadn’t said anything, often telling me that I don’t act like someone with autism and seem normal. I don’t know exactly how to take that last bit, but I guess it’s a complement.

Yes, I have read Mark Haddon’s The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night-Time. I think it is a good book. It is a bad advertisement for the autistic community, portraying its representative as childish recluses with selfish needs and a lack of aptitude in the outside world. Great, people know about autism now. Great, teachers and carers have a guide to how an autistic person may think or act. But I am pretty sure that, although we share some traits, I am not Christopher Boone. As a book with a gimmick, Curious Incident is solid and readable. I bear no ill will to Mark Haddon on that front.

But enough of that axe. I am a fairly avid reader (which helps when studying English Lit, my undergrad degree), with leanings towards fantasy fiction. I bow down to Neil Gaiman, who I think is a great ventriloquist, lending his voice to different styles and characters and creating fantastical worlds that are intrinsically familiar. I used to read a lot of Terry Pratchett as well, who according to Amanda Hopkins is the author to read when studying Medieval / Renaissance and Epic Literature. Stephen King also took up my shelves until the Dark Tower _series killed my passion for him. He may have written _Shawshank, Green Mile, The Shining and Misery, but _The Dark Tower _was the nail in the coffin of my passion. I have also dipped into Tom Holt, Asimov, and Douglas Adams.

Next section.

Anime and manga are the bane and glory of my life. I love watching anime on the internet, but it has stolen my life before and I must restrain myself in the future. I literally consume the stuff, and I hope it doesn’t do the same to me this year. I like Excel Saga and am a fan of rom-com anime like Midori Days and Lovely Complex.

Moving on, I am also a bit of a performer. If you have seen me in real life, you will know this for a fact (I apologise for my overdramaticness). Musical theatre is my love, student theatre my quickie in the alley. Yes, I remember Endorian Dreams, though other people don’t.

Finally, I am a fledgling writer. I spew out poetry on a regular basis, have a heap of beginnings of books that, at the time, seemed like a good idea. I also have fragments of plays that may or may not be performed. It will continue until I die, dry up or am executed for crimes against literature.

That is all I have to say. See you.