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Jonathan Critchley
Alumni: English and Comparative Literary Studies

“I shall take it from its beginning, and continue it in its order” – Daniel Defoe, Robinson Crusoe.

New to the postgraduate game, at the beginning of an MA in English Literature at Warwick having gained my undergraduate degree at Lancaster University. Attempting to document my experience here, and so following the storytelling compulsion of Daniel Defoe. In short, as Defoe once responded to a critic in The Review, I’ll be “telling [you] a story; and if this won’t do, I’ll tell [you] another.”

Interests within academia are mainly rooted in the early modern period, particularly the tradition of prose fiction and the rise of the novel, all seen through a narrative theory framework. I’m also a student of postmodern and postcolonial literature, enjoying writers as far removed from one another as Douglas Adams and Salman Rushide.

Interests outside academia include current affairs, media (new and old), most sports (predominately football and Leeds United), reading, music (playing and listening) and cooking. Also an extremely proud Yorkshireman and feel most at home in the Dales.

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