November 23, 2005

Single of the Year?

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RaW's Single of the Year is upon us once more, begging the question what are the best 5 singles of 2005. If you haven't voted yet I heartily recommend you do so, since you'll be contributing to a rather formidably rigorous and utterly marvellous poll to be run down in a special broadcast in Cholo on Wednesday Week 10.

Of course what you'll all no doubt be anxious to know is the identity of my choice for Single of the Year 2005.

Franz Ferdinand?


Nope, I picked a funky shuffling number about a night of alcohol induced carnage and drinking to forget…

The grievously unfashionable Elbow. So, what track has most made your year?

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  1. Christopher Rossdale

    I wanted Elbow, but Leaders of the Free World instead. Went for Athlete instead, still a classic.

    23 Nov 2005, 10:43

  2. Love both Elbow tracks, but Arcade Fire's 'Neighbourhood #3 (Power Out)' transcends anything released this year.

    23 Nov 2005, 12:07

  3. This is the top 5 one yeah?
    I put
    The Coral – In the Morning
    Beck – E-Pro
    QOTSA - Little Sister
    Interpol – Evil
    Doves – Black and White Town

    23 Nov 2005, 12:46

  4. Christopher Rossdale

    Damn, missed the coral, that would've got my #3 slot

    23 Nov 2005, 12:50

  5. I went for (1–5) Arctic Monkeys, We Are Scientists, Dare, Hounds Of Love and Do You Want To.

    I justified my omission of Maximo Park and t'Arcade Fire as the singles don't do the respective albums justice. But there's so much good stuff on there. And so much shite which no one will vote for, as ever (Akon, anyone?).

    23 Nov 2005, 18:26

  6. Daniel, you have awful taste in music, my boy.
    I missed the Coral at first. That is clearly the best single this year, possibly even the best song this year.

    23 Nov 2005, 19:17

  7. grad club tonight anyone? er,... please

    23 Nov 2005, 19:19

  8. Oh, how the pot calls the kettle black. The Coral?!

    23 Nov 2005, 21:28

  9. You must be having a laugh. The Coral are easily one of the best bands to come out this decade. If you don't recognise that, you might as well forget the whole following music thing.

    In other news…Jimmy, we need to talk. Radio biz. Tell your programme controller to email me back.

    24 Nov 2005, 17:38

  10. Vinny: sure, the Coral are great but this year's stuff has been well below par. Mind, it appears you like the Smiths, Yeah Yeah Yeahs and Kings Of Leon, so there may be hope for you yet.

    Any Music Team representative: talking of Kings Of Leon, where the hell was King Of The Rodeo on the shortlist?!

    24 Nov 2005, 18:45

  11. Absolutely. Did they release "the Bucket" as well? two great singles off possibly the best album of the year, not on the list. Then there were TWO Idlewild (um, are they still bothering to make music?..cos I had no idea, er, they should stop). And Crazy Frog. Poor.

    24 Nov 2005, 19:29

  12. looked at the results. oh dear god.

    04 Dec 2005, 00:44

  13. Christopher Rossdale

    Results were pretty depressing – think the bucket was last year though

    08 Dec 2005, 12:42

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