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October 08, 2009

Inclusive learning Resources

I have decided to use a resource for Entry 1 learners, It is  a speaking activity.The activity has been adapted from

The resource is very cluttered with a lot of information on a single A4 sheet and  uses text boxes to display information. It also underlines some phrases. I feel this resources would not be accessible to all learners because it uses a small font, has a white background,which I don't think is the best contrast to use.

I have got rid of the phrases "Caller A and Caller B" instead, I've  used a photo of two different people talking over the phone to ease understanding.

I have also used a pale  yellow background to increase  the contrast.

I have split the information over two different sheets,used Arial font 14 - 16, and have removed text boxes. I have also got rid of the image of the note pad, and got rid of all text boxes. However, I have retained the table because I think that is a essential part of the activity.

Although this activity includes a role play, there are no role play cards included. I've therefore designed some role play cards to complete the activity.

October 05, 2009

Formative Assessment

I gather that formative assessment should include medals, missions and goals. Medals are important  to show the learner what they have done well; missions tell them what they should aim for; goals inform them how they should achieve it.

Praise sandwich =praise + constructive criticism + praise.

Assessment can be self assessment,peer assessment or teacher assessment. Peer assessment teaches leaner's how they can avoid mistakes.

Assessment should be ongoing an ongoing process.

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