December 18, 2007


Hello Warwick

It is that jolly time of the year once again, Christmas! oh...boy. In my opinion Christmas seems to bring both joy and sadness for me. The joy is obviously the general atmosphere of celebration and happiness, along with the presents you get and the time you spend with loved ones. Whilst on the otherhand you feel lonely, that is if you are single. which brings me onto relationships.

Recently I have had quite a bit of time to contemplate on my university life in general, and ofcourse relationship matters were thought through. It seems to me that most people around me are having troubles with relationships, off the top of my head I can think of at least 7 of my friends who are having trouble. It is quite unbelievable to think that something that could be so very simple can trouble you so much.

I have been liking this person for a long time now. I have had very short conversations with her and I doubt that she even knows my name. The matter of the fact is I would really like to get to know her bette, but I have this doubt behind me that makes me feel that she would never think in the same way that I would. Some people might say that she is too good for me and I honestly wouldn't argue with that fact. Is it just one of these short term things? Am I good enough for her? Has she taken any notice of me? Am I just asking myself stupid questions?

Well I must say that I cannot wait to get back to the second term. At which point I hopen to try my utmost best to get to know this person. Looks like I won't get my Christmas wish in the form of a girlfriend but maybe the new year would bring me much more happiness!

Bring it on! year 2008!


December 11, 2007

first entry

Good evening Warwick! 

I'm sure most people would be back home by now all warm and cosy preparing for Christmas. Or for those who have yet to go back home I'm presuming you can't wait to go back home.

In fact this year has been even more weird compared to last year. It was all so weird last year saying good bye to everyone on your floor and all of the new friends that you have made. I would also imagine it would be even harder if you have managed to meet someone special during your time at university.

It's all so different living with my brother now. It is indifferent whether I go home or stay at univeristy. In fact it can be even worse as I have to do stuff for my brother as well. I'm going home this weekend, but feel extremely unsettled after my brother got mugged by two people holding knives about 100m away from our house in London. It's not just that he got mugged, but that he had documents with our address on in the bag that got mugged. In a way I am quite worried about going home and would rather stay at uni. So it looks like I will be coming back to uni on Monday and stay around until my friends from uni want to come and visit me in London. Should I be frightened? to be honest before this happened to my brother i had no thoughts about these kind of issues.

It is quite lonely here now that I am the only one in the house, with all my housemates gone back home. But maybe this will help me get through a bit of work before Christmas? or is that impossible?

well i guess thats it for my first blog...

Merry Christmas xxx

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