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October 24, 2010

How do we motivate and educate our employees using Deming, EFQM etc?

Undoubtedly, this is a very interested topic I am really interested of. At least in my country it is normal to encourage workers through bonuses when they have done an outstanding job or when they have achieve their goals proposed at the beginning of the year. Of course, these bonuses are not given to each employee of the company; it is given to the managers or group leaders instead. Also I have noticed that worldwide organization apply it because everyone wants to offer the best standard of life to their family, which only money can sort out.

According to the EFQM model (2010), motivation is going in the way on making them feel as a valuable and important part of the organization, on which they should be encouraged to add extra value to the organization focused to be aligned with the organization Mission, Vision and strategic goals. The idea is also make them participants when reviewing strategies, policies or plan to be followed to comply with the organization goals. This is very important because everyone would demonstrate commitment to the organization and also they will feel extremely satisfied after all the short-term goals proposed have been accomplished.

Furthermore, promoting training programs to people is also very important to make they feel motivated because them when they achieve what they have aimed, satisfaction of have it done properly is the best intangible reward a human being could receive.


October 18, 2010

How to become a great CEO??

How to become a great CEO??

This is what i have questioned to myself many times; perhaps as the time pass it would be easier to understand what stuff you would need to bear on mind in order to encourage an organization to success. I hope that by the end of this program all of my doubts regarding this will be sorted out, particularly to find the best way to encourage the company to success and excellence involving all the workers and make them feel as an important value for the company, motivating them enough in order to make them feels passion for the role they are performing rather than do it just for money interest.

I said that because perhaps many of you are thinking in the same way as I am, that is to create my own business according to the market needs I have found in the area I was working before as a Mechanical Engineer. To get a bit deeper on this, I was working in the Oil & Gas industry particularly as third party audit engineer for special tools for the Oil & Gas industry, which involved NDT (Non Destructive Testing) essays in order to identify prospective failures in the material. Afterwards I was hired for another company which the core business was about offering services using cutting edge technology to treat wasted material contaminated with hydrocarbon and asset integrity assessment plan for refinery and production facilities.

Definitely, I do think that people in an organization takes part of an important role to achieve success and I am sure that by the time I become a CEO If I find out the best way to transmit the message to my people, we will achieve success.

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