May 09, 2006

Happy Europe Day Everybody!

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I do hope you had a very happy Europe day wherever you are in our great Union…except Luton of course.

"Sweet Europe, let yourself be seduced…" is the slogan of the day and has something to do with the Austrian Presidency celebrating the culinary richness of Europe and all the different sweets and deserts etc we have across Europe…or something along those lines – if you want the news then pay me and I'll read it to you. Of course the slogan gains added value when you remember the new Minister for Europe is Geoff Hoon
…let yourself be seduced.

Britain's sweet thing is shortbread…I don't like shortbread. Ireland's is scones…are they really Irish? That's a genuine question. I like scones. Some of the other ones I've never heard of…Prekmurje doughpie, Kajmakowy, Sakotis to name but a few. Actually you can follow the link above and find the pictures for yourself but I just wanted to show you Sakotis…
…I'm sure something very much like it tried to destroy the Enterprise in Star Trek; this desert actually terrifies me.

I of course, therefore, took part by enjoying the culinary richness of Chinese cuisine (spell check that one later) and enjoying many American beveridges (hope you had a good birthday Coca Cola). It was probably all made in the Union though so that's ok.

Actually I did catch the end of an appalling drama on BBC1 called Brief Encounters which is a series of little one off stories…why am I telling you this? Well you can stop reading now if that's your attitude! I am telling you because it was partly funded by the EU. Why don't they do something better with their money and fund a revival of the Crystal Maze with Richard O'Brian and definitely not Edd Tudor–Pole or whatever his name was…some random family member of someone I know had a one night stand with him but I can't remember who it was.

The BBC had a few jokes for Europe day…

In Heaven: the cooks are French,
the policemen are English,
the mechanics are German,
the lovers are Italian,
and the bankers are Swiss.

In Hell: the cooks are English,
the policemen are German,
the mechanics are French,
the lovers are Swiss
and the bankers are Italian.

Isn't racism hilarious?!

I bet the EU (based on that joke by an official) is such a fun place to work. You don't have to be le crazy to work here by it le helps.

Oh and some visitor to the Beeb left a joke:
"How many people work at the European Commission? About a fourth of them."

It's worth giving up the rebate for those jokes alone!

I love the European Union and my module 'Political, Legal and Economic Problems of European Integration' which I'm going to faaaaaail soon.

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  1. I trust that this story will be part of tomorrow's RaW News?

    And don't worry, if we all fail the Europe module, they'll have to push everyone's marks up so they don't look so bad!

    09 May 2006, 21:56

  2. God save the Queen!

    09 May 2006, 22:19

  3. I checked this with my (Dublin born) dad and he said, of scones, "I guess they could be [Irish]..." but didn't sound 100% convinced.

    Nor could he resolve whether it's scone (to rhyme with phone) or scone (to rhyme with gone)... or even scone (to rhyme with done). Mysteries!

    09 May 2006, 22:41

  4. Ironically, you managed to get 'cuisine' correct, but a few words later, 'beverages' was so, so wrong.

    Ahaaa….I'm a bastard.

    I can't believe you slept with Edd Tudor–Pole.

    10 May 2006, 12:58

  5. Whoopsy! I think I'm thinking of Beveridge as in the Beveridge report! I'm not sure if that's even how you spell his name.

    10 May 2006, 14:24

  6. edd

    Will someone tell this god–damn website an orange is ALWAYS orange?
    I can give you tell you first–hand (well second, really) that far too much time is spent at the commission forwarding hilarious adverts around (and the pool is that much bigger when you speak 8 languages). I know this because I still regularly receive incomprehensible Italian videos from a random glasweigian called Jim.

    Vive L'Europe!

    10 May 2006, 15:25

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