January 13, 2006

Spring AOP

Follow-up to Spring Training from Oracle/Java/Others


Aspect and Advisor are interchangeable
Pointcut is refinement of join point

Aspect, Join point, Poincut advice are generic and appl to .net as well.
Advisor is specific to Spring


it is just a wrapped target.
It need to associate with Advice/Interceptor and let Advice/Interceptor to let the job

Dynamic proxy:
Every method(defined in the interface) invocation wil go through proxy first

invocation.proceed() = chain.doFilter()

1.explicit creation of AOP proxies:

using a ProxyFactoryBean or similar factory bean

ProxyFactoryBean has properties: P24

1) proxyInterfaces: the interface to proxy

2) target: the target object to be proxyed, which should implemnts interface

3) interceptorNames: the name of advice;they are ORDERED!

2. use "autoproxy" bean definitions

can automatically proxy selected bean definitions:

Two ways to do this:

1) Using an autoproxy creator that refers to specific beans in the current context

BeanNameAutoProxyCreator: beanNames && interceptorNames (be aware of maintenance cost)


2) Autoproxy creation driven by source-level metadata attributes

(This is a special case of autoproxy creation that deserves to be considered separately)

Around advice: MethodInterceptor
Before advice: MethodBeforeAdvice
After advice: AfterReturningAdvice


Pointcut will select some method to apply advice



PointCut and Advice: P57

General: DefaultPointcutAdvisor has properties: pointcut & advice
NameMatchMethodPointcutAdvisor has properties: mappedNames(do not need to configure pointcut separately) & advice

Dynamic pointcuts incures significant performance penalty


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