March 24, 2005

It's only blood from broken hearts that writes the words to every song

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Aaaaargh my three favourite bands are all preparing albums for release right now! Aaargh excitement! These guys went into the studio on Monday…

Describe yourself using one band and song titles from that band

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Choose a band/artist and answer only in song TITLES by that band:Babyshambles
Are you male or female:The Man Who Came To Stay
Describe yourself:Smashing
How do some people feel about you:Do You Know Me (I Don't Think So)
How do you feel about yourself:I Love You (But You're Green)
Describe your ex girlfriend/boyfriend:There She Goes (A Little Heartache)
Describe your current girlfriend/boyfriend:My Darling Clementine
Describe where you want to be:Albion
Describe what you want to be:Chasing Dragons
Describe how you live:The Whole World Is Our Playground
Describe how you love:In Love With a Feeling
Share a few words of wisdomOn the Path of Dalliance Tread Lightly

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  1. who are the other two bands…??
    plus…two of the songs you've used there are just figments of Carlos' imagination (unless he has gone away and actually written them in his English country retreat) which case Shambles they ain't.
    But nice work anyways

    29 Mar 2005, 19:29

  2. Ah yes I admit I bent the rules assuming that no one would actually know that Chasing Dragons and On the Path were slightly dubious inclusions…
    The other two bands are Radiohead and another band whose credibility is of a slightly lesser nature but whose frontman may very well be married to a famous actress (allegedly)

    29 Mar 2005, 19:47

  3. Radiohead are in a studio??no way…awesome

    Plus, im not engaged in the brain (ensconced as i am in the middle of an essay)...therefore i cant think of the other band. Enlighten me?

    29 Mar 2005, 21:41

  4. Famous actress wife? Tell me your joking. Ok, second clue is that another member of the band is a certain J Buckland (another one)

    30 Mar 2005, 17:19

  5. oh ok….see i got confused cos, well they arent in the studio, they are swanning around the usa getting a tan before the boring part of actually promoting their record (which is bound to be fantastic because, unlike REM, U2, Oasis or any other 'biggest band in the world' they actually live up to expectations and are really rather good)
    No need to be ashamed of your anticipation….Keane, snow patrol, thirteen senses (coldplay Mk2's) = shit
    coldplay = great

    30 Mar 2005, 17:32

  6. Hence use of the phrase 'these guys are all preparing albums for release' – tsk tsk read more closely why don't you? Since this post I have realised that my six favourite bands are all preparing albums for release, namely Babyshambles, Radiohead, Coldplay, Super Furry Animals, Franz Ferdinand and the Cooper Temple Clause

    31 Mar 2005, 12:38

  7. …and Tom Vek
    …and Maximo Park
    …and Carlos
    …and OutKast
    …and The White Stripes
    …and The Strokes
    …and Bloc Party are recording already!
    This year should be a good'un

    (by the way in future i'll read more carefully, i withdraw my comments m'lud)

    31 Mar 2005, 14:09

  8. James Buckland wrote

    Since this post I have realised that my six favourite bands are all preparing albums for release, namely Babyshambles, Radiohead, Coldplay, Super Furry Animals, Franz Ferdinand and the Cooper Temple Clause.

    Splendid taste in music you have there. Although I have yet to "get" Babyshambles, I quite like The Libertines, and consider Bloc Party a lot more musically interesting and diverse than Franz Ferdinand as I've yet to hear anything exciting from them since Take Me Out, though that said I've only heard all the singles as they put me off the album (Michael?). The Bloc Party album is mainly brilliant though, if they're already recording a follow up then that's incredible, I suppose these days you've got to be quick off the mark and keep the momentum going!

    31 Mar 2005, 18:34

  9. Ello James! Big up the, er… Reading massive. Bloc Party are recording but not necessarily a complete album's worth – more likely to be a new single…

    … and Supergrass
    … and Ben Folds
    … and The Ordinary Boys
    … and Electric Soft Parade (ooh er!)
    … and Elbow
    … and The Coral (well it might be good)

    01 Apr 2005, 10:28

  10. yeh i heard theres gonna be a single but apparently kele has "atleast" an albums worth of demos up his sleeve (or wherever he keeps 'em)
    plus i forgot about the coral – good call….if only for the singles

    01 Apr 2005, 17:09

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