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April 15, 2006

Is it illegal to take a picture of a policeman?

I hope not…look at this picture…


Notice the blue rover which is stopped near the middle of the junction inside the yellow box…why has it stopped there? I initially assumed that it had broken down and the police had come to help out or something. However, the car didn't have it's hazards on (which might not be that strange) but there were two beefy police officers and then the beefy driver who were just standing next to it…if it had just broken down why didn't they just push it out of the way?

Also if you notice where the police car is…kinda next to TJ's – see it? Good. Well it was causing bloody mayhem being there so they weren't helping in the slightest.

Come on someone; explain this to me.

As if this picture nearly missed being blogged


It was from aaaaages ago obviously but still it needed to be done

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