January 21, 2011

Final entry for P7

Follow-up to Organizing ourselves and our time from A way of growing; my choice to learn

Deadline for final entry? 18th January 2011. Date of submitted entry? 21st January 2011. Not a very good reflection of the program. But again like the last time, I was prioritizing my other assignments before this entry. Admittedly I was in a sleep-deprived-induced coma since my last assignment was handed in on the 17th January but I think that was pretty justified. Then again, this exercise is not about finding excuses.

However, in the time I was given to implement the goals of the program, I think that I did a pretty good job. I did utilize the SMART methodology to clarify out objectives, and I clearly prioritized more urgent assignments ahead of others. The tools of macro and micro planning were really helpful, particularly since I have many applications deadlines and I prioritized which applications that I needed to start first. I was however partially successful with dealing with my time-stealers. They're addictive and I've managed to drop a couple of tv shows, but I still have quite a number. I was only fortunate that they have a season break that's long enough for me to catch up on my work. This is not a good thing and I should stop watching tv unless I deserve a good break.

Looking back this program really helped me to step back and look at the big picture: I had problems balancing my schedules, and a main source of this problem would be my addiction to television because of my preference for fictitious distractions as opposed to the current weight-bearing reality. Interestingly though, for a point in time I actually did stop watching TV but I got caught up with shopping and scoring for sales. I guess the real problem wasn't television - it's my need to distract myself in any way possible. This is not good because it stands in my way of completing my tasks and studying.

That is why I have learnt to adopt this approach where basically since I've made my own bed I'm going to sleep in it. Only I can change myself, and only I can stop this from spiralling out of control. I need to stop thinking in miracles that will save me from my own laziness. There is a reason why I need this workshop and it's to organize my time. And the only way I can do that is to plainly stop being lazy or constantly trying to distract myself. This will be my fight and my fight alone.

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