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March 04, 2005

Training Course for Creating Complimentary Customers

commitment, consistency, clarify, creativity, communication

Albert Mehrabian's 3V

Body Language (Visual) 55%

  • facial
  • gester
  • posture
  • spatial awareness
    People are shallow of what they see

Words ( Verbal 7%)

  • no jargon
  • accent
    verval leakage
    Argue: devalue the word because it is there ?

Tone of Voice (Vocal 38%)

  • pitch + pace
  • how to end a conversation: summarize

A driving example to demonstrate different phases of developing skills
unconscious incompetance -> conscious incompetance -> conscious competence -> unscious competence

Pareto effect
20% – 80%

The "PACR" Telephone Skills

  • Pause: do not jump in tooo sonn. listen
  • Acknowledge: use their name(not first name) at least once; acknowldge the feeling
  • Clarify Check your understanding; Summarize
  • Response: resolution or suggestion

wait the angry client run ouf steam; do not be a punching bag

Question Technique

  • Open: how , when , what, which
  • Leadig Question to guilde them, i.e. tell me about…, have you …
  • Close Question yes/no

Set their expectation: i will ask your 10 questions ..
A perception example of M&S

it is expressing your thougths/feeling/believiings in a way that doesnot violate that right of the others person

Use however, not but
employ it in a sensible way
sometimes we react in a primitive way

how the people can misunderstading: draw circles, plane crash ..

October 23, 2004

Warwick sills2

Today I get a course in warwick skill certificate. here is my note:

  1. Speed relationship building
  2. building key skills
  3. how attractive and connecting you and your product
  4. how strong is the team

Test for sales potential, bear in mind:

  • it can take 3 yars to set up a business
  • look at timescales in termis of intention to action, acquiring outside finance, generating sales beofore excess exprense and employing others.

entrepreneurial Apporoaches:

  • Custommarketing
  • Working in the fure
  • flexible response
  • doing/being special


finalcial planning advisor USP: indenpendent of all bank

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