April 02, 2005

Word count msn usernames

Correct me if I'm wrong, but messenger programmes are designed with the expressed intention of bringing people together when they couldn't otherwise be brought together due to their slightly concerning habitual internet use. Their purpose is thus largely friendly.

However some people insist on taunting me with smug word count usernames, highlighting their superior ability to skilfully and precisely hit a word count. These people are scum.


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  1. They are scum. Their industriousness placates the dark shame of not being funny. My word count is 0 and my MSN name is "Respect the Critique, and Tame the Kant". That corrolation can't just be an accident.

    02 Apr 2005, 17:23

  2. i use my username a) as a reminder to me and whoever is thankfully interupting my essay that it needs to be done
    b) to let considerate people know when it's safe to talk to me as i won't be stressing about hitting the word limit

    02 Apr 2005, 17:41

  3. Couldn't agree more. Nobody likes a showoff!

    02 Apr 2005, 18:03

  4. My word count username that I had a while back was just to see how long it took me to progress through an essay and so other people could see me falling victim to last minuteness. Not so that people could see me hit the target. We get penalised for writing over the exact word limit. We can't go anymore than a word over, if we do, they ignore the extra words.

    02 Apr 2005, 18:27

  5. I've resolved not to mention work in my MSN names form now on since someone pointed out to me that my MSN names were acting as a window to my soul and I was mentioning work far too often to be healthy…

    02 Apr 2005, 19:15

  6. MSN names don't act as windows to my soul, they're never depressing enough.

    03 Apr 2005, 01:05

  7. Taylor Hansen

    I think your MSN name can reflect on your thoughts and soul and Enlighten other people it is not always bad to use MSN Messenger name!

    07 Apr 2005, 08:50

  8. Yes! It annoys me so much. If it's to show how few words you've done then stop being on MSN and do some work, if it's because you've done lots of words then it's just arrogant. Bah!

    15 Apr 2005, 19:24

  9. hannah

    dont be so silly
    MSN names should be amusing quotes or funny comments to help people see the funny side of life!

    22 Apr 2005, 15:22

  10. Kat

    What does 'Respect the Critique, and tame the Kant' even mean? It sounds smart and sophisticated so I'm currently using it as my msn name but what does it mean?

    28 Apr 2005, 19:40

  11. jgngn

    fhk u

    30 Apr 2005, 18:54

  12. Hmm, well the debate may have moved on- but I really don't think wordcount usernames are that bad. As was suggested above, they do at least remind you (me) of the hellish amount of work I always seem to have remaining, something pretty essential given the convenience of MSN for procrastination purposes…

    Besides, they don't completely preclude the use of hi_lar_ious quotes in names, you can just tack the words to the back of the name.

    Hmm, as for Adrienne's name, I assume it was a Magnolia reference; either that, or she's just subconsciously using Tom Cruise's words as a result of all that swooning over Legend

    12 May 2005, 14:27

  13. chelsey

    iwould like der 2 be more people on msn frome around the world

    10 Jun 2005, 11:15

  14. k


    16 Jun 2005, 08:00

  15. tom

    whats da piont of havin msn if ya dont bloody use and u have a crap user name

    26 Jun 2005, 09:11

  16. tom


    26 Jun 2005, 09:13

  17. me

    msn names can b a laugh n wat kind of people ur age go on msn neway ur probs bout 40 odd

    28 Jun 2005, 21:16

  18. Kristian

    My Msn name right now is (`v) I (l) my Man Yes I do his 4 me and not 4 u if u try & take my place FUK OFF BITCH i'll smash ur face (`v).... i think msn names is spose to be funny and mean something to you so the everyone can see.. and i think the internet is a great thing im on it as much as possiable..

    14 Jul 2005, 01:34

  19. azzi

    weell msn names r der 2 let other ppl no hw u iz feelin or wot ur tinkin bout
    lovin ur names so far! sooo
    "rich bitch bites back"
    "im da princess n i hav da crown bitch i dnt lyk u so bow down now

    29 Jul 2005, 16:36

  20. BOBBY


    20 Aug 2005, 17:50

  21. Dear Lord, cretins appear to be taking over the world.

    21 Aug 2005, 22:30

  22. CrO_PriNCeSs

    i rekon usernames.. should be funny so you can joke around.. a boring name wont get any1s attention!!

    30 Aug 2005, 08:42

  23. kayt_5@hotmail.co.uk

    hey peeps!!! How r u? I tink u shud av a gud msn nm, coz its boring and they r a load of s*h*i*t msn nm. its so boring change um 2 sum ting funny

    29 Sep 2005, 14:05

  24. zappy

    well you can tell how a person feels by his/her name eg, A broken heart continues to beat it means even thow they have a broken heard they are livin on x

    07 Nov 2005, 16:37

  25. matt

    Um, msn names r meant to be a laugh, or to tell someone; or a group of people, something before they talk to u, e.g. ah broke my fing leg again, or luv ya xyz. so somethin that u otherwise wouldnt necessarily say in a convo. THE WORST MSN NAMES ARE THE DEPRESSING ONES - THEY HAVE TO STOP, AND I MUST SAY, WITHOUT ANY SEXIST VIEW, THAT IT IS THE FEMALES.

    07 Nov 2005, 21:06

  26. Sizzler

    My MSSN username is " PAINT ME AS I AM". It is a constant reminder to be true to myself and also to let other people know , " Don't make assumptions about someone that you don't know".

    27 Nov 2005, 09:27

  27. me

    my user mane is I WALKED UP 2 MY BROTHERS BEST MATE AND SAID U R GAY!! he slapped me with his handbag!

    30 Nov 2005, 21:25

  28. DeViL

    hey dudes how r ya all???

    i mean msn iz cool but some tomes the ppl can be total bitches!!!

    31 Dec 2005, 00:03

  29. ninja

    i think you'll find that the 'user message' is for writing about pointless cr@p and how you are feeling ;)

    a 'username' is primarily to distinguish between contacts. ;)

    11 Mar 2006, 14:51

  30. Charlotte

    I think that people are entitled use whatever username they wish and usernames like: My imaginary friend thinks you have serious mental problems is just a laugh. I dont know why people can get so offended, its just a small joke.

    16 Mar 2006, 17:10

  31. amy

    this is crap i want to be able to find m.s.n addies but there is no web sitie that i can find them on. so when u get this can u plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz tell me a addie that i can get addies from



    30 Jul 2006, 21:49

  32. Marcus

    i dnt kno wat u ppl r talkin bout ma username is based on how i feel. right now it is

    Im gonna smile like nothings wrong talk like everythings perfect, act like its all a dream and pretend dat it doesnt hurt me

    so dnt go bitchin bout crap

    01 Aug 2006, 12:20

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