May 22, 2007

NetApp and Oracle

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NFS mount options:

rw,bg,vers=3, proto=tcp, hard, intr,rsize=32768,wsize=32768,forcedirectio,noac

  • Forcedirectio: only use this option with volumns containing data and online log files. (This article page 20 seems to suggest that it is not good idea to forcedirectio on datafiles.

DB parameters:

DISK_ASYNCH_IO=True and DB_WRITER-PROCESSES = 2 * No. of CPU Note: AIO is enabled by default for Oracle9i+ on Solaris
DB_BLOCK_SIZE = Solaris page size * n
With multiple CPU, use DB_WRITER_PROCESSES instead of DBWR_IO_SLAVES

NFS/CIFS—> Coordinate with Oracle
Fibre Channel or iSCSI—> Coordinate with Server

Choices for backup
  • SnapManager (rman)
  • SnapMirror (OS)
  • SnapVault
  • OS copy
  • NDMP command
  • Third-party backup tools
  • Use Snapshot copies for performing cold or hot backup. Turn off the automatic snapshot scheduler and coordinate snapshot with the state of database
  • SnapRestore If using SnapRestore on a volume level, it is recommended to store log,archivelog and control files on a separate and use SnapRestore only on the volume containing datafiles.
  • SnapMirror: (between NA devices)
  • SnapVault = SnapMirror + archival
    SnapVault like a backup coordinator (Between NA and 3rd party?)
  • SnapManager for Oracle components: Oracle9i+,Solaris or RH, SnapRestore, FlexClone, Data ONTAP
    SnapManager provides GUI to schedules snapshot copies and ensure copies are consistent from an application standpoint and SnapMirror replicates copies.


  • DAS: Direct-attached storage
  • FAS: fabric-attached storage
  • NAS: network Attached Storage : protocol TCP/IP. NAS offers significan advantages over SAN for database deployment
  • SAN: storage area network: protocol SCSI and Fibre Channel Protocol (FCP)
  • FC: Fibre Channel

Case Study

  • Two Unix PRIMEPWOER 400N servers, running Solaris8 and PRIMECLUSTER 4.0 software , access clustered NetApp FAS systems. 26 Windowns servers in FB SAN configuration. NetApp unified storage solution seamlessly blens NAS and SAN.


  • Whether to share oracle_home on filer? Plus side: add more server quickly; downsize: maybe cannot patch oracle one by one.
    In our system, maybe I should opt for not sharing. Different servers have different availability requirement. Shared Oracle home require to shutdown all our server during upgrading,patching. If one upgrade fails, you will have tremendous pressure to rectify it.
  • How many volumes are optimal? : At least two – one for datafiles; and one for online and archive logs and binaries (if put share oracle home on filer).
  • We have several databases. One way is to use one big volume for databases and the datafiles belonging to one database will share one qtree. The other way is use one volume for one single database.


The purpose in doing so is not so that clients can…
As mentioned previously
split-brain scenario
SnapManager for Oracle is protocol agnostic and thus work seamlessly
from application standpoint
The competing technology simply cannot match
Fibre <- >fabric

ubiquitous standard
the blame has been attributed to it
perceived performance problems counters the traditional view

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