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November 28, 2007

Ask What you can do?

Writing about web page

I had an interveiw published recently on the which managed to capture important aspects of what govermnents should be doing to aid SME businesses.

Ask what you can do

_“It is necessary to re-think how your company can expand its business. And that can best be done by not focusing on what your are doing, but on your capabilities,” _says Dr. Jay Bal, Senior Fellow at Warwick Manufacturing Group and Project Leader at West Midlands Collaborative Commerce Marketplace.

“The role of government has traditionally been to build the infrastructure, like ports, roads and harbors, and this task must be expanded to new areas that can link regions and business,” says Jay Bal.

If the companies in a region cannot easily connect to the flow of trade, whether it be on a road, shipping lane, train line or air lane or nowdays on the Information Superhighway that region is doomed to economic stagnation. It is not enough to just have a “road”, it must have a junction that makes it possible to connect direcly to the economic flow. Jay Bal is not just talking about the flow of product, but also to the flow of information.

see the full interview at the site.

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