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About me

Jay Bal
Staff: Warwick Manufacturing Group

I am a long time serving member of the department for extremely clever things under the supervision of professor EB. Does anybody understand what he is talking about? Luckily I am not the research associate he moans about all of the time. (I think!)
Interests? most things – as a researcher I think anything can be interesting if you get to the right level of detail. Even shovells (have you seen a 1924 blast and evens coal shovel? and all things to do with weather, especially rain guages.
rest of the time I play football, squash or any other game I can get an invite for. workwise as you can see from my blogs, Networked organisations, supply chains, medical tourism currently occupy my thoughts. see “West MIdlands Collaborative Commerce Marketplace”: and our group website

Also in the past I (with a little help!) built a virtual tour of Coventry city centre