January 30, 2009


A: You’re annoyed with me aren’t you.

B: Why should I be annoyed with you?

A: I don’t know but you are.

B: Why do you always think I’m annoyed?

A: Well the fact that you’re staring at the ground for a start.

B: And?

A: And…what?

B: Well what else? Just because I happen to look at something other than you, you automatically assume I’m annoyed?

A: Ok, so you’re not annoyed.

B: No.

A: Although you do seem a bit…

B: Well I’m sorry if I’m a tad irritated that my boyfriend took two hours to reply to my text.

A: So you are annoyed with me!

B: It was two hours! How long would it have taken you? A minute?

A: I was in labs! I said I was sorry.

B: It’s fine. I wouldn’t have wanted to waste sixty precious seconds of your day. I don’t care, I know you don’t love me anymore anyway.

A: What? How on earth did you end up with that idea?

B: From your text. When I finally got it.

A: No…I said I’d meet you at three. There’s not really much to read into.

B: The end of the text.

A: Oh for goodness sake show me… Right, now I must have been misinformed because I thought that kisses were a good thing.

B: You gave me two

A: Yes…

B: You only gave me two kisses when you normally give me three.

A: Did it not cross your mind that I might have been distracted at the time?

B: By who exactly?!

A: Why do you always suppose there’s a who? Can’t I just be allowed to be busy doing work! Come on! One kiss hardly means the end of the world! How about I send four next time? Would that be better or would it make us engaged?

B: …So there’s no who.

A: No.

B: …And you still love me?

A: Yes.

B: See I told you I wasn’t annoyed.

Every week I keep meaning to put things on here but never get around to it, (not that my timetable is anywhere busy enough to make decent excuses for not doing so!) but I hope to put things up more regularly from now on!

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