November 16, 2005


It is a well known fact that some americans are less intelligent than others. Now IQ is by no means an accurate way of assessing one’s intelleigence, however for the purposes of the example it shall do. The phenomenon of Middle-American-Idiocy is a largely undocumented fact therefore I have named it the IQeater. The IQeater is a line that bisects America into two nearly equal halves. The closer to IQeater the more chances of inbreeding and Klu Klux Klan members. A rough guide is shown below…

As you can see each coast has around an average IQ of 130-170 however the whole of texas has an average of around 22. This is still a theory that needs tweaking since the existance of Paris Hilton (IQ is 16 should be 115) and George W. Bush (IQ is 4 should be 167) are incredibly inaccurate anomalies. Further testing will commence and an answer will be found.

June 10, 2005

Sacred Art

Instead of working for next exam i decided to look up Procrastination on wikepedia.

These are the days…

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