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June 12, 2007

Project management


  • Good team leader with the following quality: communication/interpersonal skill, clever, thorough grasp of core technology , knowing technology direction and tightly control the service quality.
  • Use contract staff. Find a good contractor and bring new technology, new style to the team and educate the team.
  • Trust, support and communication between team member.
  • Regular team meetings.
  • Create a relaxed work enviroment while building common understanding that service availabity is paramount.
Work Style
  • Continous build. We use CVS to synchronization our code
  • Unit test: We wrte test code to test every aspect of the function
  • Use JIRA to trace the change within the project
  • Use ITIL change and release management to control the impact of projects to the rest of the world
  • Actively learn new technology and track the world leader. Make the UI appealing.
  • Use forum, instance messengers to effectively communicate. WIKI failed to achieve that.

July 21, 2006

Oracle Tuning Reflection

Having not work on Oracle for about 2 months, I asked myself: how can you tune a Oracle database?

Off the top of my head, i gave the following answer:

create index including gathering stats
partition table

Make SGA, Buffer pool and share pool large enough
Put the table in the keep pool

The list above seems too short.

I then looked up my notes and think hard again, here came more :

Write efficient SQL like using bind varable etc
Stored outline
Cluster table. Use index cluster for often joined master–detail table.
Reverse key for sequence columns (true for FBR project)

Reduce Redo

July 01, 2006

The art of war

Writing about web page

I never know Sun tzu's art of war is so poplular until I read this story.

April 26, 2006

When Oracle meet Java

With the popularity of n-tier web applications and Java language, Oracle DBA inevitably has to deal with Java applications. DBA can work more efficiently if they know Java.
1) DBA can help Java applications to run faster. There are some special considerations for managing Oracle as the backend of n-tier application. This presentation will discuss the impact of following elements: Java app server, Object-relational mapping (ORM) tools , common mistakes of Java developers and some cool Oracle features to speed up Java applications.
2) Java can help DBA to managing Oracle efficiently. This presentation will discuss the advantage of Java over shell scripts, the power of JDBC. DBA can use JDBC to centrally manage multiple databases and monitor various database services.


With the popularity of n-tier web applications and Java language, Oracle DBA inevitably has to deal with Java applications. DBA can work more efficiently if they know Java.

DBA can help Java applications to run faster

  • With a Java application server in front of Oracle, you do not need to use shared server. Java connection pool is equivalent to Oracle dispatcher.
  • Heavy cache in App server. Less hit on DB
  • Java developers fancy Object-relational mapping (ORM) tools. They abuse table joins and let tools generate complicated queries to torture Oracle
  • Work with Java developers and share knowledge. Educate Java developers to write high-performance query
  • Be sensitive to new features, e.g., asynchronous commit can speed up Java batch commit

Java can help DBA

  • Java applications can send email and SMS to give DBA timing alert
  • JDBC is becoming more and more powerful. Oracle SQL Developer is based solely on JDBC, no Oracle client installation required.
  • Using JDBC connection to detect the availability of database. It can provide useful information like ‘network adaptor exception’, ’db not available’, ‘maximum connection exceeded’.
  • Use one application to centrally manage multiple databases.
  • Can monitor multiple functions: the status of database, standby logical apply service status, audit log.

March 13, 2006

Oracle Enterprise manager will ease the task of DBA?

Oracle enterprise manager (EM) is provided to DBA for better managing database. It can provide quick performance tunning suggestion to DBAs.

So will DBA's task be removed more or less?

Not really, DBA need to managing the EM and its embedded java app server now.

I tried to config SSL connection to EM since default connection mode is non-secure. I felt uneasy that my passwords were transfered in the form of plain text.


"emctl ssl dbconsole " require root password for EM
after i typed in, it report an error

I then tried "emctl secure agent", "The Agent Registration Password you supplied does not match the Verifier set in this Repository" appear.

EM now has "agent unavailable" status.

Trying to reinstall EM, delete configuration, modified

not working, not working…

I then tried to reset password for agent, restart dbconsole….

At last agent seemed work properly. I was back to square one.

I was thinking hard to trace back what i did and coundn't get a clear picture.

Oracle replace a big burdon with another smaller burdon.

Maybe DBA do not need too much Java knowldge. Having some certainly is no harm.

DBAs still have a lot of to do and a lot of to learn.

February 26, 2006

Central vs distribute Managment

I have installed seperated scripts to monitor and backup databases. I gradually feel this kind of distribute way of managing is quite time consuming.

To ease the burdon of managing multiple Oracle servers:

Central management is favoured.

Backup script has to been run on individual machine.

Connection monitor should be central located on one machine.

January 27, 2006

Valueable Skills

Writing about web page

Tom mentioned :

  • flexibility: or you can say smart. I met quite a few smart Java developers
  • willingness to change: this is the principal of Agile
  • No being afraid to say "..." : this is a bit hard

Like James Bond:
ready to learn, not afraid to change.

January 08, 2006

Problem based learning

Follow-up to Study style from Oracle/Java/Others

I found a page here

It seems I am not alone. Technology will change the way how people think and learn.

September 02, 2005

Study style

When I was young, I got used to study systematically. I usually like to have a big chunk of times and study necessary knowledge needed in the work.
I usually ignore the tips got during work, planning to learn it later sometimes.

I gradually found this method is obsolote now. Similar to the HTML and internet, information is not in sequence order now. they are linked and interwoven.
Users are impatient and act quickly: they jump from one site to another side to dig the information quickly and efficiently.
The tips I got some work are like the nodes in the internet. They are expanding, connecting and growing into the knowledge network.

To meet the challenge, I appreciate I have to make changes to the style of learning.

1) change the perception of study

2) make notes

3) know why it is wrong

4) discussion and google

5) be smart

6) memorize : this is easy and important. Familiarity makes confidence.

May 05, 2005

API Document

Follow-up to How To Learn Java Quickly from Oracle/Java/Others

When I rethink what I do when I picked up FBR project, I found I use too much debugging to understand the project code.

I should actually read through the key API documentation and memorize (or become more familar with) the logic flow

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