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April 05, 2006

This is the worst robot ever!

Writing about web page

Read the story 'Robotic route for Polar pioneers' and then forget everything and just concentrate on the picture at the top…isn't that just the worst robot you've ever seen?! I was hoping for something more approaching the like of 'I, Robot' or even better the 'Megazord' from Power Rangers.


Blair and Brown

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No-one's ever going to believe them when they say there isn't a rift between them so they may as well not bother trying. However, if they set it up so that someone in Number 10 'leaked' blurry pictures which appear to show Blair slipping it in then that would end all questions of a rift between them. I'm not saying homosexual sex is the answer to all the government's problems but I think we're looking at around 50%.

Blair and Brown

I love Tony Blair and I would love to love Gordon Brown but he just needs to learn how to breath properly!!!!!!! If he/when he becomes PM he is going to drive me crazy!

Yeah just whack it in there…

Writing about web page

I don't get enough essential acids in my diet…oooo and how awful does the loaf of bread in the picture look!


Yey! They went there in the end!

Writing about web page

Read the news story…I was waiting for this quote all the way through!!! Even Aunty couldn't resist it…

A spokesman for Trafficmaster which makes the Smartnav system, said it had removed the Crackpot route from its mapping database after tests on Wednesday morning.

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