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November 13, 2007

Dragons Den

Writing about web page

I sat in on the engineering students Dragons Den presentations last night. Some very good ideas and most were well presented. The only drawback with some was a lack of engineering analysis! of the product/proposal. It was good practice for the IMRC dragons Den presentation that I am doing next week with Professor Smith.
We are going to propose some research around the injection moulding of thin film polymer based circuits integrated into the component.
I have lots of other ideas I would like to present, such as building a library of digital models of humans and creating composite models.
I have always wanted to work on a star wars style speeder bike, maybe it could take over from formula student?

Any other ideas on vehicles from films we would like to have?

By the way! I actually hate Dragons Den the TV show – there are a whole group of programs that are cheap because they delight in ridiculing members of the public. As Thumper said in Bambi ” If you can’t say something nice, don’t say nothing at all!”

Talking of which – Gadget Show – I think this is the best program on TV at the moment. Has taken over from TOP GEAR which is far too obviously scripted at the moment. I loved the swiss one wheel pull bike! can I have one please? and the weekly prize for the phone in competition really makes me drool- all the gadgets everybody would like!.

November 02, 2007

What a break! Hybrid Networking

Writing about web page

Well, its been about 10 months since my last blog - I was trying to agree with the trendsetters that blogging is dead and social and business networking is in! So I have been facebooking, myspacing, beeboing, linked-in-ing, eacademying and some of the more unkown ones ones as well! You know what? they are a waste of time! I do not want lots more friends (even though how come you always "loose friends but accumulate enemies") and I do not want lots of people trying to sell me things - I can't be the only one! - what we need is a hybrid site - Guess What? I created one, and now its got over two hundred members!

This site is for WMG Staff, Current Students, Past Students and Future Students, to help them:

  • To tell friends, colleagues and course mates about what they are up to :

  • To make contact with other WMG associates for help with problems and issues at work.

  • Post your CVs for job opportunties with WMG partners.

  • Search for Job opportunities listed by WMG partners.

More connections.......more possibilities............more opportunties.......more happiness..........more wealth.........what more could you want?

I hope another hundred or so people join in the next few weeks! Look out cool Frappr application on the bottom of the second page

I have big plans for this site! I am hoping an MSc student will select it soon as their project. (why are they all scared of me?).

We have also made big strides on the other two applications I have been working on! The low cost supply chain visibility solution and the rating system and shop functionality for WMCCM.

Changing subject, just as the weather is turning I have decided to start cycling to work - bought a new bike just before the University Security bike auction - DOH!!!! Yesterday cycling as fast as possible down the hill by the new houses on westwood heath road - my pannier which I had not secured fully gets cought by the wind and JAMs the rear wheel - there followed a thirty yard skid, trying to avoid falling in the road and being run over! anyway I survived (obviously!). As I was stopped inspecting the damage - the panier jammed in the rear wheel! I did fall over when not one but two motorist stopped to help and offer me (and Bike) a lift to the University. To them if they are reading - Thanks for restoring my faith in Humanity!

ON the way back home in the evening, on the same hill, the chain came off and jamed between the chainwheel and frame. Its badly twisted now, so its back to the car until I can get it sorted.

Get a bike-Get a life! could be the motto of that story.

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