January 23, 2005

Random stuff

So another night without much sleep, 4am and counting…I really must reset my body clock by pulling an all-nighter again soon. Tried and tested last term.

My week has been pretty eventful with friends coming to visit on monday for topB – getting extremely drunk and generally causing a nuisance of themselves. Including haggling someone in a toga for beer on stage in the cooler (is it you? see photo! if so, i appolgise for his behaviour :P), one of my friends managed to find his way from the union back to my room despite him being in a very unfit state to navigate and the fact that he'd only been here once before – did you lead him home?? Im convinced someone did, i found him slumped against my door upon arriving home at 1am. I did however fall over a strategically placed bush on the way home from the union, which im sure wasnt there earlier! Either that or i thought in my drunken state that i could run through it…quickly discovering that wasnt the case when i headbutted the thankfully soft grass (it had rained thank god)! Not good…

Thursday night was varsity night as always – getting drunk in the cold, what's better?... getting drunk in the rain as was the case this week. Arriving around ten – a few of us only lasted an hour or so in the rain before retreating back. Most stayed till drunk. I went back to the union – did some latina dancing (good night – first time ive been down the union on a Thurs for a while!), drank some more and went home.

Friday night – Sensasian and Vapour, return of the friends! 2 of the 3 friends that came on monday to TopB returned for more…and made the most of it. After a few (read: lots) of vodka shots back home we all set off at about 2320, later than usual, and to our suprise found a huge queue extending to the middle of the plaza! Thankfully with tickets pre-brought we queue-jumped and only spent 10 minutes outside freezing (some people had no coats cough). Sensasian was packed to the roof, punjabi MC doing his thing up on stage and plenty of booze being consumed! After a quick scout around we ventured further, into cooler and vapour. Initially the house music was a tad too heavy for my liking, but quickly improved to end very well. Spent most of the night with my mates in vapour, just with the odd spell in the sensasian. All ended well, my friends (ollie and ben…i know where you live) didnt make such an impact as monday and managed to successfully follow me home without any major detours over bushes and such like.

They went home at 11am this morning, i just groaned at them to say bye and went back to sleep – finally rising at close to 4pm! Today i've done the most nothing i've ever done in day, managed to cook some chicken nuggets, express rice (thanks uncle ben) and some chicken tonight sauce for my speciality chicken sweet and sour!!! Found out i have completely run out of vodka so had to stay off the drink tonight – shame as everyone else around me was quite tipsy (to say the least… you know who you are!) then watched Lilo and Stitch tonight – quite funny!

Anyway, im tired of typing now and my arm is aching so im going to sign off my first ever blog writing about my week (wow, how very interesting!!) and goto bed. Ciao.

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  1. Enjoyed the last Vapour eh?

    Guess I shall see you (and your 2 of 3 friends?!) on the 7th May then! Vapour returns. Back in the Marketplace, full Underwater theming – with party–master Tim Deluxe behind the decks (and ex–Amnesia resident Paul Jackson and myself giving the lad a bit of support).

    COME ON!!

    19 Apr 2005, 16:58

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  • Enjoyed the last Vapour eh? Guess I shall see you (and your 2 of 3 friends?!) on the 7th May then! V… by on this entry

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