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November 08, 2007

More on Car Insurance!

I was reading Lee’s Blog about his new car and the problems from phantom calls by car insurance companies! Not as bad as what happened to me. last year I used and got a quote for my Ford Escort ( I know its naff! but my other cars a Porsche!).
YES car insurance came up with the best quote, so I paid up. They sent me a renewal, and when I checked (this time with ) I found quite a few quotes $50 to £70 pounds lower, but worst of all was that the YES online quote was over £20 lower than the renewal they had sent me. So I took out an alternative which will be £100 less if they give me the extra £30 refund they have promised.
Anyway a few days after renewal day, I get a set of documentation from YES, and find out that they have charge my credit card. When I ring them up, they claim that when I signed up for insurance the previous year over the web I authorised them to automatically renew.

To get my money back, I have to send them details of my new insurance to prove that I was covered! (which I had to send by special delivery so they could not deny getting it!), then another certificate arrived that they wanted back, and I do not think they have returned my money yet. I know that the AA takes my money very year because I have a direct debit with them! , I did not sign a direct debit with YES but it appears they can take it off my credit card.
I supose I had better talk to Barclaycard.! Beware!

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