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January 03, 2007

Laser Eye Surgery and medical tourism

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Finally getting very fed up with wearing glasses! have tried contact lenses of all types, hard, soft, etc and never really managed to cope with them. So seriously considering laser eye surgery. Having investigated wavefront seems best (also most expensive!) as used by Tiger Woods (after which he went on to win his next 10 tournaments, would be happy to just win at football occasionally!

This interest has been re-ignited by a recent research grant from the department of extremely clever things (run by EB) to build a self help medical portal (we are currently calling it medigate). The idea being that with the NHS they insist on doing everything for you, but I generally believe people are more confortable when they are in control, and in the same way supermarkets are more efiicient because they make you collect you own goods, and internet sites make you do everything apart from take it home, medigate will help you with your own medical treatment arrangement, taking some load of the health system staff. There are lots of medical portal already that help with diagnosis and advice, but none (that we know about) that help you find providers and make arrangements. There was some recent research showing that googling your symtoms correctly identified the problem in approx 60+% of cases, and was partcularly good for unusual symtoms or diseases which your GP is unlikely to be familiar with. I would recomend googling before you visit your GP anyway.

There are many physical Medical Tourism providers, but it is very difficult for them to be efficient, because of the huge volume of enquiries but low coversion rates. For our project we are partnered with the Taj Medical Group, the largest and most successful provider of medical tourism to India.
(see video )
Anyway for the less than the cost of treating one eye in the UK, I can go to India and have wavfront eye surgery by the Prime Ministers surgeon. I am still slightly disturbed by the fact that they have to cut and lift a flap off my eyeball before the laser zapping!
Anyway some time in the coming year I will be getting it done.

Not sure what the effect will be – I have been wearing glasses since I was 10! will keep you informed.

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